Ronda Rousey To Star In A Remake of A "Classic" Film!

via ew.com

You know you are a huge star when you are picked to star in a remake of a "classic" movie in which the main character was of the opposite sex. That is where Ronda Rousey is these days!

Patrick Swayze starred in Road House back in the 80s and the film has gone on to become a cult classic. And we know how much Hollywood likes remakes, so it was only a matter of time before this film was up for one.

And honestly, who could you pick to star in the movie that would be a better choice than Ronda Rousey - believability sure won't be an issue with this casting choice. I have no problem believing she could throw people out of a bar.

The screenplay hasn't been written yet, but according to Rousey's agent, Brand Slater, Swayze's widow, Lisa Neime, has already given Ronda her blessing to take over the role.

Slater also said that, "Production of the movie will be dictated, as always, by her fight schedule." "That's how we always do it and that will be the case here."

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