Top 25 Hottest Photos of Ronda Rousey You NEED To See

Head turning and jaw dropping is exactly what UFC Fighter, Ronda Rousey brings inside the octagon and out. Inside the octagon, Rousey is known for her quick fights even though she lost to the current UFC Bantamweight Champion, Holly Holm, but the two agreed to have a rematch so we’ll see how that goes. Rousey is at the moment recovering from a possible broken jaw during the fight with Holm. Until then fans shall wait for her return. There’s still no doubt Rousey will still go down as the greatest female fighter of all time. No matter what she does, Rousey is making headlines.

Other than her in ring abilities, we can all be thankful she posed nude and they’re definitely worth a peek. Plus, her swimsuit photos are to die for. She recently covered herself in nothing but body paint for Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and there are a few pictures you can check out on her Instagram. She’s on been featured on ESPN magazine, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Fitness Magazine, and others. Let’s not forget when she walks up on stage in her sports bra, she brushes off the appealing yet don’t mess with me effect.

Along with being a UFC fighter, she’s also been in movies like Entourage, The Expendables 3, and Furious 7. She and actress, Michelle Rodriguez even had a scene where the two threw punches at each other in Furious 7. She’s also been on Ellen, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon having a few laughs and of course, sessions of why she’s so dominant in the octagon. She’ll has also hosted Saturday Night Live with Selena Gomez and what better way to spend a Saturday night watching two big names such as these? It’s safe to say Rousey is eager to get back in the octagon and continue her career.

For now, we'll have to enjoy some of the terrific photos she's provided us.

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25 WrestleMania 31

via youtube.com

What’s better than being in the WWE ring, how about being in the same ring with Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. She appeared at WrestleMania 31 with The Rock doing an event between her, The Rock versus Stephanie Mchanon and Triple H. Also, Rouseymania was trending worldwide because of that. Either way, this is a cool picture because Rousey has that confident look on her face, yet you can see how much she's enjoying the moment.

24 Weigh Ins

via sherdog.com

If you’ve seen the UFC Weigh Ins, those are events she doesn’t take too kindly. Seeing her opponent face to face is one of the ways she intimidates her opponents because of the incredible strength and quickness that she has. Also, standing there in a sports bra doesn’t hurt. Rousey was set to fight Miesha Tate in their second matchup and you could tell how confident she was feeling going into this title defense. Confidence is sexy.

23 Gold on the Shoulder

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Neil Davidson

The UFC Bantamweight Championship belt resting over her shoulder is something you can’t hate. She expresses that every day as she works as hard as she can to be the best. All eyes are on her as she stands tall with holding the title belt. While she no longer has that belt draping over her shoulder, she brought prestige to the belt throughout her reign and will eventually get a chance to hold it again. It sure looks great on her.

22 Sports Illustrated

Walter Iooss Jr. / Sports Illustrated

In this picture, she also has her hair up in a bun and is wearing a bikini, but showing her yoga balance on one foot. It shows every bit of muscle people want to see from her. It’s quite obvious that her ability to stretch is there hanging both her arms and leg out in the air. This picture shows the athleticism of Rousey, yet also displays her ability to look graceful whenever she feels like it. It sure isn't a bad sight on a beach.

21 Jimmy Fallon

via zimbio.com

On Jimmy Fallon, she wore a black cut through dress revealing plenty of skin. Her hair up in a bun, sitting on the set, she already knows she looks good. Although, it doesn’t compare to what she looks like in a bikini it’s still stunning enough to get heads turning. Fallon must have had some difficulty concentrating, but Rousey is an extremely confident woman and is very proud of her body.

20 Rolling Stone

via rollingstone.com

Similar to the red swimsuit, this time she’s surrounded by weights in a black... dress? She’s firmly balancing herself on the weights with her hands holding on and her feet planted on the other. In this particular, she stands out, but her legs might have done more talking. She makes it look so effortless to balance herself on the weight machines, showing you her incredible amount of core strength.

19 Brazil

via people.com

She was on vacation in Brazil with family, but what stood out the most is probably all the blue she had on. There’s a picture of her holding coconuts with sunglasses walking on the beach enjoying every bit of hard working career. Even when she's relaxing on a beach in vacation mode, Rousey still has that captivating presence about her. The more bikini pictures you see, the more clearly it shows she’s comfortable with her body.

18 Buffalo David Bitton

via fanmma.com

The picture in which she’s in bed with boxing gloves on covering her breasts is incredibly seductive. This one as well as many others is hard not to blink. Plus, the jeans look great on her. If you want an eye opener then you’ll like this one. You're not sure what she's trying to endorse here, but there's no doubt that Rousey knows how to evoke a reaction out of anybody. She has a great smile, but probably has an even better gaze, as shown here.

17 Net top

via galoremag.com

In this picture, the top half is more appealing the bottom. Lying down on sand, the top half of her bikini is shaped similar to a hairnet giving more appeal to her breasts. One things for sure, it’s not hard to get caught looking. Rousey has many appealing pictures from her Sports Illustrated photo shoots. It's hard to pick the most appealing one, so it's best to flip through as many as possible.

16 Self

via SELF Magazine

On the cover of Self Magazine, she stands there in a red striped swimsuit. The striped swimsuit overlapping each part makes the eyes want move back and forth. There’s also a little tease on her shoulder slipping off. Although, this is not bikini which is more revealing, it still looks smooth on her. Then again, there isn't much that wouldn't look good on Rousey.

15 Saturday Night Live

via nbc.com

She did a promo for Saturday Night Live with actor, Beck Bennett joking around and having fun, but the partly tan and orange dress she was wearing was a for sure hit. It’s not something you can’t just take a small glance at because your eyes may be stuck onto the screen thinking how good it looks on her. Rousey unsurprisingly did a great job hosting SNL, as she clearly has the personality the entertainment industry looks for.

