"Ronda Please Go On A Date With Me!!" Says Ronda ArouseMe Actress

The star of, the now-in-production adult film parody Ronda ArouseMe, Kleio Valentien was interviewed recently on Submission Radio and talked about the film and how excited she was to play the role because she is a big MMA fan.

"I was really excited about it. I love watching UFC. I used to love watching Pride. I grew up first watching boxing and then whenever all of the MMA fights started coming around a whole lot and being publicized, I started watching that. So getting to play a role of a women who is badass and like kicks ass, I’m like 'yes of course I would love to.'"

And if you were wondering if she does any fighting in the film, well: "We do fight (against a Miesha Tate character)," She said. "I win obviously - and have sex with her."

She thinks Urijah Faber is the hottest male UFC fighter, but her choice for which fighter she would most want to do a scene with, would have to be.... yup, Ronda Rousey!

"I would definitely say Ronda. If I could ask her out on a date I would totally do that. Ronda if you ever listen to this, please go out on a date with me."

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"Ronda Please Go On A Date With Me!!" Says Ronda ArouseMe Actress