Rousey's Thoughts On The Pay Gap Between Herself And Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's nickname is "Money" and he definitely doesn't try to hide the fact that he is very, very, very rich. The guy flaunts his wealth almost constantly and even people who aren't boxing fans probably know that he made $180,000,000 for his fight against Manny Pacquiao earlier this year.

As for the best fighters in MMA, they don't make close to that much money. And what does perhaps the best, and most famous, MMA star think of that?

Well, I am talking about Ronda Rousey of course and in a recent interview with Yahoo News she commented on that pay gap, saying: "If I got to a point where I had almost 50 fights, I would probably be making close to the same amount of money as Floyd does." "But at this point, I have 11, so I can't expect it to be exactly equal yet, I don't think. I have to put more time in."

Check out the video clip from the interview and also hear why Rousey calls MMA the most pro-woman sport in the world.

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