Top 10 Most Disgusting Moments on The Ultimate Fighter

Over the course of twenty American seasons and eight international seasons, The Ultimate Fighter helped usher in a new generation of viewers to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and mixed martial arts in general. The show has given viewers countless memorable fights and helped jumpstart the careers of numerous fighters. Yet for as many great moments that have occurred on the show, there are a good number of events that make you wretch or turn away in disgust.

From going to the bathroom on a housemate’s bed or their gear to messing with someone’s food, there have been times when we as viewers have just sat back and thought to ourselves that there is no way that they are really doing that. Every season seemed almost like a competition to see if a fighter could one up someone from the previous season, and in many cases they could. Yet it isn’t just instances of repulsiveness. There are also those moments that make you cringe because they are so bloody or there is a gruesome injury.  Those moments where you wonder how the fight has not been stopped by the doctor yet.

It is with that in mind that the ranking for the top 10 grossest moments on The Ultimate Fighter. This list will focus equally on both the disgusting moments inside the house and the cringe worthy moments inside the cage. These are moments that remain in your head to the point of where you get a queasy feeling when someone mentions them to you. So please read, enjoy, and let us know what you think down in the comments section. How would you have ranked these differently? Are there other moments that you felt should have made the list or that one of the entries should be ranked differently?

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10 The Ultimate Fighter 3: Gear-gate

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Near the end of the third season of The Ultimate Fighter, there was an instance of foul play but no known culprit. It started when Rory Singer found his training gear defaced with curses and slurs, which Singer felt were put there by Team Shamrock members Ed Herman and Jesse Forbes. He in turn then wrote all over their gear and rubbed it on his bare butt. Once Herman and Forbes found out, they hid Singer’s gear but not before Herman urinated all over the Team Ortiz member’s gear. The two sides would have an argument about who started it all when Herman would drop the bombshell and let Singer know that Singer’s teammate Kendall Grove was the real culprit.

9 Bobby Southworth Sweats off the Pounds

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On the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter, Bobby Southworth was selected to take on Lodune Sincaid in the first elimination match of the season. Unfortunately, he would weigh in 20 pounds over the weight limit. So drastic measures were taken in order to ensure that he would make weight as coach Chuck Liddell and teammate Josh Koscheck worked with Southworth all night to help him sweat off the pounds. From having him sitting in a sauna all night to actually bringing a stationary bike into the sauna for him to ride while he wore a hoodie and sweatpants , there was literally a puddle of sweat underneath Southworth. On a positive note though, he did end up making weight and even beat Sincaid in their fight.

8 Angela Hill's Gas Bombs

For this entry, I just want you to have the song “She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones playing in the back of your mind. During the most recent season of The Ultimate Fighter, Team Melendez member Angela Hill felt that the best way relieve pressure within the house was to relieve pressure in her lower intestine as she would proceed to drop what she called “gas bombs” on anyone and everyone. She would stand next to people, sit on people, throw farts, dutch oven, and any other way she could get her gas within whiffing distance of someone in the house. A truly gross montage followed on the show as Hill was shown dropping bombs on nearly everyone. Did thinking of the song help?

7 Abe Wagner Cut Skull

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On the 10th season of The Ultimate Fighter which featured an all Heavyweight cast coached by Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson, the first fight of the season was the picture definition of a one-sided beatdown. Team Rampage member Abe Wagner faced off against Team Rashad member Jon Madsen. Madsen would use his superior wrestling to keep Wagner on his back as he rained down ground and pound onto Wagner’s skull. Wagner would be a bloody mess by the end of the first round and would continue to be battered throughout the second round.

After the match as EMTs were looking over Wagner, one would comment that Wagner had a fracture in his skull and could tell so because he could see it from looking in the giant cut on his forehead. Dana White would claim the fight as easily the bloodiest ever in the history of the show and the match would serve as a precursor for nearly the whole first round of the tournament as Team Rashad would make Team Rampage look like a bunch of amateurs, winning all but one first round match with ease.

