Top 20 Hottest Ring Girls in the World

This shouldn't be news to anyone, but ring girls are like icing on the cake that is combat sports. Watching two adults beat each other mercilessly is fun by itself, but adding beautiful women wearing

This shouldn't be news to anyone, but ring girls are like icing on the cake that is combat sports. Watching two adults beat each other mercilessly is fun by itself, but adding beautiful women wearing barely anything is a tradition that nobody should really complain about. No matter how good a fight is, whether it is a boxing match or a mixed martial arts contest, the break between rounds that features a picture perfect model sauntering through the ring/cage/octagon is a welcome time-out from watching musclebound brutalizers clobbering each other.

A little while back there was a small and insignificant "back and forth" between UFC Bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey and UFC octagon girl Arianny Celeste (more on her later, spoiler alert) over how difficult a ring girl's job is. Rousey commented that she wasn't impressed and hinted that ring girls wouldn't exist without fighters. That's right, they wouldn't be ring girls, they'd be models, showing off their gifts for other products. But either way, no matter who is right, ring girls are awesome and with all the mixed martial arts promotions throughout the world, there are plenty of these ladies.

Without further delay, here is our list of the hottest twenty ring girls from around the world of mixed martial arts and boxing. Some of these beauties have retired, but are still gorgeous and unforgettable. If we missed your personal favorite, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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20 Melissa Riso


We decided to include boxing models and ring girls on this list, and we'll start it off with one too. Melissa Riso has worked as a ring girl for boxing events in California. At around five feet tall and 100 lbs, she is an absolute babe, and knows her boxing and MMA too, having grown up a fan of both sports. Outside of showing off her perfect body at boxing matches, she is a bikini model and has tried her hand at acting too.

19 Michelle Jeanpierre

A photo posted by Michelle Jeanpierre (@michellejeanpierre) on

This gorgeous babe is's April 2015 Babe of the Month, and we have to agree with the selection. A Canadian, hailing from British Columbia (Canada's closest equivalent to California), she works as a ring girl for World Series of Fighting. She owns a beauty product business and has worked as a body double for a couple of television shows and movies; Blade 3 being one of them. If you're looking for great legs and a perfectly toned core Michelle Jeanpierre might be what you're looking for. Then again, one of the next eighteen women might also, we're just getting started.

18 Jessa Hinton

I'm gonna need this outfit please & thank you.

A post shared by Jessa Hinton (@jessahinton) on

Getting back to boxing ring girls, Jessa Hinton is one of the most famous in the business, having worked as a ring girl and an interviewer for years. Away from combat sports, she has modeled for several other fitness and sporting magazines. More importantly, she was a Playboy playmate in July 2011. Looking at this 5'9, blonde haired, blue eyes beauty with legs 'til next week, I'll give you three guesses where she's from but the first two don't count. (It's California, surprise surprise).

17 Syllvia Andrade

*She's on the far left of the photo.

No list about hot women can be complete without a Brazilian. With that said, we have a couple and we'll begin with Syllvia Andrade, who works as a ring girl for Jungle Fight. She looks pretty much like a stereotypical South American goddess, rocking olive skin, gorgeous brown eyes and a killer smile, not to mention the whole "generous booty with a thin waist" thing.

16 Mercedes Terrell

Back to California because we can't find a place on Earth with more hotties per capita, Mercedes Terrell was the first official Bellator MMA girl, and we think they made a great choice.  If you can't get enough of her (and there are plenty of gents who can't) she has her own 2015 calender and models for a few other products, Monster Energy being among them.

15 Christine Hallauer

A photo posted by Christine Yvonne Hallauer (@christinehallauer) on

Australian born with Philippine ancestry, ONE Championship's virtually flawless ring girl Christine Hallauer is our number fifteen. She was active in sports and gymnastics in her youth but quickly made an impact in the modelling business, becoming one of the most recognizable faces of ONE, and being the cover model for multiple magazines throughout Asia. Before anyone thinks she is just a pretty face (and a perfect body), she's an educated girl, having achieved a commerce degree, and her work outside of the modeling business involves the Australian gas and oil industry.

14 Courtney Prather

Thanks for having me @bellatormma!! Had a blast as usual. #Bellator126 @spiketv A photo posted by Courtney Prather (@courtneyprather) on

Prior to a couple of years ago, Courtney Prather was a fitness model, but an online selection process spearheaded by Bellator and TheChive turned her into the MMA promotion's newest ring girl. When she isn't working for Bellator, she is still a fitness guru and personal trainer. While doing all those impressive and fun things, she's also incredibly gorgeous.

13 Annette Vasilyeva


The first of a few Russian names on our cavalcade of card-carrying cuties, forgive any mistranslation, but once you're done forgiving, get back to thanking us for the awesome content. Annette Vasilyeva started working for M1 back in 2010 and the pouty face-gorgeous body thing has worked very well, not that our approval really means all that much to her.

12 Jhenny Andrade

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The first of our UFC girls on the list is Brazilian stunner Jhenny Andrade. She has been modeling for years, but was a well-known writer for a men's magazine in Brazil prior to her time with the UFC. She has become a fan of mixed martial arts in recent years and has even adopted Muay Thai as a major part of her fitness regimen.

