Top 15 Most Brutal MMA Injuries of All-Time

Mixed martial arts is an inherently dangerous sport. Men and women are throwing body parts at each other with the maximum amount of force their bodies can muster, in an effort to incapacitate their opponent and claim victory. It is competition in one of the most primal forms ever conceived and has caught on with massive worldwide audiences. These people tune in and show up to see the giants in the sport go toe to toe with each other. Unfortunately, the bodies of these competitors are all too vulnerable and often pushed past their breaking points.

Every athlete that steps into the ring assumes the risks that are associated with the sport. At major promotions, medical personnel stand on hand at all times to administer care to athletes that suffer injury. This attempt at making a violent, inherently unsafe sport as safe as possible has stopped many athletes from suffering unnecessary trauma. In several cases, these devastating injuries have not deterred the injured competitors from continuing. Fighters serve as great examples of the indomitable human spirit.

One common thread between all of these injuries is that they all occurred while executing techniques with intention. They show that many techniques considered basic can be vital keys to victory under certain circumstances. In many cases, some of these athletes that suffered injury have had a chance to prevent further injury, but have declined whether due to pride or failure to realize the peril of their predicament. As mixed martial arts continues to evolve as a sport, we are sure to see even more bizarre and brutal injuries. Here are the worst of what the sport has seen so far.

*WARNING: These videos are incredibly graphic and are not for the faint of heart.

15 15. Mark Hominick’s Hematoma

14 14. Leslie Smith’s Exploding Ear

13 13. Frank Mir Breaks Tim Sylvia’s Arm

12 12. Ronda Rousey Destroys Miesha Tate’s Arm

11 11. Sakuraba Breaks Renzo Gracie’s Arm

10 10. Shinya Aoki Stuns Keith Wisniewski with Standing Arm Lock

9 9. Megumi Fujii’s Toe Hold on Serin Murray

8 8. Jamie Varner Breaks Ankle, Keeps Fighting

7 7. Gerard Gordeau Gives Telia Tuli Free Dental Work

6 6. Imanari Destroys Mike Brown’s Knee

5 5. Jon Jones’ Toe Bone is Showing

4 4. Anderson Silva Leg Break

3 3. Frank Mir Breaks Noguiera’s Humerus

2 2. Shinya Aoki Ruins Mizuto Hirota’s Everything

1 1. Corey Hill’s Leg Kick Goes Wrong

During Corey Hill’s fourth MMA bout, his career took a dramatic turn. It was Hill’s third fight in the UFC, and he needed a victory at UFC: Fight for the Troops 1 to continue competing in the sport’s premier competition. As Hill came to meet Dale Hartt following the start of the 2nd round, he threw a leg kick that was checked perfectly. Hill’s tibia and fibula snapped upon impact and he fell back to the mat in obvious pain. Despite the cries from the crowd and Joe Rogan, the fight momentarily continued until the leg break was pointed out. It is an incident enough to make any MMA fighter think twice about throwing unnecessary leg kicks.

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Top 15 Most Brutal MMA Injuries of All-Time