Top 15 Dream Fights UFC Missed The Boat On

The UFC is the most successful MMA promotion in the world. Over the last decade, Dana White and the Fertitta brothers have turned the once failing company into a billion dollar revenue source. The key

The UFC is the most successful MMA promotion in the world. Over the last decade, Dana White and the Fertitta brothers have turned the once failing company into a billion dollar revenue source. The key to the UFC’s success is simple. The best fighters in the world compete against each other underneath the Zuffa banner.

World-class fighters such as Jon Jones, Conor McGregor and Anderson Silva have made millions of dollars while fighting for the UFC. Of course, the wealthiest fighters in the UFC have definitely earned their money. More often than not, the UFC hosts the best possible matchups on a consistent basis.

The last few years have been truly thrilling for MMA fans. However, while Dana White and the Fertitta brothers have done everything possible to please the fans, there have been countless dream fights that the UFC missed the boat on.

Here is our list of the 15 dream fights that UFC fans will never get to see.

15 Wanderlei Silva vs. Randy Couture


During the heyday of Pride FC, Wanderlei Silva was the ruler of the Japanese promotion’s middleweight division. In his prime, “The Axe Murderer” was the most vicious fighter that the sport of MMA had ever seen. Wanderlei kneed, punched, and head stomped his way to the top of the sport. Anyone who stood in his path was destroyed and broken by the onslaught of the Brazilian bomber.

Notable warriors such as Sakuraba, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and Dan Henderson succumbed to the wrath of “The Axe Murderer.” However, while Silva ruled Pride FC’s middleweight division, Randy “The Natural” Couture was the champion of the UFC’s light heavyweight division.

On the night of August 21, 2004, Couture invited Silva into the UFC cage after his title win against Vitor Belfort. Silva and Couture posed with their respective titles, and the two fighters agreed to a potential matchup that would unify the Pride FC and UFC titles. Unfortunately, the fight never took place.

14 Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre


Just a few years ago, Silva and GSP were the two greatest fighters in the UFC. However, things have changed significantly since their days of UFC dominance. GSP has been retired for a few years now, and Anderson Silva’s reputation has been destroyed due to a failed drug test following his victory over Nick Diaz at UFC 183.

Silva was also knocked out by Chris Weidman, and his leg was literally broken in half in the rematch bout. It's safe to say that Anderson Silva and GSP will never fight each other, and it truly is a damn shame. GSP was the biggest star in the UFC during his title run, and Silva was labeled as the G.O.A.T.

13 Ronda Rousey vs. Cyborg


Not long ago, Rousey appeared to be invincible, and her fans thought that she was truly unbeatable. Rousey dominated everyone, and MMA fans actually believed that she could've defeated men her own size. However, Holly Holm knocked her out cold at UFC 193, and everything changed overnight for Rousey and her followers.

While Holm is an elite level boxer, Cyborg is a deadly striker herself. Ronda Rousey would have had similar problems against the tough Brazilian. Unfortunately, Cyborg against Rousey may never take place now. The UFC had ample time to make this fight happen, but they completely missed the boat on it. Rousey has openly stated that she is contemplating retirement in the near future. However, an unlikely victory over Holly Holm in the rematch may leave a small glimmer of hope for the Cyborg fight. Still, this fight should have taken place with an undefeated Rousey.

12 Fedor Emelianenko vs. Brock Lesnar


Fedor Emelianenko is widely considered to be the greatest heavyweight in MMA history. He has defeated legends of the sport, and he did it while staying humble the whole way through. A matchup between Lesnar and Fedor would’ve been a blockbuster success. Unfortunately, Dana White was never able to negotiate with the Russian legend, and the fight never materialized because of that. Lesnar would eventually retire from the sport due to complications with diverticulitis, ending any hope of this potential box office smash.

11 Nick Diaz vs. Robbie Lawler 2 (Possible)


Robbie Lawler is the current champion of the UFC’s welterweight division. Each one of his fights are more exciting than the last. However, Lawler was knocked out against Nick Diaz back in 2004. But, that was a long time ago, and Lawler has become a great fighter since that loss.

This fight has a chance to take place in the future, but it's very unlikely. Nick Diaz was recently punished for failing a drug test at UFC 183 for marijuana. The Nevada State Athletic Commision went way overboard and decided to suspend Nick Diaz for five years.

