Top 15 Hottest UFC Octagon Girls Of All-Time

Football has its cheerleaders and hockey has its ice girls. The NBA has Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson while baseball has... well, let’s forget about baseball. If you are looking for some of the hottest women in the world, then look no further than what the UFC has to offer with their octagon girls. The UFC knows what fans want and they are not shy about giving them exactly what they are looking for. UFC octagon girls have become a high-profile sideshow that fight fans can’t get enough of. Some octagon girls have become as popular as the fighters. The UFC doesn’t mess around. They chose the cream of the crop and make them a major part of the overall presentation.

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement. It’s not just the UFC that gets something out of it. Octagon girls parlay their looks and talents into other areas such as modelling and acting. The girls promote the UFC and the UFC’s promotional machine reciprocates. Of course, the UFC demands certain standards from their octagon girls. Several octagon girls have blown their opportunity by displaying what the UFC deems as inappropriate behavior.

There is no such thing as an “Octagon Girl Hall of Fame,” but if we ever see one, it’s almost certain that the following ladies will be inducted. Sit back and enjoy the 15 hottest UFC octagon girls ever. You might want to put on a bib.

15 15. Allison Diehl


This well-proportioned blonde bombshell was chosen as a guest UFC Octagon Girl when she won a Hooters Girl pageant in 2011. What a great choice she was. The native of Columbia, Missouri is not afraid to let it all hang out and there are a few eyebrow-raising shots of her on the internet.

On January 22nd, 2011, her long blonde hair, electrifying smile, and pleasant bounce were delighting fans at UFC Fight for the Troops 2 at Fort Hood, Texas. Allison was a sight for sore eyes as the circled the octagon in a tiny camouflaged outfit. Many in the audience probably didn’t even notice what round she was introducing due to being overwhelmed by her stunning appearance. She also took the time to pose with troops who seemed very happy with her presence.

14 14. Edith Labelle


Edith Labelle made her octagon girl debut on November 17th, 2007, at UFC 78. One of the highlights of the night was Ed Herman’s knockout win over Joe Doerksen. Another was watching the dark-haired dream girl strut her stuff between rounds. Aside from her work in the octagon, Edith enjoys a career in modelling and acting. It’s a good thing she has her other skills to fall back on because she was let go by the UFC just prior to UFC 100. She apparently fell ill before the event which prompted her to call in sick. Edith attributed her sudden illness to food poisoning but the UFC brass had reason to believe it was her hard-partying ways that led to her being too hung over to perform her duties.

13 13. Chandella Powell


She may have been a UFC octagon girl for just two years but the delicious Chandella Powell sure left an impression. Between 2010 and 2012, Chandella delighted audiences as she bounced around the octagon. The beautiful damsel has long hair and one of the sexiest smiles on Earth. Her figure has more curves and twists than “Fight Club.”

When she wasn’t doing her UFC gig, Powell worked as a hostess at the Playboy Club. So, why is she no longer a UFC octagon girl? Well, it seems that Chandella was in a few blue movies before she signed with the UFC and she failed to disclose that sensitive information before being hired.

12 12. Ali Sonoma


11 11. Amber Nichole Miller

10 10. Arianny Celeste


9 9. Rachelle Leah

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A young Rachelle Leah studied to become a paramedic but with her bountiful beauty, it was a natural and wise move to enter the world of modelling. In her late teens, she was modelling for the Ford Motor Company and this led to television. After appearances on The View, Last Call with Carson Daily, and the forgettable Nick and Jessica Variety Hour, she caught the eye of the UFC. Her career path was firmly set when she signed her first UFC contract. She was a fixture in the UFC as an octagon girl while simultaneously expanding her profile on television and in magazines such as Maxim, Men’s Fitness, and Playboy. Rachelle is widely regarded as on of the hottest UFC octagon girls ever and she describes her time in this role as the most fun she’s ever had.

8 8. Brittney Palmer

Bodacious Brittney Palmer is not only outrageously beautiful, she is also outrageously talented. She is a brown-haired, brown-eyed, and well-endowed dynamo packed into a 5’6” frame that she keeps immaculately maintained. The ex-Ring Girl of the Year winner and perennial challenger has an incredible artistic flair that she shows off as proudly as her fabulous body. She is among the biggest names in the world of UFC octagon girls and her fame grows by the day.

