Ronda Rousey Shares Artwork of Herself as Captain Marvel

Ronda Rousey is well known as the current heroine of MMA. But now, she'd like to become one on the big screen as well.

In a Reddit AMA last week, Rousey expressed interest in playing Marvel's Captain Marvel in the planned big-screen movie due out in 2018. The character, an Air Force pilot turned into a half-alien flying hero, has been a popular Avenger for years and fans eager to see her on the big screen. That led to fans doing slews of artwork of Rousey in the role and the champion featured her favorites on her Instagram account, showing her as Carol Danvers in various costumes of her comic book career.

"Captain Marvel" is due in theaters November 2nd, 2018 which gives the producers plenty of time to decide whether Rousey is right to fill out the costume.

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