Top 5 Fighters That Brock Lesnar Could Face At UFC 200

Now that it's been confirmed that WWE is supportive of Brock Lesnar performing at UFC 200, there are plenty of other questions that need answering, with the most obvious one being: who is Brock Lesnar going to face at UFC's milestone event?

Well, we're gonna take some stabs at that question here, but that question undoubtedly raises more questions, like are the WWE involved in the process of choosing his opponent or are they, at the very least, campaigning for him to face a weaker opponent that'll give him a strong chance to win? Will the UFC look for a fresh face to face Lesnar or will they look for someone from his past?

The only thing we know for sure is that UFC 200 was lacking star power before yesterday and it isn't today. While Lesnar might not be the best fighter of all-time, he's an incredibly entertaining fighter, who is a bit of a loose cannon when he gets a microphone in his hands. Imagine if he pulls another post-fight rant about Coors Light and what he's going to do to his wife at home?

With that in mind, before they reveal his opponent on ESPN tomorrow, let's take a look at five potential fighters that could face The Beast at UFC 200.

5. Shane Carwin

We'll start this list off with a familiar name for Brock Lesnar, as these two already faced off at UFC 116, where The Beast defeated Carwin in the second round by submission. It was Lesnar's last win in the UFC and it came all the way back in 2010. What has Carwin been up to since then? Well, he's only fought one other time and that was a loss to Junior dos Santos by decision. Carwin actually retired in 2013 due to injuries, but there have been rumors that he'd like to return and he's already Tweeted that he wants this match:

While this wouldn't be a walk in the park for Lesnar as Carwin is an established fighter, they both have plenty of octagon-rust, making it an even fight in that regard, and have history together, making it an easy sell to the audience. It wouldn't be a squash for Lesnar, but he'd likely be favored.

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Top 5 Fighters That Brock Lesnar Could Face At UFC 200