11 Summer Daniels


I’m so ready to see some awesome staredowns! Watch the action today at 5pm PST live at #SpikeTV #BellatorMMA #SUMMERDANIELS #RingGirl #StareDowns #Follow @bellatormma @spikeTV #Thackerville #OK #Casino #WeighIns

A photo posted by Summer Daniels (@summerdaniels21) on

One of the most experienced models on our list is Summer Daniels, who signed to work as a ring girl with Bellator back in January. She graced the cover of Hustler (but was partially clothed, because God hates us all) and has been featured in Stuff and Rolling Stone. She has represented numerous companies including Rockstar and Monster, and with regard to MMA, she worked for other Strikeforce and Elite XC before getting her start with Bellator. She's coming up on thirty, which some people consider old for a model, but she still looks about as good as a woman can.

10 Catherine Astapkovich


Things become a bit difficult when trying to translate Russian names, but there is no limit to the effort that I will put into provide hot girls from around the world to you wonderful readers. This beautiful, leggy Russian babe is a ring girl for M1 Global and admits that while she likes the sport of MMA, she's comfortable being the ring girl and has no desire to train or compete in such an activity. Thank God, keep this gem safe.

9 Park Si Hyun

#wardrobe #와드로브#여성의류#이뽀욤

A post shared by DJ SIENA 박시현 park sihyun (@dj_siena) on

Korean model Park Si Hyun is our eighth hottest ring girl in the world and she works for the emerging One Fighting Championship. She started working for the promotion in 2012, and outside of working MMA, she has modeled for tons of other companies throughout Asia. Most of her prior modeling has been in the automotive business, working for car companies and racing events.

8 Catherine Sitnikov


Another ring girl from M1 Global is Catherine Sitnikov. She started for the promotion back in 2010, when she won the ring girl contest for that year. There is plenty to notice about this goddess, but the legs and eyes are the most noteworthy. I'm not sure if I'm alone here, but she has a very slight but significant resemblance to Mila Kunis. Damn that Ashton Kutcher.

7 Natalie Lawrence

#monstergirls A photo posted by Natalie Lawrence (@natalie_l23) on

Natalie Lawrence has not worked as a ring girl for some time now, but if you're unhappy by her presence on this list, trade in your man-card right now. Just enjoy the beautiful woman. Lawrence, not related to the Hunger Games babe, carried cards for Cage Warriors FC for a couple of years. She has also worked as a Monster Energy girl and remains one of the hottest models in Great Britain right now.

6 Anzhelika Anderson

В этом году надеюсь побывать во многих городах на боях М1, порадовать себя и конечно ВАС! Первый город был Москва, следущий Оренбург 1,2,3, This year I hope to visit many cities on the fights M1, to please yourself and YOU of course! #м1 #мма #ммаgirls #ММАИмперия #model #m1girls #M1Global #motivation #ring #ringgirl #badboy #venum #bodybuilding #китай #оренбург A photo posted by Anzhelika Anderson (@anzhelikaanderson) on

Call me biased toward a certain type, but if it weren't for the tattoos, Russian model Anzhelika Anderson would not be so high on this list. This beauty has been carrying cards for M1 Global for a couple of years now. Outside of MMA, she is a tattoo model and between the body, eyes, and tattoos she is a perfect mix of threatening and beautiful.

5 Jade Bryce

Dang #flashbackfriday my 1st week in the MMA industry.. #nowthemamaindustry

A photo posted by Jade Bryce (@thejadebryce) on

Don't cry, Bellator fans, but that promotion lost its hottest ring girl back in late December. She was with the promotion for four years and carried cards for almost one hundred fights, but no longer works for the promotion. She still models and is still an avid MMA fan, and according to her Twitter feed, she will be a mom in a couple of months. Congrats to the dude who is responsible for that. Whether she works in MMA again of not, we wish her the best and thank her for the memories.

4 Arianny Celeste

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

By far the most well-known of the MMA goddesses is amazing, but she is no longer the hottest. She has appeared in more magazines (including Playboy) than one can count (but she probably has some enthusiast/stalkers who have an accurate count). Born and raised in Las Vegas, she has been an octagon girl for almost a decade and has barely aged at all. Some might even say she has gotten hotter.

3 Amanda and Andressa Santos

  Amores Sábado dia 11/04 , vamos estar em Itu (SP) participando do evento Jungle Fight! @junglefcoficial A photo posted by Andressa Santos (@s_andressa) on

For those who are not familiar with Jungle Fight, they have a pair of incredible ring girls. No need to check your eyes, they are gorgeous Brazilian twins, scantily clad, carrying cards. Blonde, with great bodies and amazing eyes, times two! I shouldn't have to even explain the draw of a pair of gorgeous sisters, let alone twins. These two babes were first on the reality show Big Brother Brazil and were later offered careers in adult film and modeling, but have instead started what should be amazing careers as ring girls.

2 Brooke Lynette


A post shared by BROOKELYN (@missbrooke_lyn) on

Cage Warriors girl Brooke Lynette is the second hottest ring girl out there. This British babe is a long legged, blue eyed, definition of perfection. Although she is based out of London, she is originally from Scotland. Other than carrying cards she has her own beauty line and models lingerie. Her favorite fighter is Chael Sonnen, apparently beacuse of his smack-talk; as good a reason as any to like Chael Sonnen.

1 Brittney Palmer

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

She is one of the UFC's best known ring girls, has studied art at UCLA, has appeared in a multitude of magazines and at tons of events, and is our number one. The eyes, body, and smile all come together to form, in essence, the perfect woman. The majority of her paintings are of pop culture and sports icons. I'm about as far from being an art critic as one can be, but her paintings show talent, being abstract enough to look interesting in a room, but also looking like the people they are intended. She still works with the UFC and hopefully that doesn't end anytime soon.

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Top 20 Hottest Ring Girls in the World