Top 15 Hottest Pictures of UFC Ring Girls You NEED To See

Every sport has their eye candy-a little something special that, besides the sport itself, makes hearts skip a beat. In auto racing it is the Flag Girls and the Trophy Girls and in football it is the cheerleaders, and well tennis has the actual players as that something gorgeous to brighten the event. The UFC also has that something that is pleasing to the eye and that eye-candy is the Ring Girls. These girls, all bright smiles and dangerous curves, announce the each round of the fight by walking the Octagon. Carefully chosen, the Ring Girls of the UFC are not just pretty faces, but also ambassadors for the sport. They serve to draw people into each event, people that may not have otherwise been interested in mixed martial arts, as well as keep the die hard fans happy and entertained. The UFC does not just take from the girls, however, in reciprocation the UFC willingly serves as a springboard for their careers, often helping to launch them into modeling careers or acting careers, or other sports. The UFC provides exposure and  offers a platform that many of the girls may not otherwise have had. The relationship is one that is mutually beneficial for the UFC, the girls, and most importantly, the fans.

The UFC is very careful to hold each girl to certain behavioral and physical standards. They must, at all times, be picture perfect as they represent the UFC, both when announcing the round the fighters are in, and when out and about the town. The girls are also responsible for participating in outreach and charity work, such as work with the troops. The UFC carefully monitors the girls’ image in relation to the the image the organization wants to portray. The Girls are monitored to ensure this carefully crafted image is maintained. We have meticulously chosen the 15 hottest pictures of the hottest girls to ever walk the Octagon. We hope you enjoy the list and please don't forget to leave us a comment in the space below

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15 Brittney Palmer

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Brittney Palmer is one of the UFC's most popular Ring Girls. She has been gracing the Octagon for almost four years now and has continually been a fan favorite. Her stunning good looks and cheerful personality have helped her to endear her to hardcore fans and the casual sports fan as well. Brittney, however, is not just a pretty face. She is also an artist and is, in fact, going to college to earn an Art degree. She enjoys art in all its forms, including music, painting, and dancing. She has been in the Entertainment industry for over seven years and besides her UFC career, she is also a model and actress. Each year, as Brittney’s popularity grows with UFC fans, and fans, around the world, so do the opportunities to grow her career. She has graced the cover of several well known men’s magazines, as well as Fitness magazines.

14 Jhenny Andrade

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Since the age of 6, Jhenny has been in the spotlight. The beautiful and charming young girl grew up to be a beautiful woman who has worked in the Entertainment industry for most of her life. Born in Brazil, Jhenny has worked hard all of her life to build a career that is solid and diversified. She is a model, a contributor to VIP Magazine in Brazil, one of the country's hottest men's magazines, and of course a UFC Ring Girl. In the course of her career, she has learned to play soccer, her native Brazil's favorite sport, make Brazilian BBQ, and even do simple household repairs. When she first joined the UFC, Jhenny wasn't knowledgable about fighting but not admits she loves it and is as invested emotionally in the fights as the fans and coaches are. As a native Brasilian, Jhenny feels a particular liking for fighters from her native country, although she admits she loves all to watch all the fighters engage in battle in the Octagon.

13 Allison Diehl

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Allison Diehl, while no longer walking the Octagon was once one of the most popular Ring Girls to grace the UFC. Formerly a Hooters girl, Diehl won a contest that allowed her to be a Ring Girl for a night. Hooters has been a springboard for more than one UFC Ring Girl and has helped to fan the flames on many of their modeling careers. Allison Diehl seized the opportunity given to her when she won the contest and embraced her chance to be a Ring Girl. Diehl had such a natural presence that the powers that be in the UFC offered her the opportunity to be a Ring Girl full time. Diehl took them up on their offer and one of the most gorgeous and most popular Ring Girls found her niche. Diehl was able to parlay her position with the UFC into a modeling career that she is currently pursuing with her usual fervor.

