Top 15 Things Georges St-Pierre Wants You To Forget

He's back. The king of the UFC Welterweight Division is scheduled to face Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping later this year. No one knew if Georges St-Pierre would ever make his return to the octagon but those questions have been answered and the UFC is getting back one of the biggest names in the history of the sport. After a questionable decision victory against Johnny Hendricks at UFC 167, GSP explained in the post-fight press conference that a break from MMA was much needed after years of competing in the octagon.

Bisping's Middleweight title will be on the line when GSP faces off against The Count and some feel that the show at gold is a bit premature since Pierre has been out of action for four years. Many believed that Yoel Romero had done enough to warrant a fight with the champion. We all know how Dana White and company deal with their title shots it really shouldn't come as a surprise that Romero was skipped in line. Will St-Pierre be game for a fight with such huge stakes after being out for so long? It's been 13 years since he first fought in the UFC and there has been plenty of buzz worthy news surrounding the Canadian ever since. Not all of the news surrounding him can be good though. Here are 15 things that GSP might not want to bring up any time soon.

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15 "I'm Not Impressed With Your Performance"

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This is the greatest performance GSP has ever put on inside the octagon that doesn't involve striking and grappling. After beating B.J. Penn at UFC 63 to retain his welterweight championship, Matt Hughes was all but set to take on St-Pierre who Hughes beat in their first match up. St-Pierre wasted no time and made his way to the cage to get the feud going right away. In one of the most polite insults ever heard in professional sports, St-Pierre told Hughes "I am very glad you won that fight Matt, but I'm not impressed by your performance and I look forward to fighting you in the near future." It's one of the most memorable quotes in UFC history but I'm sure GSP is tired of hearing about it at this point.

14 Aliens

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Do you believe in aliens? GSP does and he's ready for the day they invade our planet. In episode 351 of the Joe Rogan Experience, St-Pierre was asked by Rogan what he would do if he ever faced any extraterrestrial life. "I know karate and jujitsu. If they aliens show up I'll put them in a triangle choke. I also have a katana so I can slice them apart." Apparently there is a portion of his life that he doesn't remember. St-Pierre explained how on certain occasions he'll be looking at a clock and all of a sudden the clock will be advanced four hours after he opens his eyes backup (probably just fell asleep). Maybe he really was abducted by aliens or maybe all the head trauma from his fights is finally starting to take its toll. Whatever it is we know that St-Pierre will be at the forefront during the first alien invasion.

13 Killing Salazar

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St-Pierre has had some decent movie roles to go along with his fighting career. His best performance has to be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier where he played Batroc, a French mercenary who specialized in savate, a form of kickboxing (he really did fit this role perfectly). One of his more lesser known roles was in a film called Killing Salazar. The movie starred Steven Seagal and was released in Kuwait and South Africa. St-Pierre plays Bruno Sinclaire, a criminal mastermind of some sort who does battle with Seagal in one of the worst movies of 2016.

This isn't just the worst movie of 2016, it might be the worst movie of all time. Any film in the last 20 years that starred Seagal has been awful so why should we expect this one to be any different? St-Pierre has a fight scene with Seagal who showcases plenty of his weird hand motions while doing battle. GSP doesn't need to do these horrible movies. Leave them to the 64-year-old who is too ridiculous to be included in The Expendables, even though that series is tailored for old action film stars who are trying to relive their glory days.

12 His Lawyer

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This one might come as a pretty weird entry on our list but GSP's lawyer made a statement last October that really didn't need to be said. Fighter pay has been one of, if not the biggest topic of discussion involving the UFC. Many of the athletes on the roster have voiced their opinions on the low wages but not much has been done to change the low compensation rates. During contract negotiations St-Pierre's lawyer James Quinn, who has won numerous cases against the NBA and NFL, decided to voice his opinion on the matter. "I’ve done a lot of work in sports. When I read that contract, I was blown away by how restrictive it is," Quinn said. "I don’t think the contract — that formal contract — is likely to stand up. Not in today’s world. It’s a pretty nice form of slavery."

