Real Or Fake: 15 MMA Women With The Hottest Sets Of Twins

There are still a lot of people who don’t really like the concept of female fighters, whether it’s in boxing, MMA, or any other combat sport for that matter. These old-fashioned individuals think that fighting should only be a man’s sport, but even they have got to appreciate some things - in particular one set of something – that these women bring to the octagon.

The number of women who partake in MMA competitions and events around the world has grown significantly over the past decade or so. Influential figures such as Ronda Rousey have inspired women to take up MMA and compete, and so we’ve seen a lot of great fighters come through the ranks and make it as pro MMA fighters.

Let’s make no bones about it, but it also helps raise the profile of female MMA fighting and the fighters themselves if they’re hot. It might sound a tad crude, but that’s just the way it is. Having the skills is one thing, being hot is another, and being hot with a hot set of twins too – well, that’s just the complete package, the ultimate combination.

There aren’t many women in MMA who have a massive set of twins, as it’s just not practical for the sport they’re involved in. But that’s not the only criteria for having a hot set of twins, as you’ll understand as you go through this article. These are 15 women in MMA with the hottest set of twins, who have the skills and a great set of assets to match.

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15 Paige VanZant

via vendettafighter.com

Paige VanZant is absolutely gorgeous. Her career’s still in its infancy having only had 10 pro fights, but as soon as she first entered the octagon, her face began to get picked up and she’s become a celebrity figure in her own right.

Fighting in the strawweight division of UFC, you wouldn’t expect Paige to have a hot set of twins – most people probably think that women in this division have nothing but mosquito bites up there. But Paige is a prime example that this certainly isn’t the case. Along with her model-like good looks, her lean and ripped physique, and her charming personality might I add, she’s also got a gorgeous set of twins which are perfect for her body type, making her perfect in every which way.

14 Felice “Lil Bulldog” Herrig

via gotceleb.com

The Lil Bulldog started off life as a kickboxer, before learning Muay Thai and trying her hand as a pro MMA fighter. She’s done reasonably well too, having won 12 out of 18 pro fights to date, but to be honest, her MMA record isn’t what people are interested in. She may be “lil” but she’s a ferocious competitor, packs a powerful punch, and looks amazing whilst doing it. The blonde bombshell is undoubtedly one of the hottest female MMA fighters out there; she’s mean, lean, has a stunning svelte yet muscular physique, and has a gorgeous set of twins up top.

She knows it too because she’s not shy about flaunting them; she’s partaken in some very risqué shoots – much to our delight – and has frequently taken off all of her clothes while posing for the cameras. We can therefore say for sure that she really does have a hot set of twins.

13 Julianna Pena

via instagram.com

Julianna Pena is best known for being the first female MMA competitor to win The Ultimate Fighter reality TV series, and since that triumph she’s climbed the UFC ranks in the bantamweight division and is now ranked number two in the world. Since she appeared on The Ultimate Fighter she’s also been known for something else, for being one of the hottest fighters out there. She’s been labelled as the “Venezuelan Vixen” because of her fiery character inside and outside the octagon. Being Venezuelan means there’s some exoticness to Julianna which just adds to her sex appeal, and another thing that adds to it is her rack. Go on her social media pages and she’s not shy about showing off her assets, and why should she be if she possesses a set of twins as stunning as these.

12 Angelica Chavez

via kiumodelos.com

The diminutive figure of Angelica Chavez isn’t the greatest MMA fighter in the world, but boy is she one of the prettiest. She’s been very quiet of in recent years and her overall MMA record isn’t anything to rave about, but she still gets spoken about in MMA circles – set your eyes on her picture and it’s little wonder why. The blonde bombshell is certainly known more for her model-like looks than for anything she’s achieved in the octagon. She’s absolutely stunning, is super-fit, and possesses one of the finest racks in MMA. Being such a petite figure, it’s pretty uncommon to have a set of twins like hers; you’d have expected them to be a lot smaller, but they’re full, bountiful, and one of the hottest sets of twins in MMA.