10 Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis


This superfight should have been made when both fighters were at the top of their game. UFC fans wanted to see it, and it would've been truly spectacular. Unfortunately, both Aldo and Pettis are no longer champions in their respective weight classes, and this fight no longer makes sense. The invincibility and allure has kind of disappeared with Aldo with his recent 13-second loss to Conor McGregor. It seems the ship has sailed on this bout.

9 Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen


The aging “Axe Murderer” and “The American Gangster” had one of the most heated rivalries in the history of the UFC. Unfortunately, both of these fighters got into trouble with the Nevada State Athletic Commission prior to the bout, and their clash at UFC 175 was scrapped. Perhaps the UFC can't really be blamed for this fight not taking place, but still, it's a shame for fans that they couldn't see this feud climax.

8 Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida


Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida are two of the greatest strikers in the history of the UFC. Unfortunately, these legends happen to be best friends, and that's why the fight never took place. The fight surely would have been very intriguing back when Silva was the reigning Middleweight champion. It's hard to tell if there was a way the UFC could have convinced the two friends to fight for the title, but ultimately, it's MMA fans who missed out here.

7 Chris Weidman vs. Jon Jones

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Both of these former champions are New York natives, and a matchup in Madison Square Garden would've been very special. Unfortunately, this fight will most likely never take place now. Weidman was recently defeated against Luke Rockhold in brutal fashion. It makes no sense for Weidman to challenge the true king of the light heavyweight division. Chris Weidman must first focus on regaining his own crown before taking someone else's. Either way, with the blip in Weidman's record, the fight already loses some luster.

6 Lyoto Machida vs. Vitor Belfort (Possible)

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports / Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

This would've been an extremely exciting fight between two of the best strikers in the UFC. This fight almost came to fruition in 2015. Weidman had just pulled out of his scheduled title fight against Vitor at UFC 184 due to injury, and Dana White decided to put an interim belt on the line between Belfort and Machida. Unfortunately, Belfort declined the fight. It's a true shame, as it would have been a treat for fans.

5 Georges St-Pierre vs. Robbie Lawler (Possible)

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

GSP is considered by many to be the best welterweight champion of all time. However, I'm sure that Robbie Lawler would strongly disagree with that statement. Nonetheless, this matchup would've been truly epic, but it will most likely never take place. Dana White and Georges St-Pierre have taken several shots at each other in the media over the last few months, and it seems that the former champion will never do business with the UFC again.

4 Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks 2

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

In their first fight at UFC 167, Johny Hendricks lost a widely disputed decision against GSP. Most people thought that Hendricks did enough to take the title from the reigning champion. Unfortunately, the judges didn't see it that way, as GSP’s takedowns held significant value to the judges, but Johny’s devastating punches seemed to have been overlooked.

After the loss to GSP, Hendricks demanded a rematch. However, GSP decided to retire after the bout, and Hendricks was never able to get his shot at redemption. In the years since UFC 167, GSP has teased a comeback fight on more than one occasion. But, the unhealthy relationship between St-Pierre and the UFC makes a rematch bout more than unlikely.

3 Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

This matchup would have been truly incredible. Two of the best fighters of all time squaring up against each other for a huge payday and massive bragging rights. Unfortunately, the UFC never made this fight happen.

Anderson Silva was the most dominant champion in the history of the UFC’s middleweight division. He even destroyed a few light heavyweights during his championship reign. This fight could have happened with the right amount of money. The UFC simply had to make an offer that neither man could refuse.

2 Fedor Emilienenko vs. Randy Couture


Fedor Emelianenko v.s. Randy Couture would've been an incredible sight to see. Both fighters are true legends. Unfortunately, Dana White and the Fertitta brothers were never able to sign Fedor to the UFC. There are so many potential suitors for a dream fight with Fedor you could pick but due to Couture being the face of the sport in his day, we'll go with Captain America taking on the Russian powerhouse. It writes itself.

1 Jon Jones vs. Cain Velasquez (Possible)


The perfect time to make this fight was right after UFC 182. Jones had just defeated Daniel Cormier in one of the most anticipated light heavyweight fights of all time. During the post fight interview, Jones called out Velasquez for a potential superfight.

The build up to the dream match would have been huge, but it never took place. Velasquez recently lost to Fabricio Werdum, and Jones was suspended for fleeing the scene of an accident. Now, this fight may never take place.

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Top 15 Dream Fights UFC Missed The Boat On