7 7. Logan Stanton


This sweet-looking stunner was an octagon girl for a year before she was surprisingly released by the UFC in 2009. The brass was allegedly displeased with her version of an incident that occurred at UFC 126. During a interview, Logan hinted that Josh Koscheck faked an eye injury in his match with Anthony Johnson. While Logan was as shocked as anyone with the UFC’s decision to not renew her contract, the dark-haired delight took it in stride. In Stanton’s version, she was not renewed simply because the UFC was looking for new faces. She rebounded well and remains a UFC fan.

6 6. Natasha Wicks 

She’s a wife, a mother, a model, and an athlete. Former UFC octagon girl Natasha Wicks is also blazing hot. At the UFC 100 Fan Expo, Natasha was selected as the next UFC octagon girl and was awarded a one-year contract. Like the aforementioned Logan Stanton, Natasha chimed in with her thoughts on a controversial eye injury to Josh Koscheck and the UFC opted to not renew her contract. She returned as an octagon girl with Invicta but her passion for running soon prevailed. Natasha’s prowess in cross-country running earned her a full scholarship at Northern Arizona University and she even had Olympic aspirations. In 2013, she placed 15th overall at the 2013 Xterra Trail Racing World Championships.

5 5. Jhenny Andrade

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

This Brazilian belle has had her share of successes throughout her 24-year existence and she continues to conquer all challenges with confidence and style. She’s been a respected magazine columnist, sought-after model, and a student of Muay-Thai. Most UFC fans will easily recognize this businesswoman as one of the hottest UFC octagon girls ever. Jhenny’s eye-popping figure has made her one of the UFC’s latest sensations and she is basking in the glory of her fast-expanding fan base.

4 4. Vanessa Hanson

With her love of outdoor activities, cooking, and a crude sense of humor, Vanessa Hanson comes across as a dream woman.After winning a contest, the California girl was chosen as a guest UFC octagon girl and she has torn it up ever since. The UFC knows a good thing when they see it and the brass didn’t hesitate to bring her onboard in a full-time capacity. With legs that won’t quit, the 5’8” Vanessa is one of the taller octagon girls. She has that “girl next door” look and a contagious smile.

Despite the UFC keeping her on a busy schedule, Vanessa still seeks out modelling opportunities when time permits. Thankfully, she seems to have plenty of time to have her photo taken and she loves to share them. Fans of beautiful exotic vixens should know that her Instagram account is absolutely worth visiting.

3 3. Luciana Andrade


Luciana has that special combination of pure beauty and brains. The recent addition to the UFC octagon girl stable graduated from law school and worked in the judiciary for nine years. Of course, with such stunning looks, it’s only fitting that this Brazilian siren has also modelled. Her dark hair and winning smile compliment a well toned and rounded physique that is bound to get the audience’s attention when she bounces around the octagon.

2 2. Carly Baker

Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

She can sing and she can dance. Carly Baker has acted, modelled, and been a beauty queen. The peppy pixie has done it all with the exception of being a UFC octagon girl. What? She’s an octagon girl too? Well, it looks like Carly Baker has done it all now that she has become the UFC’s first European octagon girl.

1 1. Chrissy Blair

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Born and raised in Florida, Chrissy Blair sets a new benchmark in beauty, while her comeliness leaves many admirers slack-jawed. The blue-eyed blonde transcends hot and UFC fans are privileged to witness her octagon girl performances. Chrissy is a health and fitness nut who views working out as a hobby. She has artistic talents and, as a fan of the television show Family Guy, we can assume she has a twisted sense of humor.

She is obviously a model who is in demand. Chrissy was featured in a recent GUESS campaign and she will undoubtedly be the main attraction in many upcoming campaigns.

UFC fans should appreciate watching the hottest UFC ring girl of all-time while they can. They will want to check out her Instagram and her personal website where fans can purchase her Limited Edition Photobook. If you believe that a cover tells the story, then this photobook might win the Pulitzer Prize.

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