15 Photos Of Miesha Tate That Would Drive Johnny Nunez Crazy

Miesha Tate is one of the most respected female fighters ever. She also recently announced a relationship with Johnny Nunez, complete with a pregnancy. Tate is a mixed martial artist with a professional record that makes her one of the greats. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall weighing in at 135 pounds, breaking hearts with her incredible looks and showing off her impressive skills in the ring. Tate is able to drop our jaws in some of the most incredible matches, and her "sweet" nickname may come from the fact that she is absolutely beautiful. That's why they call her Miesha “Cupcake” Tate!”

Miesha Tate might have said goodbye to the world of MMA but there is no way anynews about her (even during her retirement) would be left unnoticed. We have to congratulate the gorgeous 31-year-old former UFC and Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight champion. She is currently expecting a baby girl in 2018 with her lover(incidentally another UFC star) Johnny Nunez. Buckle your seat belts because we have been digging in our archives to get the juiciest, most jaw-dropping photos of Miesha through her entire career which would not only make Johnny go crazy but show everyone that this hot soon-to-be new Momma definitely takes the title of the Baddest Mom In The World!!

15 She's Always Ready To Bring It

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A fighter with different styles, Miesha came into the UFC with the sole intention to knock everyone out - and she’s done that 3 times on paper. You can be sure that she has made everyone outside of the octagon also feel that knockout effect with her beauty. Her career ended after a fight against Raquel Pennington where she announced her retirement from the sport.

However she didn’t leave the fighting scene on a low. She agreed to a grappling-only rematch with Jessica Eye at a Submission Underground Show in December 11, 2016 which she won. Guess she doesn’t only knock people out, she makes them tap out, which is probably what Dana White was doing in the picture. Easy with the hands, Dana.

14 Daisy Dukes A Day Keeps Us At Bay!

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Thank goodness for Fitness Gurls magazine, who chose Miesha as their 2013 cover model for their MMA issue and had her pose in the blistering Vegas heat. The result is Miesha showing us her divine features and dangerous curves which we believe have truly been done justice!

Miesha opened up to the magazine about her hardcore workout routine including constantly changing her workout, working alongside a buddy to stay motivated (we are free Miesha, call us) and constantly staying on top of your daily goals so you don’t become demotivated. Even though Miesha is busy with the impending arrival of her bundle-of-joy, we have no doubt that she will snap back and perhaps bless our dear little hearts with a post-baby photoshoot (we can dream!). C’mon Johnny, you know you feel the same!

13 Wonder WOW-man!

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Nunez is definitely going to be crazy after seeing this. Plus its a clear indication that he will be forced to tell the truth from this day forth not because of the truth lasso that dangles on the side of Miesha but because of a possible submission hold that Miesha would unload on him. We are thinking of sharing another fun fact but let's be honest and real and let this picture of Miesha Tate’s Halloween costume speak for itself!

We are obsessed that she choose more of the warrior-Wonder Woman look with a full armour bustier versus the traditional Gal Gadot sexy look cause it definitely suits her don’t mess-with-me personality! Then again, why should we compare the two WWs when 2 is clearly better than one. Wonder if Nunez was her Superman...

12 The Knockout

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We just HAD to include another entry from Miesha Tate's 2013 cover shoot for Fitness Gurls magazine had to make the cut because she was made to be a model! Can we get another Hallelujah! Don't even act like you don't agree!

If you're wondering what Miesha does to keep things right and tight well she admits to juicing her fruits and veggies along with making smoothies to maintain her envious strong and gorgeous curves on a daily basis. She also considers herself mostly vegetarian! Ah, can't say we are ever going to ditch our meat (beats chest) but I guess when a vegetarian looks so gorgeous... we got to give a shoutout to the leaves!

11 Business Barbie

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Who wouldn’t want to train with Miesha in the gym?. Miesha posted up her gym look and we are absolutely knocked out by the orange workout top with matching tight yoga pants.

And if this wasn’t enough to get us through 2018… It gets even better for all us because Miesha has finally launched her first-ever online workout program! Yup, if you’ve ever wondered “How can I be a fighter like Miesha OR Where can I watch Miesha train in the comfort of my own home?” Well it's your lucky day! Miesha’s program is called “How To Be Your Own Champion” and is a comprehensive 30 day program. Sign us up for a lifetime of working out with Miesha, please!

10 Flexing

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From dumbbells to wedding bells, Miesha’s pregnancy is definitely going to take her time out from the gym. But we can definitely expect her back at it once she’s given birth. She was definitely getting her body fit and ready for this UFC Event.

Miesha’s bantamweight fight was the co-main event of the evening with Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne fighting for the heavyweight championship. But that never stopped the irresistible Miesha Tate from stealing the weigh-in by showing off her muscles for everyone to see. She was up against Liz Carmouche and Miesha won via a unanimous decision. We can't help wondering if those biceps are the only things she’s been kissing lately. Missing some kissing, Johnny?

9 Red Carpet Queen!

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Miesha has been named 2013’s “Most Beautiful Woman in MMA” and really this photo of her posing so perfectly in a tight chest-enhancing orange dress at the 2014 Maxim’s Hot 100 Women is a perfect example of why. It doesn't take an expert to know that Miesha is more than just a fierce competitor, she is also a fierce beauty.

There’s just something about Meisha’s personality on the red carpet or even in the ring that makes even her competitors like (ahem!) Ronda Rousey admit that she is an amazing fighter that you can’t help but respect! Miesha truly embodies being a winner… everywhere she goes!