The contracts might be bad but making that comparison just isn't right. While athletes might not be the smartest people in the world, it's best to let them do the talking unless they have a history of saying horrible things.

11 The Ultimate Fighter 12

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There are a number of fighters including Ronda Rousey who have coached on The Ultimate Fighter and didn't enjoy the experience one bit. St-Pierre put his time into TUF by coaching the 12th season of the reality TV show with. Josh Koscheck was brought in to coach a team against St-Pierre's and the two would eventually fight for the welterweight title at UFC 124. We all know GSP isn't the greatest when it comes to promoting fights. Just his name alone is enough to garner attention so there really is no point of talking down on his opponent beforehand.

Koscheck however is the complete opposite. Throughout the season Koscheck badgered St-Pierre with insults. The welterweight champion simply held his ground and let his opponent do the talking and proved that all of the pregame smack talk was useless in their fight at the conclusion of the season. St-Pierre bullied Koscheck and won their fight via unanimous decision. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the champion never coached a season after this and probably won't do it again any time soon.

10 His Dark Place

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I'm not exactly sure what St-Pierre's dark place consist of but it's a pretty weird thing to think about. Before his fight with Nick Diaz at UFC 158, St-Pierre made it clear that Diaz had no idea how dark he was in his mind. Neither did we. This whole thing rattled off a number memes and threads about the topic; memes and threads that are hilarious if I must say. In a countdown segment St-Pierre said "I have my own demon in my head. He has no idea how dark I am in my head." This is just weird.

We all know that 'Rush' would kick the crap out of almost anyone that challenged him to a fight but he should leave the trash talking to the other fighters. He should just let his in-ring performances do the talking. It got him this far, so why change things now.

9 Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre Super Fight

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The potential this fight had five years ago was immense. Both Silva and St-Pierre were unstoppable in their respective weight divisions which led to talks of a potential super fight between the two. For several months GSP was asked by various media outlets about his thoughts on moving up to middleweight to take on The Spider. All of this talk proved to be pointless as the fight never became a reality. The two MMA legends are at very different points in their careers. Silva is 41 years old and is in the twilight of his fighting days while St-Pierre is 35 and is making his long awaited comeback after 4 years of being inactive. The fight has lost all of the hype it once had since Silva isn't quite the fighter he used to be. Last month he brought the potential fight back up stating that he's still interested in the contest but at this point St-Pierre is much more concerned with adding another belt to his collection.

8 Steroid Allegations

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The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has had a huge impact on the UFC. A number of fighters including Brock Lesnar and Chael Sonnen have felt the wrath of the program used to make sure that fighters are not using banned supplements. St-Pierre has never failed a drug test but that hasn't stopped others from calling him out on steroid use. B.J. Penn and Nick Diaz both have accused him of doping for various reasons. There really is not truth to these accusations since the welterweight kingpin has yet to test positive for anything. Guys like Penn and Diaz are just a bit salty since they both lost to St-Pierre in the past. Anyone will make these kind of claims when they lose a big fight in decisive fashion.

7 His First Loss

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After his UFC debut St-Pierre was quickly being touted as the next big thing. Victories against Karo Parisyan and Jay Hieron apparently was enough in Dana White's eyes to warrant a title shot. In just his third fight in the UFC, St-Pierre was set to take on welterweight champion Matt Hughes. All of this after just seven professional fights. While he put up a good fight, Hughes proved to be to much for the Kyokushin karate fighter and locked in an armbar with just one second left in the first round. St-Pierre was forced to tap and would later admit that he was not ready for a title fight. This was the first major setback of his career but he would make up for it by beating Hughes two years later at UFC 65.

