Top 15 Worst Fighters in UFC History

The world of mixed martial arts is filled with a lot of talented and dedicated men and women who have dedicated their lives to their craft. However, for every hard-working and talented fighter, there is at least one bum.

And by some miracle of fate or dumb luck or angelic revelation, some of those terrible fighters made their way to the biggest company of all.

The UFC is the place to see the best fighters on the planet face off against one another, but that is not always the case. Recently, the UFC has become over-saturated with fighters as the company tries to meet viewer demand. The Ultimate Fighter has brought along fighters much faster than they likely should have which has caused a bumper crop of poor fighters. And we can add to that the early days of the company, which basically pitted a lot of bone-headed street fighters against one another in some machismo filled contest.

We all know the best fighters in history; the Randy Couture’s and Royce Gracie’s, but what about the worst. The fighters that are not much more than a stain on the underpants of the world of MMA. We have opened the annals of the UFC history books to check out the worst fighters to ever enter the octagon.

We looked at the fighters with the least experience in MMA, the fighters who were thoroughly beaten down within the octagon and those fighters who had practically no legitimate martial arts experience.

And without further ado, here are the 15 worst fighters in the history of the UFC.

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13 Moti Horenstein (UFC Record: 0-2)

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Horenstein was always an amazing striker. ‘The Hammer’ was a former Israeli commando and master of Krav Maga, a unique style developed to focus on real world scenarios. However, Horenstein was useless if he ever went to the mat.

The worst possible outcome came when Hohenstein drew Mark Coleman, a division one national wrestling champion, at UFC 10. Things went from bad to worse when he fought Mark Kerr, another national champion wrestler, at UFC 14.

Combined, ‘The Hammer’s” entire UFC career lasted less than five minutes.

12 Rolles Gracie Jr. (0-1)

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The Gracie family is meant to be MMA royalty, but Rolles Gracie Jr. was merely a court jester.

Rolles was rushed into the UFC after only three professional fights, no doubt due to his name. After his original opponent, Mostapha al-Turk, had to withdraw from the fight due to visa issues, the UFC placed slugger Joey Beltran against Gracie.

Rolles was not prepared for a fight no matter who the opponent after he gassed very early on and ended up being forced to turtle and getting pounded until Herb Dean stopped the fight.

11 Yoji Anjo (0-3)

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Mixed martial arts history is littered with pro wrestlers who thought they could make it big, but there is a large difference between what wrestlers and fighters do.

Anjo was a huge figure in Japanese wrestling, becoming the top native heel in UWF. However that success went to his head as Anjo traveled to California and challenged the entire Rickson Gracie dojo and promptly got the tar kicked out of him.

In three UFC fights, Anjo was controlled by actual fighters (a term I use loosely considering the time period in which these events took place) and went 0-3.

In the entirety of Anjo’s MMA career he went a terrible 0-5-1.

12. Seth Petruzelli (0-4)

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How this guy kept getting work in the UFC I will never know. Petruzelli’s biggest claim to fame is beating Kimbo Slice, so you know his career was simply not that good.

Petruzelli got knocked out of TUF and then lost his first two fights in the UFC. After taking some time away from the UFC and gaining some momentum to match his over-the-top personality, Petruzelli promptly got his ass kicked twice in a row.

Petruzelli has managed to lose his final two fights, both in 2013 with Bellator, in a combined four minutes and 26 seconds.

10 Gilbert Yvel (0-3)

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By the time Yvel actually made his UFC debut in 2010, he had been in the fight game for over 13 years. And despite proving to be a respectable fighter, there was little doubt that Yvel was an over-the-hill fighter that was getting fed to young guns.

Yvel met a young, un-and-comer by the name of Junior dos Santos in his first career UFC fight which saw the Dutchman get TKOed in the first round.

One of his three losses in the UFC did manage to go the distance, but the other two saw the aging Yvel never make it past the two minute and 10 second mark.

9 James Toney (0-1)

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We're absolutely not saying that James Toney was a bad boxer, as the guy did ended his career with a 76-10-3 record, but he was never meant to see the inside of the octagon.

Toney was signed and thrown into a fight with Randy Couture (yes, THAT Randy Couture). To the shock of absolutely nobody, Couture took Toney down within seconds and proceeded to beat the hell out of the boxing champion.

‘Lights Out’ was so ill prepared to enter the octagon that he did not seem to even know how to tap out properly when Couture ended the fight with a choke.

