Top 15 People Who Do Not Like Ronda Rousey

Before UFC 193, Ronda Rousey was untouchable. She had the distinction of being the first female fighter to sign with the UFC and an unbeaten record to boot. The recognition she earned from her performances garnered her legions of fans and eventually led to endorsements, acting roles, magazine spreads and talk show appearances. Not everyone likes her however and this could be attributed to her blunt nature. Rousey has made a habit of trash-talking her opponents and challenging her fellow fighters to a bout regardless of their gender. She also doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind and her statements have been known to cause controversy on a number of occasions.

While Rousey was used to dealing with the negative comments that came her way, she couldn’t have been prepared for the amount of backlash she received after her loss to Holly Holm. She suddenly became a victim of the trolls and those who had a grudge against her made sure to tell everyone just how happy they were about her loss. Leading the pack were former opponents whom she’d beaten, no doubt convinced that she wasn’t invincible and that they also stood a chance of winning against her. Rousey’s actions certainly didn’t help matters for she had gone off on Holm following their altercation at the weigh-in and refused to touch gloves before the fight. Ironically, Holly Holm and Floyd Mayweather, who has had a public feud with Rousey for a while, were among those who empathized with her and spoke out against the trolling. While Rousey could likely make a comeback, the antis will make sure to enjoy this moment as much as they can. Here are 15 people who do not like Ronda Rousey.

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15 Jenna Renee Webb

via muscletech.com

Rousey is currently dating fellow UFC fighter Travis Browne who is separated from his wife, model Jenna Renee Webb. Webb isn’t a fan of their relationship. Last year, she posted photos showing her with bruises on her eye, knee and arms and claimed that Browne beat her. She then criticized Rousey, saying that she should be ashamed of herself for dating someone who’s been accused of domestic violence. She also claimed that after Browne lost a fight in May last year, Rousey went into their room and hugged her despite the fact that she was having an affair with her husband.

14 Tank Abbott

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UFC pioneer Tank Abbott claimed that Floyd Mayweather would knock the living stuffing out of Rousey if they fought because “She’s a girl. It’s all about the emotional stuff.” He then went on to say: “I will fight any woman on this earth for free. If I win, which is going to happen, and you’re going to get bashed up good, you have to make me a sandwich. If you win, I’ll give you $100000.” Some of his fellow fighters criticized him for his distasteful comments and claimed that Rousey could actually beat him in a fight.

13 Don Frye

via mmanuts.com

The former MMA fighter also decided to take the sexist route by supporting Tank Abbott’s comments, even claiming that Abbott stole the statement about making a sandwich from him. He then told Rousey that she had a “little female delusional brain” for thinking she could beat a male fighter. He had also previously told Rousey to shut up about fighting men until she had fought Cyborg.

12 Dennis Hallman

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The former UFC fighter was a guest coach during TUF 18, where he had an altercation with Rousey’s coach, Edmond Tarverdyan. Hallman later claimed that Rousey was rude to one of the show’s producers, whom she confronted after her coaching staff hadn’t been paid for three weeks and went so far as to say that Rousey had mental health issues.

Rousey however claimed that Hallman had been brought in to provoke Tarverdyan so he could be kicked off the show and leave her team without a head coach. She also said that her coaches were asked to fill out forms for background checks after they hadn’t been paid and that was why she got angry. Rousey clearly doesn’t like Hallman and the feeling is mutual.

11 50 Cent

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After Rousey’s loss to Holm, rapper 50 Cent posted a photo on Instagram featuring a scene from Rocky IV where Rocky Balboa holds a dying Apollo Creed. It had however been photoshopped and it was Rousey who was in Creed’s place. He then wrote that Floyd Mayweather had told him to post the photo and wanted him to do the dirty work. Mayweather denied the claim and even defended Rousey against the trolls.

10 Lana

via wwe.com

Tensions were high at the UFC 193 weigh-in and Rousey and Holm had to be separated before a fight broke out. Rousey then blasted Holm who is a preacher’s daughter on Instagram, claiming that her humility was fake and that she was going to give her a beating. This was because Holm said she had respect for Rousey’s achievements and avoided any trash talk before the fight.

After the fight, Lana, a WWE wrestling manager whose father worked as a Christian missionary, took to Twitter to laugh at Rousey’s loss then warned her against disrespecting preachers daughters.