11 Claudia Gadelha

via imgur.com

Claudia Gadelha is another diminutive figure. Standing in at just over 5 ft. and fighting in the strawweight division of UFC, Claudia might be small, but she’s one of the biggest names in female MMA out there. She’s ranked number one in her division, so understandably she’s gained a tremendous fan following and plenty of popularity, and it’s certainly helped that she’s hot too.

Claudia’s ripped beyond belief, is one of the most shredded female fighters out there, and that’s meant her set of twins are pretty toned too – toned but certainly not flat. They’re not the biggest, are pretty petite, but in terms of fitting in with her overall physique, they fit perfectly and make Claudia one sizzling hot champ, hence she’s on this list as having one of the hottest set of twins out there.

10 Rachael Cummings

via myspace.com

Rachael Cummings is still pretty new in the world of MMA and after a less then amazing start to her career, she’s been pretty quiet of late. She might not be a page turner when it comes to her stats and her MMA record, but she’s certainly a head turner, and even though she’s dropped out of the limelight somewhat in recent years, she’s still very much in everyone’s minds for being one of the hottest fighters around.

Rachael is actually first and foremost, a model, and looking at her you wouldn’t be surprised. She’s gorgeous, has the looks, has the physique, and has a pretty awesome set of twins too. Since she’s a model, you may have expected her to go down the route of getting enhancements, but her twins are very much her own, they’re all natural and all the better for it.

9 Ronda Rousey

via si.com

As the best, most famous, most influential female MMA fighter there’s ever been, Ronda Rousey doesn’t really need any introduction. Her career’s in limbo at the moment after suffering two successive losses, but she’s still very much the first name on everyone’s mind when it comes to women’s MMA.

When Ronda first started out, she wasn’t exactly considered to be the hottest fighter out there. She’s not the most ripped, leanest athlete going around, has often been hated on for being too manly, but as the years have gone by, we’ve seen different sides to Ronda, and now she’s seen in a different light. We’ve seen her in some seriously sexy shoots, looking sizzling hot in movies, and combined with her personality, she really does have the complete package – star quality all the way.

Because she’s not the slimmest fighter going around, it means she’s got quite a bit of weight up top, and has bigger breasts than most. We’ve seen quite a bit of them too, as Ronda’s taken part in a number of sultry shoots over the years – seriously racy pics in which Ronda looks absolutely stunning.

8 Michelle Waterson

via mixedmartialarts.com

This woman just makes everything look glamorous. When she’s at a weigh in, it’s more like she’s just stepped out onto the beach, when she’s doing her thing behind the scenes it’s as though she’s a model and not a fighter – only when she steps into the octagon is she in full beast mode.

Michelle took a break from competing when she fell pregnant, but has continued where she left off in superb fashion. She had no trouble getting back on the horse because everyone was keen to see this beauty where she belongs, in the octagon. That’s because she has the skills but also the looks, and a seriously hot set of twins too. She’s called the “karate hottie” for a reason, and after setting your eyes on this pic you’ll understand why.

7 Alexandra Albu

via bleacherreport.com

This Russian beauty is just ridiculously fit. Her career’s still in its infancy – she’s had two wins from two fights to date – but she’s already made an impression among MMA fans, many of whom are stunned that someone so beautiful could be so deadly in the ring. Look at Alexandra and you’d have no clue she’s a fighter. Her appearance resembles that of a beauty queen, not someone who’s trying to make it big in the strawweight division.

She’s just had a couple of fights but she’s already built up quite a fan following. Videos of her twerking and posing in racy outfits has sent the social media world into meltdown – this is one hottie who knows it and never tires of flaunting it.

In terms of her physique, she’s very muscular, but – something which is pretty unusual amongst strawweight competitors – has a pretty big set of twins, big, yet perfect for her profession, perfect for her body, and without meaning to sound crude, perfect for us too!

6 Pearl Gonzalez

Good morning!