8 Kimbo Slice (1-1)

via bloodyelbow.com

It's hard to write up a list about the UFC's worst fighters without discussing one of their biggest busts of all time.  There was a time when Kimbo Slice was one of the most popular names in fighting. Back in the early 2000s, when people really started getting into YouTube, fighting fans loved watching Kimbo Slice annihilate people in unsanctioned street fights. It wasn't technical, it wasn't pretty, but it was a ton of fun to watch.

Then, Kimbo tried to get serious about fighting. He fought in EliteXC, going 3-1, before getting a shot in the UFC on The Ultimate Fighter, where he lost in the opening round to Roy Nelson. Not a great start.

He'd win at the Finale by decision against Houston Alexander (a terrible fight), but get crushed in his next fight against Matt Mitrione, who was fighting in his second professional MMA fight and who was also a contest of The Ultimate Fighter with Kimbo. Kimbo looked out matched and was subsequently released by the UFC.

All that hype led to pretty much nothing, earning a spot for Slice on this list.

7 Dan Lauzon (0-3)

via sportsofboston.com

The younger Lauzon made his UFC debut on short notice, becoming the youngest fighter to ever compete in the company at 18 years, seven months and 14 days. Lauzon ended up getting finished in the first round before quietly leaving the company to gain more experience.

However, despite an 8-1 record and three years between appearances in the UFC, Lauzon did not look much better losing his next two fights handily.

Older brother Joe Lauzon has openly criticized his brother for laziness claiming that Dan was ‘a ghost’ at the gym.

6 Tiki Ghosn (0-4)

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I have absolutely no sweet clue how Ghosn kept getting calls from the UFC. Ghosn managed to lose four consecutive fights, all by stoppage, in his UFC career.

Ghosn, who appeared on two seasons of the Ultimate Fighter as an assistant coach, lost his first two fights by submission. After promptly getting canned, he came back to get knocked out by Robbie Lawler, left again and got chocked out by Chris Lyle upon his final return.

All things said, Ghosn averaged less than six minutes per fight across four years in the UFC.

5 Josh Haynes (0-3)

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The third season of TUF gave the MMA world some good fighters, but somehow Josh Haynes managed to make it to the finals of that season before losing to Michael Bisping.

Even making it to the finals was pure luck for Haynes, as he somehow won a decision over Tait Fletcher that he had absolutely no-right winning. The largely talentless Haynes went on to lose his next two fights, and a lot of blood, before being cut from the UFC.

Haynes mercifully retired from MMA in with a final career record of 14-11.

4 Gabe Ruediger (0-3)

via ufc.com

A lot of stupid stuff has happened in TUF to make a man embarrassed, but none more so than Ruediger. This guy was in the fighters house eating ice cream cake before weigh-ins, then cried the entire time as he tried to cut weight in the sauna. Ruediger was then promptly kicked off the show, so you would logically be surprised when he made his debut in the UFC four years later.

‘Godzilla’ was brought in as an injury replacement getting thoroughly beat down by Melvin Guillard. Ruediger came back again, four years later, to lose two consecutive fights by stoppage.

3 John Alessio (0-5)

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There has been no other fighter in UFC history to go 0-5. Alessio was trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing, while being an ‘okay at-best’ type fighter in other promotions, but was completely outclassed in the UFC.

Alessio’s first UFC fight happened in June 2000, when he faced Pat Miletich for the Welterweight title. Then Alessio’s 12-year long journey in the UFC was underway.

The Canadian lost two more fights in 2006, then back-to-back matches in 2012.

Despite the high-profile losses, Alessio is still fighting but has gone just 1-3 with two no contests in his past six fights.

2 Sean Gannon (0-1)

via thebostonmarathonbombings.weebly.com

If there is one thing all UFC fans would like to forget, it is that short period of time when the company thought that dudes who beat the hell out of each other on YouTube would be good for business.

Though Kimbo Slice has at least had some drawing factor, Sean Gannon was a stain on the professional fighter world.

Gannon, who gained notoriety for beating Slice in one of those backyard fights, would make one UFC appearance. Which resulted in the out-of-shape Gannon losing in the first round to Branden Lee Hinkle.

1 Emmanuel Yarborough (0-1)

via bleacherreport.com

If somehow you would not have guessed this on your own, here goes: sumo wrestling does not translate well to the UFC. Yarborough was a renowned sumo wrestler and a mediocre division two offensive lineman, but somehow was convinced his talent for pushing bug guys around for short bursts of time would give him success in MMA.

Even though Yarborough weighed in the 600 lbs range, Keith Hackney, a fighter who was roughly 400 lbs less and was competing in mixed martial arts for the first time, put him down within two minutes.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments below who you think is the worst fighter to ever step inside the octagon. 

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