Top 20 Hottest Women of the Lingerie Fighting Championship

Once upon a time there was a magical gridiron football league called the Lingerie Football League. It was as wonderful as it sounds. Fit women who could throw, catch and tackle, doing so in bras and panties. There really was no other word for it than magical.

In 2013, that league underwent significant "rebranding," trying to turn itself from a sideshow for drooling frat-boys into a legitimate sports league. Part of the new branding operation was to remove the word "Lingerie" from the title; it was replaced with "Legends" and the uniforms were modified. Players now wear kneepads and elbow pads and instead of underwear, they have booty shorts. It's still pretty great, but much like some miss the freak-show barbarism of early UFC, many miss the pageantry of early LFL uniforms.

With that brief mention of the UFC, we look to the world of mixed martial arts, in which there is a women's league. It is of course, Invicta FC, in which Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino currently competes. It's a professional promotion and they put on a few entertaining events every year. There is however, another "promotion" for female "mixed martial artists" that offers more of a spectacle.

The Lingerie Fighting Championships is what it sounds like and more. Fit babes step into the octagon to scrap, but rather than the usual sports bras and booty shorts, they wear makeup and underwear. It is a Las Vegas-based promotion (no kidding, right?) and resembles the WWE about as much as it does any actual MMA promotion. In fact, while there is some indication that most of these girls have some fighting training, they're pretty much models willing to scrap for money. In other words, God Bless America. Here is our countdown of the twenty hottest babes from the LFC.

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20 Jenevieve "The Sorceress" Serpentine

@girlsoflfc is tonight @thehardrockcasino inside the Joint ! Come see me wrestle with my serpentine spine and Pendragon the snake....wild times!! #Serpentinesorceress #serpentpower #albinoboa #queencobra #lfc20 #lfc #mma #wwe #womenslingeriechampionships #womenswrestling #witchywoman #sexyink #danceoftheserpent #pendragon #inked #inkbarbie #inkedbabes #inkedgirls #inkedmodels #tattooedlife #tattoolife #freshlyinked #sexylingerie #sexyink #sexygirlsfighting #snakecharmer #snakedancer #snaketattoos #psychic #psychicsorceress #gothgirl

A photo posted by Jenevieve Zaya Zanasiotes (@jenevievezaya) on

We'll start our list off with a treat for those gentlemen out there who like snakes and goth-ish looking women with tons of tattoos. Jenevieve Serpentine is a snake owner, and the LFC describes her as a practitioner of "the dark MMA arts" and lists her fighting style as psychic. I'd say this kind of silliness looks similar to that of pro wrestling but isn't psychic a type of Pokemon?

19 Jenny "Bloody" Valentine

via zimbio.com

A wrestler from Pittsburgh, Jenny Valentine is just 5'1 but is probably one of the strongest women in the league. She is a former construction worker out of Pittsburgh and spend nearly every waking hour in the gym, She lost her most recent bout to Riley Norris (more on her later) back in August. According to the company's site, she has a heavy hand and a short fuse!

18 Kris "The Raven" Blackwell

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Probably one of the toughest women in the promotion, Kris Blackwell has been active in contact sports all her life. She has practiced a few different martial arts and played football in a male league when she was in high school. Apparently, while playing football with the boys, she played both offense and defense while also handling kicking duties. She hails from Alberta, Canada (pretty much Texas: North Edition) and won her last fight over Chloe Cameron in August.

17 Sheila "Crash" Cardinal

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Cardinal is listed as the only fighter in the LFC who does not come from North America, with all the other girls either American or Canadian. She is from Syria and has a strong build, standing 5'8 and weighing 145 lbs. She is primarily a wrestler but has made a point to work on her stand up game recently. Her most recent fight was against Shelly DaSilva back in August, which she won.

16 Chelsea "Feisty Fists" London

via lingeriefc.com

According to the LFC, Chelsea London worked at Disney World prior to her being signed to fight. It was unclear whether she left Disney because she kicked someone in the head. She's trained in muay thai and rarely allows a fight to get taken to the ground. This blond babe from Florida won her most recent fight in early August over Lauren Erickson.

15 Riley "Nuclear" Norris

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Norris has been competing in various MMA promotions for a while now and has been training for years, focusing on wrestling. She fought in the first few LFC events but left after LFC 4 after a falling out with former President Roni Taylor. She returned however and beat Jenny Valentine back in August. She also has one of the best nicknames in the entire promotion, as "nuclear" really works with her fighting style.

14 Feather "The Hammer" Hadden

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She is officially known as a "brawler" in the LFC, which is basically their way of saying, she practices a little bit of everything and will do what it takes to win. She is a former league champion and won her most recent fight over Vivian Voss (one of the poor souls who didn't make our list. Outside of the world of fighting she works as a fitness model). I wonder if she's ever met Mark "The Hammer" Coleman...

13 MaiNe "Main Event" Morgan

via seattlepi.com

A native of Las Vegas, legend has it that "Main Event" Morgan was discovered by former President Roni Taylor, working as a dancer in a nightclub. As it turned out, she had some MMA related training and liked to compete. She handily defeated Holly Mei at LFC 20 back in August and is described as the number two contender in the promotion.