A post shared by Pearl Gonzalez (@pearlgonzalez) on

It was impossible to omit Pearl Gonzalez from the list because of one reason; her 'twins' were actually making headlines back in April. One day before Gonzalez was scheduled to fight Cynthia Calvillo at UFC 210, in Buffalo, she was pulled off the card. That's because the New York State Athletic Commission forbids fighters with breast implants from competing due to the risks of the implants bursting in the physicality of a fight. Eventually though, Gonzalez was cleared to fight after the committee reviewed the situation. Hopefully it won't cause problems for Gonzalez in the future. Even though she had that area enhanced, Gonzalez looks amazing and ultimately what she does with her body is her choice.

5 Pannie Kianzad

via invictafc.com

Iranian international Pannie Kianzad is currently with Invicta FC, and you’ve got to say that she’s one of the hottest women outside the UFC. She’s had a decent start to her career with eight wins from ten contests, but let’s be honest, it’s not her fighting that a lot of people care about. She’s got a raunchy personality, isn’t shy about partaking in trash talk, and has posed in some seriously saucy attire over the years – if you’ve got a body like Pannie’s, why wouldn’t you show it off?! Yep, she’s definitely not shy when it comes to posting sultry pics of herself – she knows that those kinds of antics will attract a whole new fan base for her, which is growing by the day. She’s hot, is covered in tattoos, has a lean physique, has the looks and the skills too – she really does have the complete package.

4 Ashley Yoder

via wakeningfighters.com

“The Spider Monkey” might be flexible and might have endlessly long legs, might dance around the octagon, but she’s certainly not spidery, not all thin and wiry up top. Luckily that nickname isn’t in reference to her set of twins, which are pretty big and ample for someone who competes in the strawweight division. The fact that Ashley’s lean too just serves to accentuate her twins, much to her fans’ delight.

Ashley might not be the hottest fighter out there, might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no doubting she has a better than decent rack. Combine these assets with her skills in the octagon, and she’s certainly someone that people keep their eyes on when she’s on the card for fight night.

3 Tatiana Padilla Suarez

via instagram.com

When I say that Tatiana has kind of been likened to the Bella Twins of wrestling – make up your own minds – that should give some sort of an indication how hot she is. The 26-year-old is just wow, and she actually has a background in wrestling – freestyle wrestling – but when she got struck down with serious thyroid cancer, she had to forget about her wrestling career. But she then started training again, learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and today she’s got a perfect record of four wins from four pro fights.

Tatiana has showed a mighty amount of fight and resilience throughout her life, which is her main attractive quality. But she’s also super-sexy, has an awesome set of twins, and just has a gorgeous physique.

2 Kristi Lopez

?? #filtersssss #smile #me #happy . .

A post shared by Kristi Lopez (@kristilopezmma) on

This is another woman who upon seeing her, you’d have no clue was an MMA fighter. Upon first appearances, she looks like a delicate little lotus blossom, a lover not a fighter, but Kristi is one fiercely competitive woman who certainly knows how to handle herself against any opponent.

Her career’s still in its infancy, having just fought a couple of times, but she’s already made an impression, for her skills in the octagon but also for being a head turner. The 34-year-old is stunning in every which way; she’s petite, has an amazing figure, and a set of twins that just sit perfectly over that slim and toned stomach. She’s in fantastic shape for someone in her mid-30s, and is certainly someone to look out for, which inevitably a lot of you will be doing after seeing her pic.

1 Miesha Tate

via celebmafia.com

Putting Miesha Tate at the helm of this list was a no-brainer. Sure, she may no longer compete, but because of the legacy she’s created in MMA she just had to feature on this list. She also had to feature because she’s without doubt one of the hottest MMA fighters to have ever graced the octagon, and there are some seriously hot female fighters out there.

Miesha’s also a very shrewd character and knows how to market herself properly. She knows sex sells, and so thinks nothing of stripping down to her bare essentials for a racy photo or two..or three. There are tons of pics out there of Miesha in some super-sexy attire, showing off her body, including her set of twins, which are just stunning. There have been rumors going around that Miesha’s one of the few MMA fighters – these rumors were circulating when she was still competing – who had breast enlargement surgery. If you’ve seen those puppies grow over the years you’ll see what they mean. Anyway, whether she has had breast enhancements or not, her twins are still spectacular, as is Miesha.

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