Top 15 Hottest UFC Female Fighters Booties

Women’s mixed martial arts is arguably the hottest women’s sport in the world. Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm’s fight was one of the most talked about occurrences in the history of the sport. Since Ronda

Women’s mixed martial arts is arguably the hottest women’s sport in the world. Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm’s fight was one of the most talked about occurrences in the history of the sport. Since Ronda Rousey proved that Women’s MMA can be every bit as profitable as the male divisions, the UFC has put continued focus on it.

What can sometimes be a little difficult for MMA fans, however, is wanting to support the female stars of MMA and respect them as athletes, but also not focusing too much on the fact that some of them are ridiculously hot. This should come as no surprise, as the muscle groups mixed martial artists need to make sure are strong are also the same muscle groups that lead to such things as having a firm tight backside. The result is that Women’s MMA is filled with tough, hot chicks that have glutes of steel.

There is no need to feel guilty about focusing on how hot some of these women athletes are, as it’s a great thing that female MMA stars are serving as role models for young women out there and showing them that the sexiest bodies are the ones that are the most physically fit. Ronda Rousey proved that strong is the new skinny.

In celebration of women mixed martial artists replacing models in magazines as the new body image role models, let’s take a look at the hottest female booties in the UFC.

15 Rin Nakai


Rin Nakai is one of the strongest women you will ever see and many of the images she posts online will illustrate this. In addition to being a mixed martial artist, Nakai is also a model and appears in many soft adult-orientated magazines and DVDs aimed at the tiny demographic of men who enjoy seeing women in various stages of undress. Nakai is a big fan of building muscle and it looks as though she has some pretty strong glutes!

14 Angela Magana

You have to respect any fighter who has the nickname “Your Majesty,” as is the case with Angela Magana. What's working against the former TUF competitor is that she has lost her last four fights. While Magana looked great on the Ultimate Fighter season 20 - inside the cage and out - she’s dropped her first two UFC fights and almost had her career end in training. In late 2015, Magana tweeted out a photo of herself recovering in hospital after refusing to tapout to her training partner’s twister. Let's hope she finds some success in the future.

13 Rose Namajunas

Dyin ova here but at least my leggings look good 😝 thanks @onnit

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This one will depend a little on your own personal taste, but there can be no doubting that Namajunas is a specimen of pure physical fitness, extending all throughout her petite frame.

Namajunas first appeared on The Ultimate Fighter, where she made it all the way to the finals before losing to Carla Esparza.

“Thug” Rose doesn’t adhere to normal standards of beauty, much like her peer, Paige VanZant. Leading into the fight, there was some controversy in that Paige VanZant had promised to shave her head (in support of a cancer charity), but only cut her hair shorter. Rose saw an opportunity to one up her upcoming opponent and chopped off all her hair, giving her a unique and sexy look in the process.

12 Randa Markos


Another competitor in UFC’s Strawweight division, and former competitor on The Ultimate Fighter, Randa Markos has a fit, tight, and impressive body. Randa is a big fan of the string bikini look at the weigh-ins, which has provided ample opportunity for admirers of physically fit women to get a good view of all her impressive muscle groupings.

The next chance for fans to se Markos will be at UFC Fight Night 89 in Ottawa, as she faces Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger.

11 Carla Esparza


At first glance, Esparza appears too unassuming to be a professional mixed martial artist. Once one is able to watch her compete however, all such thoughts go out the window. Esparza is incredibly gifted athletically and in peak physical condition. There does not appear to be a pinch of fat on this woman, something her six pack abs make very clear. As with any woman in such good condition, her backside is firm, strong, and makes for great viewing at UFC weigh-ins.

10 Joanna Jedrzejczyk


With a very petite frame Joanna is small, with very little meat on her. She is not particularly muscular either, as her success comes more from her quickness and precision than power. Still, Joanna just has this look of cockiness and swagger that many find quite attractive.

If you enjoy petite-framed women with toned and tight legs and glutes, then Joanna is someone you might want to check out during weigh-ins when the workout clothes come off and the tiny bikinis are all that remain.

9 Jessica Penne


Jessica Penne has opened a lot of eyes with her performances inside the UFC cage, but she also burst a lot of eyes out of their sockets with her performance at UFC weigh-ins.

Penne was awarded a title shot against Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk in June of 2015, where she made quite a splash at the weigh-ins. While cameras were focused on the champion as she made her way to the stage, the camera’s peripheral vision caught Jessica Penne showing the world she has a lot of tremendous assets.

