Top 20 Hottest Pictures of Arianny Celeste You NEED to See

Every so often, the world gets to witness greatness. Basketball had Michael Jordan. Hockey had the likes of Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky while baseball legends such as Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, and Micke

Every so often, the world gets to witness greatness. Basketball had Michael Jordan. Hockey had the likes of Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky while baseball legends such as Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle set the highest of bars in their sport. As far as MMA octagon girls go, Arianny Celeste has transcended since her 2006 UFC debut. She hasn’t just broken the mold in her field; she has also found good fortune in the glamorous world of modelling.

Arianny Celeste has also faced criticism from such MMA fighters as Ronda Rousey who Celeste describes as “a big bully” who “continuously picks on me.” Rousey has said that Arianny “wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the fighters.” They both make convincing arguments. Maybe they can solve their differences in a UFC sanctioned fight? Despite the cruel barbs, Arianny perseveres while Rousey has endured some recent well-publicized set backs in her career.

Like a lot of gorgeous women, Arianny thought that beauty equated to singing talent. In trying to add the title of “singer” to her resume, Celeste released her single “Top of the World.” Unfortunately, all the auto-tuning in the world couldn’t salvage what turned into a dog’s breakfast. We should applaud her for being brave enough to try but her fans are probably just as happy to watch her continue posing for photographers and dominating MMA as the world’s best octagon girl. For those who haven’t seen her work, here are 20 pictures of Arianny Celeste you need to see.

20 Playing with the Strings Section


Just as Vito Corleone did in The Godfather, Arianny is pulling some strings and her fans would love to make her an offer. One thing she refuses to do is get old and she does everything humanly possible to keep her youthful looks intact. There is stiff competition in the world of octagon girls/models and it’s not easy to cultivate a long-lasting career in these cut-throat occupations. Arianny proves to be defying the odds as she continues to reign supreme at the age of 30.

19 Black and White Delight


You gotta love belly rings, especially when they are on a tightly toned midriff such as Arianny’s. Her black hot pants and top have white accents that blend perfectly with her natural dark attributes and her palatable pale skin. The charm that dangles from her belly puts her admirers under a spell much like a swinging pocket watch does in the hands of a hypnotist. Arianny guarantees to draw cheers as she bounces around the octagon to inform spectators what round is coming up. After a job well done, she can exhale, rest, and then mentally prepare herself for her next appearance.

18 A Magnetic Model


Nothing ruins a UFC event like seeing an octagon girl lose her bearings in the cage while holding her card upside down. Arianny has shown mastery over her craft and has bravely taken her talents and beautiful body into the world of modelling. This picture shows us Arianny’s diversity as she skillfully models in her skivvies while looking seriously seductive at the same time. Victoria Secret models have nothing on Arianny.

17 Teasing in the Grass


It seems that Arianny has forgotten to put on her top for this April 2010 Maxim photo shoot. It’s a good thing that she can calmly adapt to the situation and forge ahead in the face of such adversity. Left with just her awesome body and a pair of sheer panties to work with, Arianny gets busy by posing on the lush green grass. She casually looks at the camera and adjusts her right earring while hiding the fact that she is not wearing a top. Her improvised attempt to cover up falls short as she accidentally exposes a bit of side-skin.

16 Surf’s Up


Arianny shows the smooth contours of her frame while posing beside a rack of surfboards during a 2015 Solkissed Swimwear promotional shoot. A body like Arianny’s is perfect for modeling bikini wear and she has the stamina to endure long photo shoots. She can change bikinis multiple times during a single session with the same determination and professionalism that she shows while navigating the octagon. Her presence on the beach can be a dangerous distraction for surfers, so they need to take extra caution to avoid becoming the victim of a sand facial.

15 Leather and Lamay


Arianny’s beaming eyes attempt to capture our gaze but we can’t stop our eyes from wandering down to stare at the leather couch upon which she poses. Arianny appears set to slink atop the viewer’s lap but it is exactly that type of deception that makes her so great at her job. As she plays it up for the photographer, her sultry facial expression makes Derek Zoolander’s legendary ‘Blue Steel’ look like child’s play. Pictures like this prove that Arianny is a standout in the world of octagon girl/models.

14 Under Pressure


Arianny showed no signs of nerves at UFC 126 which headlined a bout between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Being from Sin City, the pressure was on Arianny to perform well in front of the home crowd and she nailed it. From weigh-in to the last fight of the night, Celeste brought her A-game and entertained the crowd with her perfectly executed octagonal strutting.

13 Solkissed


Arianny Celeste truly represented Solkissed Swimwear well during this 2015 photo session. Her bikini clung to her curves and allowed for Arianny to show us her firm abs and a lot of tanned skin. Her playful grin and sparkling eyes were bewitching and the ruffling of her hair only enhanced her look. There is no need for 3-D glasses to appreciate her ample chest which made her necklace charm almost unnoticeable. Her belly piercing sparkled in her midriff which distracts viewers from the subtle tan lines by her waist. There were likely a lot of helpful people there willing to help Arianny put on her sunscreen.

12 Cheeky Side Up


Her irresistible eyes are inviting viewers to join her on the bed and rest their weary heads on the comfy looking pillows. The sheets are soft but Arianny’s skin is undoubtedly the more pleasing surface. From her black fish-net stockings and garter to her black lacy top, Arianny is oozing sensuality out of every pore on her body and her fans are lapping it up. A world without Arianny Celeste would be a real bummer.