6 Nam Phan Shower Love

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During the 12th season of The Ultimate Fighter, tensions were particularly high between both sides of Team GSP and Team Koscheck. Unfortunately, Team Koscheck member Nam Phan’s way of relieving tension became the butt of everyone else’s jokes as he was found to be relieving his tension in the one of the house showers. What made it a bit worse was that it was his own teammates who ratted him out to everyone else before yanking the shower curtain back on him much to the guffaws of everyone and I’m sure to the embarrassment of Phan’s parents as he was caught on national television in a compromising position.

5 Leben Peeing on Pillow

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Another memorable gross moment from the first season of The Ultimate Fighter involved house badboy Chris Leben. In what has since become a tradition of sorts each season on The Ultimate Fighter in where a fighter gets really drunk and does something shockingly stupid, Leben proceeded to drunkenly get up down from his top bunk (a true feat in itself considering how drunk he was) and began to urinate on teammate Jason Thacker’s bed.

What’s worse is that even in his haze he had the thought to lift up the covers and pee directly onto the mattress and mattress cover. Now while many may be fine sleeping in a bed they may have drunkenly urinated on for a night, I highly doubt that there are many that are fine with sleeping in a bed that was the target of someone else’s drunk pee.

4 Jon Tuck’s Vertical Toe

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In the only live season of The Ultimate Fighter, rivals Dominic Cruz and Urijah Faber were seated with Dana White as they watched elimination fights to determine who would make it into the house. Eventual season runner-up Al Iaquinta would face off against Jon Tuck in order to make it into the house, in a rather non-memorable match outside of what happened to Tuck. At some point during the fight, Tuck’s second toe would break into a near ninety degree angle, causing the coaches and White to grimace while at the same time applauding Tuck for being tough enough to finish the fight in such a condition.

3 Edwin Dewees vs Gideon Ray Bloodbath

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In the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter the first round match between Edwin Dewees and Gideon Ray was an interesting matchup of two differing styles as Dewees excelled on the ground while Ray was stronger on his feet. Unfortunately, Dewees won the battle as he was able to take down and control Ray, while pouring on ground and pound strikes. Unfortunately, Ray would graze Dewees’s forehead with an elbow from the bottom in the second round and open up a cut that bled everywhere, and when I say everywhere I mean EVERYWHERE and the fight was halted so that the doctor could check the cut but the match was allowed to continue.

Worse, Ray could make nothing of the cut and continued to be dominated by Dewees who was using one hand to punch Ray and the other to try and stop the bleeding. At one point Dewees let go of the cut and let the rush of blood hit Ray in the face before doing push-ups to slam Ray’s head into the mat. In the end, Dewees picked up the decision despite losing what appeared to be every ounce of blood in his body.

2 Tom Lawlor’s Fruit Platter

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During the eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter, fans bared witness to a couple of gross pranks, many involving food. The first involved Tom Lawlor and the fruit platter he would order each day getting eaten by members of the opposing team. Fed up with losing his food every day, Lawlor and some of his teammates would each urinate onto the fruit platter before placing it back into the refrigerator. Like clockwork, members of Team Nogueira came in and ate the platter, only to be told about the secret ingredient after they had finished the platter.

1 Kyle Kingsbury and the Splushi

via instinctmmamagazine.com

On the very same episode of season eight of The Ultimate Fighter, eventual runner-up Phillipe Nover began to complain that someone was eating his sushi. So using the same gameplan that Team Mir had done earlier with the fruit platter, Team Nogueira member Kyle Kingsbury took the sushi and added some of his own special sauce. The man Nover was scheduled to fight that episode, David Kaplan, would eventually be the one to eat a piece of the now contaminated sushi and after being told about the prank would threaten Team Nogueira that he would get them back using his feces. Thankfully that never happened or at least was not shown on TV.

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