Wearing a blue bikini bottom that disappeared halfway up her backside, Penne made it look as though the UFC decided to give a title shot to a ring girl. She lost the fight, but we know that she still has great buns.

8 Alexandra Albu


A post shared by Alexandra Albu (@stitchalbu) on

Russian fighter Alexandra Albu has a very photogenic booty and she knows it. Albu is not shy of the camera and whether she is taking part in a photoshoot for “Girls with Muscle” or simply taking a selfie while training, Albu always finds a way to stick that booty out there and make it the focal point of the photo.

She's only fought once in the UFC so far, but she won that match be submission against Izabela Badurek.

7 Claudia Gadelha


The next challenger for the UFC Strawweight Championship will be Claudia Gadelha, whose only loss was to current champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk in a controversial split decision.

Gadelha is very physically fit, with abs that could cut glass. That firm muscle definition extends around back as well, as the pink bikini bottom she wore in her weigh-in photo (for her fight against Jedrzejczyk) allows us all to see.

Gadelha and Jedrzejczyk have finished filming a season of The Ultimate Fighter as coaches, where apparently the two developed such a hatred for each other that things came to blows. Unfortunately for everyone, there were apparently no cameras present when they two had at it.

6 Michelle Waterson

Michelle Waterson’s nickname is "The Karate Hottie” and there’s no doubt she lives up to the moniker. Waterson is drop dead gorgeous and very photogenic.

She is not shy about appearing in photo shoots wearing swimsuits or revealing outfits. As much as Waterson likes to show her butt outside of the cage however, she is just as prone to kick butt inside of it.

Waterson’s nickname refers to her as a Karate expert, but that is only part of the truth, as she is also trained and skillful in the arts of jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling.

5 Bec Rawlings

If you are a fan of women mixed martial artists sharing revealing photos of themselves on social media, you may want to follow Bec Rawlings on Twitter or Instagram.

Rawlings is covered in tattoos and piercings, and has no problem showing off her physique whenever she pleases.

Rawlings was eliminated in her first fight on The Ultimate Fighter series, losing to Heather Clark via unanimous decision. Currently sporting a 7-4 record, Bec fights out of the Gamebred Combat Club in Brisbane Australia.

4 Felice Herrig

White CHALK-alate

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Look, Felice Herrig is just really good looking.

So far Felice Herrig is 1-1 in the UFC, with her last fight being a decision loss to Paige VanZant in April of 2015. The  was an example of good match-making by Joe Silva, who ensured that at least one really attractive female fighter would leave the cage a winner that night.

Herrig is currently sporting a 10-6 mixed martial arts record and trains with Team Curran in Illinois.

3 Ronda Rousey


There is no way to write a list like this and not include Ronda Rousey. There is some debate amongst fans of the female form, regarding just how attractive Rousey is.

There are some that say Rousey is the pinnacle of female attractiveness, stating that she has revolutionized what men find attractive in women.

Rousey showed that being thin isn’t something to strive for, but being physically fit and strong is. Others feel that it is Rousey’s success and general attitude which leads many to find her attractive.

As part of a photoshoot with Sports Illustrated, Rousey was able to show off what many feel is the new physically fit and strong body type for women to aspire to, by posing in nothing but body paint that was meant to look like a swimsuit.

2 Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant is drop dead gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that you worry she would take attention away from less attractive, but more talented female fighters.

Luckily for everyone, VanZant put those concerns to rest when she came out guns blazing in the UFC. She defeated Kailin Curran, Felice Herrig, and Alex Chambers to start out her UFC career and show everyone that she is not just a pretty face.

Following her initial win streak however, VanZant was defeated by Rose Namajunas in late 2015.

Still a tremendous prospect, VanZant is currently competing on the TV show Dancing with the Stars, which should give audiences plenty of opportunities to get a peek at those great glutes!

1 Miesha Tate

This contest isn’t even close. For all the hot booties showcased on this list, none of them hold a candle to the backside belonging to Miesha Tate.

Tate is a pioneer of women’s mixed martial arts and one of the hottest female athletes that has ever existed. While Tate is an accomplished athlete, and UFC Champion, she has not been afraid to show her body off to the camera, having taken part in numerous photo shoots that focus on her impressive physique.

Some poor Las Vegas police officer became famous online while performing security at the UFC 196 weigh-ins as a result of Tate’s booty as well. The police officer was on stage and cameras caught him stealing a glance at Tate as she was putting her shorts back on. The officer and Tate would get together to film a comedic sketch based on the viral Internet video.

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Top 15 Hottest UFC Female Fighters Booties