9 Laila Ali

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When asked whether she could take on Rousey, the retired Ali claimed that no woman could beat her then compared Rousey’s size to that of her 3-year-old daughter. Rousey wasn’t fazed by these comments and told Ali that size wasn’t an advantage and that if she was around Ali would change her mind. Ali was highly critical of Rousey when asked about her loss to Holm, saying that one can’t be the best in the world when they get beat up like that in their prime. She even advised Rousey to turn down a rematch because Holm would win again.

8 Donald Trump

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During an interview on CNN, Trump said that he would take Rousey on his side as a fighter after mistakenly thinking that Rousey liked him. However, Rousey said she wouldn’t vote for him because she didn’t trust him and also wouldn’t want a reality TV star to be president. After Rousey’s loss to Holm, Trump seemed to have had a change of heart because he tweeted that he was glad Rousey lost and that she wasn’t a nice person. Some would say the same about you Trump.

7 Lady Gaga

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It is customary for opponents to touch gloves before a fight as this is considered to be good sportsmanship. However, Rousey didn’t touch gloves with Holm before their fight and her decision was criticized by many people. Lady Gaga was one of them and she posted a photo of Rousey getting punched in the face on Instagram with the caption: “That’s what you get for not touching gloves.”

6 Arianny Celeste

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

When the UFC ring girl outranked Rousey when they were both in Maxim’s Hot 100 in 2012, Rousey said it would have been funny if she had beaten Celeste since it was the latter’s job to show her breasts and that would mean she was doing it better. Celeste then called Rousey a bully, claiming that she continuously picked on her following Rousey’s comment that fighters should get paid more than the ring girls.

Rousey, who had not mentioned her name specifically when she first made the comment, denied any claims of bullying and told Celeste that she wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the fighters. It’s not hard to guess whose side she was on at UFC 193.

5 Miesha Tate

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Tate dislikes Rousey and the fact that she lost to Rousey in both of their fights doesn’t help matters. The two constantly argued when they were both coaches during TUF 18 and Tate, who had been promised a third shot at Rousey was furious when the UFC 193 fight went to Holly Holm instead. She was however quite happy with the result and launched into an expletive-laden rant at her watch party where she celebrated Rousey’s loss.

4 Bryan Caraway

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Before Rousey and Miesha Tate fought for the first time in Strikeforce, Rousey claimed that she could beat up both Tate and her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway. Caraway, then tweeted to a fan that he would knock Rousey’s teeth down her throat and break her arm. After fans criticized his comments, he deleted some of the tweets and insisted that he wasn’t abusive towards women.

Rousey didn’t change her mind and later reiterated that she still wanted to fight Caraway as he was really annoying. Despite the fact that both Rousey and Caraway are bantamweight fighters, it’s not likely that a fight between them would ever occur.

3 Bethe Correia

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Before their fight at UFC 190, Correia said that she wanted to humiliate Rousey, prove to everyone that she was overrated and that she hoped Rousey doesn’t kill herself after the defeat. This statement was particularly offensive to Rousey, whose father committed suicide when she was a child and Correia later apologized, claiming that she wasn’t aware of this fact.

Rousey on the other hand vowed to teach Correia a lesson in front of her own fans in Brazil and kept her promise by taking only 34 seconds to knock her out. After the knock out, Rousey claimed to have told Correia not to cry in retaliation for Correia telling her the same at the weigh-ins.

2 Her former manager

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In 2013, Rousey fired Darin Harvey as her manager after about four years together. The two are currently in litigation with Harvey claiming that it was his investment that helped Rousey while she was still building her fighting career and he is thus requesting her to pay back the money. Harvey went on to claim that he wasn’t given credit for Rousey’s success and said that she wasn’t a good person and had forgotten where she came from. He said that Rousey’s loss was due to karma but also admitted that it was a bittersweet experience for him.

1 Cyborg

via mmamania.com

Before Holly Holm, Cris Justino also known as “Cyborg” was thought to be the one fighter who could beat Rousey. In 2011, Cyborg tested positive for PEDs and was suspended for a year. Rousey stated that she was prepared to fight Cyborg but only if she dropped to 135 pounds. She then insinuated that Cyborg’s inability to make weight was due to steroid use, a statement which saw Cyborg threaten to take legal action against Rousey. Therefore, her happiness following Rousey’s loss doesn’t come as a surprise.

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