Tank Abbott Bets $100K He Can Beat Ronda Rousey

Tank Abbott has long been mocked by MMA fans for one of the worst win-loss records in UFC history and his failed tenure in WCW. Despite that dubious level of achievement, however, Tank is now claiming that he can defeat champion Ronda Rousey...and he's willing to pony up plenty of cash to do it.

On his "Proving Ground" podcast, Abbott mocked Rousey's talk of easily handling Floyd Mayweather, saying the boxing champion would "knock the stuffing out of her! She's a girl." He then made his offer to any woman but especially Rousey: If Tank loses, he'll pay $100,000 but if he wins, Rousey has to eat a sandwich.

Obviously, such a battle won't take place due to both UFC rules and Rousey herself saying she doesn't like the idea of a man hitting a woman in any context. Then again, the idea of forcing Tank to pony up $100K to charity might make Ronda change her mind.

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