14 Body Paint

via Twitter.com / @SI_Swimsuit

Body paint has become a big trend for anyone whether it’s for cheering fans or Halloween. Rousey recently did a photoshoot in body paint for Sports Illustrated. All over her body was a tiger face just lying there as the water washes upon her. This type of art makes you take a second to stop and stare at the tiger’s face on her stomach. The tiger captures her ferocious fighting nature well, yet she looks very inviting in this picture.

13 Behind the Curtain

via celebzz.com

The picture where she’s holding onto the window cloth wearing nothing, but an unbuttoned shirt and black underwear and high heels is for sure a jaw dropper. There are other pictures of her from this shoot where she's standing dead center in front of the camera, yet there's something about her being slightly behind the curtain that increases th appeal. She looks so good in that photo that it's almost impossible not to drool.

12 Maxim

via Maxim

On the cover of Maxim, she’s standing with her shoulders underneath the tree, graciously wearing a teal bikini. This picture is basically what it says on the side of the cover “Hallelujah”. She can put on any color bikini and it’ll look great on her and this one in particular is worth the look. Her eyes have a little more makup on them than we usually see from her, but her eyes can still burn through your soul.

11 Pulling a Sweat

via SELF Magazine

Sweating isn’t sometimes considered not the hottest of feelings, but her sitting there wearing a one piece swimsuit sweating a little sure makes the bench press she’s sitting on more than vulnerable. It basically shows no bench press can handle her fortitude revealing her muscles. People aren't supposed to look that good when they're working out and pulling a real sweat, but Rousey isn't your average person.

10 Surf's Up!

via fansided.com

In a lovely gray bikini, she holds the surfboard above her head in a side view of her body. Although, there isn’t as much color in the picture, she stands tall, and brightens up the picture holding the pink surfboard. It gives the sense of idea what she’d look like out in the water surfing. She hasn't even gotten in the water yet. Rousey has tremendous strength, making you believe she could balance herself on a surfboard quite nicely.

9 Wanna Surf?

via MAXIM.com

There’s also the picture where she’s standing with her legs crossed in the same bikini for this Maxim shoot. The way she looks next to the surfboard, you can assume she knows how to surf or it may just act as a prop. Either way, she looks great with her hand on top of the surfboard and the other hand resting upon her waist. She almost has the look on her face that's asking you to join her. Whether you're afraid of the water or not, your answer should be a resounding yes.

8 Facedown


It’s hard not to hate more bikini pictures of Rousey, this time for Maxim in a silky, smooth white bikini with her hands grasping the sand. The front side of her body is a lot to handle, but the backside where her bottom is hanging in the air you can’t help but look to the left side of the picture. Rousey's body blends with the sand so well, yet her curves make her stand out. It's a well balanced photo.

7 Entourage Premiere

via BigStockPhoto.com

She sparkled her way at the movie premiere for Entourage. The cut line through dress in the middle along with her jewelry made her a hit for the movie. Plus, playing as herself in the movie doesn’t hurt at all. As far the dress she was wearing it was sleek yet subtle that she was able to pull off quite well. There's no doubt that Rousey has set herself up for a career after fighting and there will be plenty of studios lining up to sign her.

6 Cursed Hand!

via pichunter.com

In this picture, she and another male model, are shown topless in the living room, but this is all you really have to see. The jeans they’re wearing are absolutely cringe worthy as well as her covering her breasts. Rousey has proven to be a very talented model, able to work a camera by herself, but also showing her playful side when working with someone else. We can expect many more of these types of shoots in the future.

5 ESPN Magazine

via ESPN Magazine

The frontal view of colorful background is more than bright, but her covering her breasts with her hands makes it so much better. Her hands wrapped up in pink with the words “Bult to Fight” shows exactly why she is with her bones sticking out. The ESPN Body Issue is meant to showcase the works of art that athletes' bodies are and Rousey really began to gain fame after this issue came out.

4 Rectangular Bikini

via Sports Illustrated

The photo where she’s wearing a rectangle shaped bikini shadows just how the perfect body she has. Her hands on her hips definitely have an eye popping factor, but her frontal figure is something you can’t say no to. Standing there half in the light and half in the shadows fends off the star gazing vibe. While the fashion choice may be questionable, it's Ronda Rousey; like she's going to look bad in a bikini of any kind.

3 Sports Illustrated

via Sports Illustrated

Let’s mention another bikini picture where she’s sitting on top of the beach bar at a resort of some sort enjoying the ocean breeze. Although, she’s not completely nude like her other pictures, she can undoubtedly rock a bikini. Plus, the sun shining in the back with her hair blowing in the wind is another reason why she looks great in a bikini. The magazine captured this image at just the right time of the day as Rousey is just radiating in the sunset.

2 Lying by the Beach

Walter Iooss Jr. / Sports Illustrated

If you thought Rousey being nude was just the beginning wait until you’ve seen her in the Sports Illustrated issue. Following the ESPN one, this one shows her topless lying down on a platform by water just smiling. She has the right to smile because she looks amazing in it. Not only is she breathtaking near water, but with only her bottom layer of her bikini on this is surely something guys and gals would love.

1 The Body Issue

via rondarousey.net

When Ronda agreed to pose nude for ESPN’s body issue, she definitely shined in the brightest way possible. The bright colors in the background made her stand out so much. The picture is worth at least 30 second look. Especially when she was holding the magazine that made it 10 times better. Let's hope this isn't the last time Rousey graces the magazine, as it's hard to imagine ESPN wouldn't want her back.

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