12 Edith LaBelle

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Edith LaBelle is one of the hottest Ring Girls to announce a round in the UFC. Edith has waterfall of dark hair that plunges down her back and curves more dangerous than a heavyweight's overhand right, Edith has been making hearts skip a beat for quite a while now. The native Canadian, who has been featured in magazines such as Men's Fitness, has used her passion for health and fitness to become an ambassador for the UFC, women, and athletes around the world. She has worked hard to become as well known for her fitness and athletic ability as her jaw dropping good looks. Edith is always open to meeting and greeting with fans and is eager to share her passion with those who are interested. Her open and friendly demeanor, as well as her healthy lifestyle have served to inspire fans from all walks of life, in more ways than one.

11 Chandella Powell

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Chandella Powell is the very definition of hot. Her jaw dropping good looks and steamy gaze have stopped more than one heart. She was the first African American Ring Girl and has worked hard to break boundaries and be a good role model for girls of all ages. When risque pictures of Chandella came out, both her and the UFC handled the situation head on and Chandella was able to retain her position, despite the tight restrictions the UFC has for the girls. The scandal was enough to shake Chandella but not beat her. She acknowledged she made a mistake and used the opportunity to communicate to young women everywhere the fact that actions have consequences and to think before they act. Now a mother of a fabulous little boy, Chandella does return now and again to help promote the UFC. While she may no longer be walking the Octagon, Chandella Powell is still one of fans favorite Ring Girls.

10 Ali Sonoma

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From the first walk Ali Sonoma made around the Octagon she became an instant UFC favorite. Her stunning good looks, sizzling hot curves, and warm demeanor have made her one of the most popular Ring Girls in UFC history. Born the middle of child in a family of five in St. Louis, Ali made the leap into modeling early. She looks like the perfect All American girl. Her long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and warm and welcoming personality have made her a draw in the UFC for some time now. Ali had been working on a modeling and acting career with the opportunity arose to become a Ring Girl for the UFC. That was when career really took off and new opportunities were everywhere. Ali used this stage to parlay her career in fitness and further her education as well.

9 Amber Nichole Miller

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Amber Nichole Miller was one of the UFC's first Ring Girls to become wildly popular. The amply proportioned beauty twirled red cards between rounds and was one of the women that made Ring Girls entities of their own. She has curves that would make curves jealous and managed her career trajectory to make her a star individually as well as within the UFC. Amber Nichole went on to parlay her UFC job into a tremendous modeling career, including being the face of Tito Ortiz's clothing line. In addition to modeling for Tito Ortiz, Amber Nichole and Tito went on to become a couple and can be seen gracing the Red Carpet at many an event. They are quite a spectacle-the former Champion and the gorgeous former Ring Girl-the American Dream incarnate.

While Amber Nichole may no longer walk the Octagon she is firmly in the hearts and dreams of fight fans around the world.

8 Arianny Celeste

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Arguably the most famous of the UFC's Ring Girls, Arianny Celeste has one of the longest running, successful careers as a UFC beauty. Arianny has been a Ring Girl since 2006, her hard working, welcoming personality radiated by her exquisite, exotic good looks. Born and bred in Las Vegas, NV, Arianny grew up in one of the biggest fight cities in the world. Her first modeling job came when she was just a baby and it was only up from there. People from all walks of life, fight fans and non-fight fans know exactly who the beautiful Arianny is. Not only has Arianny graced more magazines covers than we can count, she has also had several calendars made, that feature only her, as well as participating in calendars for the UFC. Now she is a worldwide phenomenon and and one of the most recognizable faces of the UFC and mixed martial arts.

7 Rachelle Leah

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Rachelle Leah is currently one of UFC's hottest Ring Girls. She has not only been heating up the Octagon but also some of the most famous magazines such as Maxim, Men's Fitness, and Playboy. While Rachelle still flips cards and announces rounds, she is now most often found hosting "UFC All Access" and steaming up the small screen. She first started modeling when she was 16, doing her best to jumpstart a career. She went from place to place until FORD modeling company finally picked her up. She was working in movies and modeling when a UFC trainer noticed her, gave her his card, and told her the UFC was looking for new girls. She agreed to audition and a star was born. Now Rachelle loves fighting and helps to bring mixed martial arts to fans around the world. She has been quoted as saying that being a Ring Girl is the most fun she has ever had.

