This MMA Fighter Thinks He's Ryu from Street Fighter!

Shane Campbell vs Derek Boyle #WSOF18 Hadoken! https://t.co/Edu70uqblL

— ZombieProphet (@ZProphet_MMA) February 13, 2015

If you grew up the '90s, you definitely played Street Fighter. Whether at the arcade or on your Sega Genesis, you made it your mission to beat Sagat or M.Bison and save the world. If you weren't very good at the game, odds are you didn't take Dhalsim, but took either Ryu or Ken. If we're being honest, Ken kinda looked lame, so odds are you just took Ryu. Well, Shane Campbell, who currently fights with WSOF, decided to decided to pull a "Hadouken" in the middle of the fight.  He ended up winning in the third round by TKO and rumor has it that he immediately went home and beat Street Fighter II.

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