Ronda Rousey Goes Nude On Her Own Terms

If you were one of the potential millions who enjoyed Ronda Rousey's ESPN The Body issue back in 2012, you can (kinda sorta) thank an ex-boyfriend of Rousey.

On the latest episode of the Opie Radio show, Rousey promoted her book My Fight/Your Fight, released today by the way, and told a story of why she did the The Body issue.

Rousey's boyfriend at the time (who Rousey refers to as Snappers McCreepy), wished to take a nude photo of her but she refused. That didn't stop Mr. McCreepy though. "It was right before my first (Strikeforce) title fight," Rousey said. "He went to work and I stayed behind and was using his computer. You know how it shows a preview of recent downloads?"

On the recent downloads, Rousey spotted a photo that was "a bunch of ass" and sure enough it was picture of her. Rousey decided then to do the ESPN photo shoot.

"If it's going to get out there, then I want it to get out there on my terms. The same thing with playing the heel. If people are going to dislike me it's because I sought for it to be that way."

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