6 Logan Stanton

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Logan Stanton's exotic good looks and lean, athletic body put more than one heart into hyper drive during her stint as a UFC Ring Girl. While not having the typical body shape Logan has a certain something that when coupled with her seductive good looks was more than enough to use her time as a Ring Girl to springboard her modeling career into high gear. Logan grew up playing sports and working to build her portfolio as a model. When the opportunity came to be a UFC Ring Girl, Logan jumped at it. The exposure was just what her burgeoning career needed and soon there were modeling jobs lined up for her to pick and choose from. Logan was released from the UFC not too long ago for undisclosed reasons. While the dismissal came a as a surprise to Logan she holds no grudge and bears no ill will to the company that helped jump start her career. In fact, Logan admits to having nothing but positive feelings for the UFC.

5 Natasha Wicks

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Natasha Wicks is a model that won the Maxim UFC Ring Girl search contest. Her playful personality, and stunning good looks, immediately endeared her to the hearts of UFC fans, while making those same hearts skip a beat. Born and bred in Las Vegas, the biggest fight town in the world, she grew up in the shadow of some of the greatest fights the world has ever seen. Her All American Girl good looks and friendly demeanor made her an instant favorite with the fans. However, her relationship with the UFC did not last long. She was released from her duties, at the same time as Logan Stanton, with no reason given. Much like, Stanton, however, Natasha bears the UFC no hard feelings and is grateful for the opportunity they gave her. Natasha can now be found performing her Ring Girl duties for Invicta as well as pursuing her modeling career.

4 Vanessa Hanson

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Vanessa Hanson is a Ford Model and one of the UFC's most popular Ring Girls. Her dark, sultry good looks originate from a mixture of Mexican and European heritage and have made even the coldest hearts melt. She was first found and scouted when she was in college and soon the modeling offers were rolling in. She has been featured on the cover, and as a centerfold, in magazines of all genres. She is a versatile, talented model that has also fallen in love with the sport of mixed martial arts. Vanessa is very spontaneous and loves to interact with all of her fans. Doing so keeps her very busy and she is careful to be sure to communicate with everyone she possibly can. She loves the travel and excitement of being a Ring Girl and keeps fight fans engaged and entertained through every fight. She is a true ambassador for the sport and the UFC.

3 Luciana Andrade

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Luciana Andrade is not just a pretty face. While she is one of the steamiest Ring Girls to announce the rounds, Luciana also has graduated from law school and worked in the legal field for nine years in her native Brazil. Now, however, she is much better know for her job as a Ring Girl and is eager to further pursue her acting and modeling career with the same fervor and devotion she displays for the UFC. She has curves that would require a warning a sign to navigate and warm personality that draws people to her. She is hoping that her career as a UFC Ring Girl will open the avenue to other opportunities in the Entertainment and Art industries. In addition, Luciana has a passion for health and fitness and hopes to spread her love of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle to people around the world.

2 Carly Baker

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Carly Baker has long been in the entertainment business. From the age of 14 she was working in various entertainment industries. As a child she worked on several Disney projects and Nickelodeon projects. She also was part of a Japanese girl band and her talent for music and performing is still prevalent in her life. She was even a beauty queen in Great Britain, being named Miss Wimbledon. It was onward and upward from there and the beautiful young woman, who also dances, became an often seen face on commercials and TV shows. Carly is also attending college and studying health and fitness. She is eager to promote young girls having good self-confidence and being not just beautiful but strong. The lover of fitness and health has become one of the most beloved Ring Girls and people around the world tune in to see the beautiful Californian walk the Octagon.

1 Chrissy Blair

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Chrissy Blair is the classic all American beach babe. Her blonde hair, blue eyes, and non stop curves have been heating up the Octagon for some time. She admits she is superstitious about her plans and dreams and won’t even give a hint to her goals until they are attained. She has a passion for living life and enjoys every moment of her career as a UFC Ring Girl. She loves interacting with her fans and her time in the Octagon has provided her with many an opportunity. Chrissy has been on magazine covers, in calendars, and on more posters than anyone could count. She loves art, painting, and pilates and yoga. The smoking hot model can be seen strutting her flawless curves in between rounds and making fans around the world hearts skip a beat in between jet setting around the world for her burgeoning modeling career.

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