Sylvester Stallone: Conor McGregor Is The 'Real Rocky'

Sylvester Stallone has come out in support of UFC fighter Conor McGregor in anticipation of his match with Floyd Mayweather.

TMZ Sports managed to catch up with Sylvester Stallone yesterday and asked him what he thought of the big fight. Stallone jokingly seemed offended when the reporter suggested that Mayweather is pretty much guaranteed to win, and that he himself would be backing the Irishman. The reasoning behind his choice? Sly claimed that he always backs the underdog and that McGregor is a 'real life Rocky'.

The super match between Mayweather and McGregor was finally announced yesterday and is being billed as the match of the century. As Stallone went on to say to TMZ Sports during the short interview, it's an extremely hard fight to call as a boxer taking on a top MMA star under these circumstances is unprecedented and has never been done before.

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While most will be backing Mayweather to win the bout due to it being a boxing match, clearly Stallone is not so sold on a Floyd win. The star of Rambo and Rocky did follow up his backing of Conor by saying "I live my life in fantasy." Stallone is a keen UFC fan and actually owns a minority stake in the company. That may be another reason the veteran Hollywood star is backing the MMA fighter since he is technically one of his guys. He did agree that it will be great for both sports before getting into his car and departing.

Neither Conor McGregor nor Floyd Mayweather are the kind of athletes to care about what anybody has to say about them, even someone as high profile as Sylvester Stallone. Nevertheless being dubbed the real life Rocky by Rocky himself is high praise indeed. McGregor will certainly have to channel his inner Balboa if he wants to pull off an upset against Floyd Mayweather at the boxer's own game.

The long anticipated super fight between the two mega stars will take place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena on August 26th. Tickets will probably be hard to come by, although Sly was pretty close mouthed on whether he would be attending the fight or not. For more information on the bout click here.

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