12 Allie "Babydoll" Parks

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A relative newcomer to the promotion, Allie Parks hails from Texas. She has already earned herself a name among the fan favorites in the league as an entertaining fighter who leaves it all in the ring. She is primarily a wrestler, but will stand and trade in the need be. According to her Twitter page, she's also a professional wrestler as well. Her nickname may be babydoll, but she sure doesn't act like it.

11 Maxine "The Boss" Frost

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One of the more petite in the promotion, Maxine Frost comes from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, along with a few other fighters in the LFC. Despite her 5'3, 120 lb frame, she is ferocious and has martial arts experience that is as impressive as it is dangerous. She's also known to toe the line when it comes to following the rules, making her fights that much more exciting.

10 Jessie "El Toro" Santos

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Standing 5'10 and weighing in at around 155 lbs, Santos is one of the most physically intimidating women in the LFC. She has a wrestling background but has a reputation as a dirty fighter who will pull hair, gouge eyes and do whatever else it takes to win. She lost her most recent fight to fellow Texan Allie Parks (#12 on our list) last month.

9 Cali Cat

For those of you who turn their heads when they hear the words "legs 'til next week" check out our number nine, Cali Cat. She's 5'10 and has, like I indicated, an absurdly perfect set of legs. She's from California and when she isn't participating in the LFC, she is a member of the F.O.W.F.- the Female Oil Wrestling Federation, another fine sports league for determined, beautiful women.

8 Brenda "Juice" Jones

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Ah redheads. Brenda Jones has been in the LFC for a while now. She's a former champion who won her first thirteen fights and held the championship belt for some time. She lost her belt to Feather Hadden and left the promotion for some time after a falling-out with former President Roni Taylor (this seems to happen often...). She has returned however and wants to reclaim her belt.

7 Lauren "The Animal" Erickson 

via lingeriefc.com

The LFC event that took place back in August was Erickson's second fight and first loss. She was originally turned down by the LFC, as the former President Roni Taylor thought she had poor striking. This intimidatingly gorgeous blonde from Philly will hopefully be with the promotion for a while as she puts on a great show.

6 Vivian "The Valkyrie" Voss

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This stunning redhead from Salt Lake City is one of the most versatile and well trained fighters in the promotion. She grew up with several older brothers and had to learn to defend herself from a young age. She has experience training in krav maga, Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing and muay thai. She lost her most recent fight in August to Feather Hadden, but still holds a 14-4 record from the underground circuit.

5 Holly "The Lotus" Mei

Holly Mei of San Diego kicks off our top five. She's the little sister of Helen Mei, a former LFC fighter, who sustained a career ending injury during a fight. Holly joined the promotion after years of martial arts training to avenge her sister. This is another one of those times I start noticing the similarities between this league and the brilliant storytelling exercised by the WWE.

4 Sara "Double" Dee


  Sara is a brawler style fighter hailing from Minot, North Dakota. Nickname: Double Height: 5’6″ Weight: 120lbs Fighting Style: Brawler Hometown: Minot, ND Check her out on LFC Website! #LFC20 #lingeriefightingchampionships #LFCGirls   A photo posted by ©LingerieFightingChampionships (@girlsoflfc) on

Sara Dee made her debut in the LFC back in March 2015 and has trained in multiple martial arts but prefers to stay standing and trade shot rather than wrestle. She has a record of just 2-5 in her MMA career. She lost to "Main Event" Morgan at LFC 18 a few months ago in her most recent fight.

3 Karmen "Cherry Bomb" Moon

If you recognize this name, you may be a Playboy reader or may have watched the New England Sports Network's show Model Behavior, which she hosts. She signed to the LFC very recently and has years of martial arts training under her belt, having practiced Krav Maga, and kickboxing. At 5'10" she'll be one of the taller competitors in the promotion.

2 Chloe "Ladykillah" Cameron

  Chloe Cameron at todays LFC training & CBS News interview. Taking up some corvette modelling as well apparently.. Watch for the Kris 'Raven' vs. Chloe Cameron fight this Saturday at the Hard Rock ❗️❗️#lingeriefightingchampionships #lfc20 #vegas #lasvegas   A photo posted by ©LingerieFightingChampionships (@girlsoflfc) on

5'6" Chloe Cameron is a bikini model when she isn't fighting and hails from San Diego. She has been wrestling for years but has had some trouble against some of the ladies with more impressive stand up games. While wrestling in high school, "Ladykillah" never lost a single match. However, back in August, she lost her most recent fight to Kris Blackwell.

1 Serina "Honey Punch" Kyle

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Easily the most beautiful of the bunch is Serina Kyle. At 5'1 and just 108 lbs, she is among the smallest in the promotion and only joined a couple of months ago after seeing LFC 18. Her first and only fight so far was at LFC 19, in which she lost to Maxine Frost in the second round via armbar. We're definitely hoping she'll be around for the long haul with this promotion.

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