8 Poolside Hottie

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Clearly our invitation to the UFC International Fight Week at ARIA in Las Vegas got lost in the mail! But even though Miesha is a woman who looks smoking in everything she wears and is known for her good looks, she admits that she’s not scared of a broken nose cause that’s just the way it goes. She explains to Bleacher Report "I work so hard, and I'm so passionate, and I train so hard that nobody's going to stop me, nobody's going to hurt me. You have to go into the cage with that mentality. It's very important to have that kind of outlook, because when you're thinking, 'Oh my gosh, what if she punches me in the nose?' you're probably going to get punched in the nose. Because you're thinking about things that aren't important when it comes to fighting and winning fights.”

Never could choose between a blonde Miesha or a brunette. What do you guys think? If I had to pick one though.. probably brunette. Gotta say that if not we are gonna get it from the wifey. Tough luck Nunez. Lets just hope you never get asked that question.

7 Somebody Call 9-1-1!

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At UFC 196, everyone had their attention on the McGregor and Diaz fight that was sending the media world in a frenzy with its commercial value. But in the weigh-in, Officer Russel Mettke was caught having a little sneak peak at Miesha as she puts her pants on during an interview with Joe Rogan. A social media storm came along post weigh-in with the video of that peak going viral and it caught the attention of Miesha Tate.

Rather than filing a report, Miesha made the officer pay in the most creative way possible. She found the cop and made him re-enact the scene just that the roles were changed and everyone loved it! It just goes to show, no matter how much training you can have in the force, Miesha gets all the attention. So I guess what she did to Officer Russel proves one thing… Johnny Better Be Good Tonight!!

6 Bow To The Belt Queen!

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She’s not all about the gloves. The Queen of the Bantamweight category with Strikeforce and the UFC, Miesha isn’t someone you can face up to and expect an easy fight. With her never quit attitude, she’s gone to face up against the best in the business and when the odds are stacked up against her, she always finds a way to come out of it victorious.

She made her love for the Bantamweight known by coming to the UFC in February 2013 following a strong showing in the Strikeforce brand. With that attitude and skills, she achieved her championship status after beating Holly Holm, the person who knocked the rising sensation Ronda Rousey out. If there’s a lesson to be learned with regards to Miesha, it's that you really don’t want to bet against her, because she is only going to prove you wrong.

5 Trophy (Future) Wifey!

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Winning the Female Fighter of the Year award at the Fighters Only World MMA Awards 2011, summed the perfect year for Miesha Tate. Not only did she beat Marloes Coenen, she made her tap out for the first time with an arm-triangle choke. Bet Nunez has tapped out a few times too.

It’s no wonder why in 2013, Dana White came looking for her so that she could sign with the UFC. Her love for the MMA sport was well reflected by the various number of hours in the gym and in the octagon. She always believed she would be champion and she did say that winning trophies would be a perfect story for when she becomes a mother. She can share her stories to her children and reflect on the good times. You’re well on your way to that dream Miesha.

4 Curves Ahead

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Just when you thought that the previous entry was getting things steamy, Miesha knocks this list wide open with this photoshoot for Fight Magazine. There’s just something about a woman comfortable in gloves AND short shorts and high-to-the-sky heels. This photoshoot from 2009 was where Miesha admitted that she’s ONLY interested in dating fighters (we guess a few guys are about to change careers huh? Don’t be shy!).

Even though, she looks sultry and approachable in this photoshoot, we know there’s no messing with Miesha! She admitted her fighting style to Bleacher Report is organic and based on how badly she’s been hurt in the course of the fight adding that if you’ve seen her fights where she’s been tagged and she’s going a little crazy - chances are that she’s probably hurt. In that case, we are sure that’s where her partner Johnny Nunez comes in!

3 Batwoman

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Apparently her halloween costume didn’t come in time and THIS is what she managed to whip together in 2 hours? Well, we sure aren’t complaining! If there is anyone in the fighting world can own that costume like no other, it has to the girl competed in an all-boys wrestling team and stood shoulder to shoulder in competitions all across the nation! Miesha won the Coach’s Award her senior year on the team which gave her the burst of confidence in her talent and ability in the ring which led to her pursuing fighting as a full-time career, something which many girls shy away from. And yes, if you’re wondering…we fully believe that Johnny is probably wishing his name was Joker right about now!

2 Our Golden Cupcake

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She may look like a golden goddess on the outside but we know that Johnny knows how much of a beast she is on the inside! Right Johnny? We are totally obsessed with how gorgeous she looks in the golden gown posing at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas as part of her cover shoot for the the Sports edition of Regard magazine. Miesha now calls Vegas home. If you’re wondering where she got the “Cupcake” nickname which everyone endearingly calls her by, here is why.

Miesha explained to Regard Magazine that she loves to bake on her downtime and that cupcakes are her favourite dessert however she also adds that “Cupcake” came about after she was devastated losing to Ronda Rousey.

1 Elegant

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We are sure that even Johnny Nunez would vouch for the fact that Miesha Tate seems like a total animal inside the octagon. But now that she is retired and almost a mom, we thought it would be good to remember just how elegant she can be. It is no surprise that Tate has been able to partake in so many photo shoots. She is beautiful, vibrant, and one of the greatest fighters ever to live. In this photo she looks more like the firt lady of the United States than a now-retired UFC fighter. Either way, Johnny Nunez is a lucky man to be able to say he is with Miesha Tate.

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