Rousey Talks About Waiting A Year To Respond To Mayweather At The ESPYs

They say that patience is a virtue. Well, Ronda Rousey is quite the virtuous women given how patient she was in waiting to respond to comments made by Floyd Mayweather last year after he won the 2014 "Best Fighter" ESPY in which he acted like he didn't know who Rousey was. When, as she puts it, "I know for damn sure that he knew who I was."

So, she waited until she won the "Best Fighter" ESPY this year and hit Mayweather with a beautiful verbal shot. And as she also says in the video, if she hadn't won this year than she would have waited till next year, or the year after that. She sure is "a patient girl." Except when it comes to ending her fights though - which she often does in just a few seconds!

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