6 Seven Victories By Decision

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I'll start out by pointing out the obvious. Winning is important in sports. The method an individual uses to gain those wins is just as crucial. St-Pierre hasn't lost in seven years (he's been gone for four years but the streak is still rather impressive). There's just one thing that makes these consecutive wins less impressive than they should be: decisions. With so many fights going to the judges, St-Pierre has been accused of playing fights safe. He's not the only person training under Greg Jackson to receive this criticism but a fighter of his caliber should be able to finish an opponent every now and then. We all know he's capable of it, but the killer instinct he had in the beginning of his career may be dwindling a bit.

5 UFC 167 Victory Over Johnny Hendricks

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As I stated earlier the last time we saw St-Pierre compete was at UFC 167 against Johnny Hendricks. While he had his hand raised at the end of the fight, many felt that Hendricks had done more than enough to win the title and his work could clearly be seen on St-Pierre's face. This might be the worst we've ever seen him after a fight as multiple cuts and bruises made St-Pierre look like he was just in a car accident. Of course the press conference afterwards was where GSP announced that he would be taking a break from the sport to simply rest after so many years of nonstop competing. At least Hendricks won the gold after GSP vacated it. Maybe the two will cross paths again in the future.

4 Contract Negotiations

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There's nothing worse than rumors. Sure they might give us something to talk about in sports but when those talks never come to fruition they become really annoying, almost to the point where we don't even want to listen to them anymore. It took the UFC and their star who basically put the organization on the map (along with a few other notable names) several months to come to an agreement. After announcing in 2014 that Reebok would become the official outfitter of the UFC, several fighters including GSP were upset over the loss of several sponsorships due to the new deal. I guess he was able to work something out with the premier fighting organization but we'll see how long it takes for St-Pierre to comment on his contract.

3 Greasegate

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At UFC 94 B.J. Penn was looking to even the score with St-Pierre after losing the first bout between them three years prior to their anticipated rematch. At the time Penn was the reigning UFC Lightweight Champion, making it the first time that two titleholders would be squaring off with one another. The fight was at welterweight which meant that St-Pierre's title was on the line while Penn was safe from losing his. Plenty of headlines were made after the fight but for reasons that nobody expected. In between rounds one and two, corner man Phil Nurse was seen applying vaseline to the face of St-Pierre. This happens in almost every fight that takes place. Nurse then applied vaseline to his fighter's back before the start of round two. Not good. Corner men are not allowed to touch a fighter's back as it can give them an unfair advantage over their opponent in the grappling and submission side of MMA. St-Pierre went on to win the fight by corner stoppage.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission got involved in the incident and held a formal hearing about the matter. St-Pierre's long time head coach Greg Jackson stated that they had unintentionally cheated and that they were sorry for the whole thing. In the end GSP's victory was not overturned. This is definitely one of the more unusual events to happen in the UFC.

2 Vacating The Title And Hiatus

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There were a lot of factors that led to St-Pierre giving up his UFC Welterweight Championship. A torn ACL and three tough fights from 2012-2013 proved to be too much for him and a much needed break was taken so that the champ could put his mind at ease for a bit. St-Pierre is easily one of the most notable names to ever compete in the sport of MMA. A Mount Rushmore of fighters would without a doubt include him, which is why his unexpected departure caught so many people off guard. Now that the former champ is ready to come back he can put this whole thing behind him and get back to doing what made him so famous in the first place.

1 Losing The Welterweight Title

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St-Pierre has only two blemishes on his resume: A loss to Matt Hughes and a loss to Matt Sera. The loss to Hughes was bad, but it was only his third fight in the UFC. GSP made up for his submission loss to Hughes by defeating him at UFC 65 by TKO to become the new UFC Welterweight champion. Matt Serra would be the first one to challenge the newly crowned champion and the result was one that MMA fans will never forget. Coming in as one of the biggest underdogs in MMA history, no one expected Serra to take home the belt at UFC 69. Like they say, always expect the unexpected. Three minutes into the first round the challenger caught the champ with a right hand and the end was near as Serra continued to pour on the punishment until John McCarthy stepped in to end the fight. While St-Pierre avenged his loss to Serra one year later to get his belt back, the loss is still remembered as being one of the greatest upsets ever seen in the sport.

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