11 Ringing in the New Year


Arianny Celeste needs to occasionally escape the rigors and demands of her hectic life. She was able to have a bit of funwelcoming 2016 at the luxurious Encore Players Club at Wynn Las Vegas. She looked dazzling in a red velvet dress. While she managed to show ample skin, she also had an air of sophistication and class about her as she took the time to enjoy some shuffleboard. She refreshed herself with some “Jack-Pot” Dom-O-Ritas, which are margaritas for rich people. After gracing the crowd at the Encore’s New Year’s party, she went to the Surrender Night Club to finish off the night.

10 Chairwoman of the Board


Arianny Celeste has shown her fans that she can easily fill a bikini, carry a card, and effortlessly pose on a bed but she still has troubles with sitting in chairs properly from time to time. Arianny looks totally lost in this photo as she can’t seem to remember the right way to sit. It’s alright though. The picture still works well thanks to her unflappable will to keep posing through this awkward situation. She’s a consummate professional under pressure.

9 Redrum


Aloha! Arianny welcomes us to paradise in one of the many bikinis that she modeled in during the Solkissed 2015 photo session. Her statuesque figure stands out like a finely sculpted lighthouse in front of the tropical forest. The points of light emanate from the tower and hit the viewer straight in the eye. There’s no looking away despite the risk of blindness.

The red bikini and matching flower contrast with the lush green background. Her fans can see her often-present belly piercing poking out from underneath the bikini’s sexy sheer abdominal area.

8 Hot in Pink


Walking the red carpet at Maxim’s Hot 100 Women of 2014 celebration, Arianny rocked the gallery in her modest, yet revealing low-cut strapless pink dress which seemed to match her luscious lips. She accessorized nicely with her dangling earrings, high heels, sparkly hand-bag and glittering rings to match. Celeste was able to show us a bit of leg through a generous slit in her dress. Her fans might have felt disappointed that she ranked 59th but they celebrated wildly when Celeste regained her coveted “Ring Girl of the Year” title.

7 Hawaiian Heat


Arianny posed in front of a hala tree for this shot during a 2014 photo session in Hawaii. Don’t start craving coconuts yet, because the hala tree grows another kind of fruit. She seemed apprehensive of the prop roots but her face showed intense concentration as she avoided getting tangled up. Her knit bikini top kept her well covered but she still gave us a nice view of some well-tanned cleavage. Her tight-fitting bikini bottoms nicely highlighted those delightful tan lines while the subtlety of her belly and ear accoutrements gave her a certain mysterious aura.

6 The Stare Down


Fans might notice a common theme in many of Arianny’s pictures. Yes, that’s right, she tends to show a lot of bare shoulder and this picture is no different. Her soft and rounded shoulders are only partly covered by some strategically arranged hair. One can only imagine how her shoulders and hair bounce when she’s out for a jog. Arianny’s expression gives off a confident attitude and sass as she defiantly stares down the camera. She’s not going to blink first in this battle.

5 Orbs of Fury


This is one of many hot photos from Arianny’s 2015 Maxim Australia shoot. The photographer gives us many round objects to admire but Celeste is the undisputed center of attraction. She is smoking hot in her white bikini. This is definitely a must-see photo session that produced several drool-inducing photos of our favorite octagon girl. The pictures are a bit more artsy than her fans might be used to seeing but a change in scenery really worked well in this case. Her attractive dark features and tanned skin are front and center against the white background.

4 Keeping Fit


Exercise is a crucial part of any successful octagon girl’s routine. Arianny does a great job at keeping her body healthy and tight, but it is hard work. In this photo, Arianny demonstrates how she keeps those toned legs looking so great and she makes it look easy. As usual, Arianny’s attire is well-coordinated with her pink sports top tastefully sandwiched between her black pants and dark hair. Dedication to her exercise paid dividends when she successfully defended her Ring Girl of the Year title in 2016. If an Octagon Girl Hall of Fame is ever created, Arianny is a lock as the first inductee.

3 Great Wheels


Maxim held its annual Hot 100 Party in Hollywood on May 11th, 2011. Arianny arrived in style wearing this curve hugging and daring one-sleeved dress. Her glittery hand bag matched her shoes as well as the bracelet on her bare right arm. She posed on the red carpet while photographers scrambled to snap shots of her pink cheeks, glossy lips and exposed shoulder. The 2011 Hot 100 featured famous beauties such as Minka Kelly, Kelly Brook, and Kelly Kelly but Arianny shinned just as brightly. This peppy pip fits in perfectly among the ranks of the world’s most beautiful women.

2 Lilies


Like many other sexy and talented female athletes, Arianny hastaken advantage of her looks by appearing in Playboy. Lovers of oily skin, dumb-bells, and NSFW content will want to take a peek at that racy session. In this photo, Celeste masterfully dominated the art of proper chair sitting while she simultaneously played with her hair and drifted off into deep thought. The lily to her right is a reminder of Arianny’s silky surface and blooming qualities.

1 The Sol Gypsy


Arianny’s smile and tanned skin tell us that she’s having a fun-filled day under the hot Hawaiian sun. Any onlookers on hand would be elated to see her in this blackSolkissed bikini that holds everything firmly in place. This 2015 photo shoot for the Sol Gypsy Collection was some of the finest modelling of Arianny’s career. If there was a Nobel Prize category for modelling, Arianny would have been a lock to win it. Her youthful looks might convince some viewers that this is an older photo of Celeste in her prime but they would be mistaken. Arianny Celeste still has what it takes to remain the preeminent name among octagon girls.

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Top 20 Hottest Pictures of Arianny Celeste You NEED to See