Top 8 Pictures Ronda Rousey Wants You To See And 7 She DOESN'T

There have been highs and there have been lows in Ronda’s life, and these are some pictures that depict some of these moments

Ronda Rousey is an all-round fighting machine, plain and simple. She’s a skilled judoka, rose to fame because of her exploits at the 2008 Olympic games, and then rose to superstardom as a mixed martial artist. She’s regarded to be one of the best fighters around – was once one of the most dominant female athletes full stop – and made women’s MMA a huge business; Ronda can be credited for bringing a hell of a lot to the sport. Put her acting into the mix and add in her other ventures and interests outside of the octagon, and she’s a celebrity in her own right – she’s achieved a status that very few women in the world of MMA - very few guys as well – have managed to achieve.

Ronda’s totally committed to MMA and leads that whole lifestyle of a top pro athlete. But she’s a colorful figure, and gets up to all sorts in her life outside of the octagon. She’s also very open when it comes to interviews, divulging information about herself, and expressing views on certain matters. It means she’s always in the news for something or other – she’s brought a great deal of entertainment to the sport.

There have been highs and there have been lows in Ronda’s life, and these are some pictures that depict some of these moments; 8 pictures she wants you to see, and 7 she wishes could be eradicated from all corners of the world wide web.

15 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Living The Dream


When she was growing up, Ronda never laid in bed at night dreaming about dominating the world of women’s MMA. She started getting into judo, became a decorated judoka, then basically got into MMA because after retiring from judo, she didn’t want to work a conventional job.

But growing up, she did have one fantasy, a fantasy that was fulfilled and became a reality in 2015. That fantasy was to be involved in the world of professional wrestling. She’s always been a huge wrestling fan; in fact her nickname, Rowdy, is from one of her favorite wrestlers, the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. She actually asked his permission to use the name.

14 DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE: The Weigh-In Brawl  


In addition to all of Ronda’s exploits in the octagon, she’s brought a lot of attention and a whole new fan base to women’s MMA, due to her trash talking in the run-up to her fights. She’s said she runs her mouth in an effort to gain more publicity, but it must also have something to do with wanting to rile up her opponents, and on occasions, it’s worked.

13 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Sizzling Hot Pics 


Today, plenty of people go about trying to shame their exes by posting pics of themselves online. It’s an abhorrent thing to do, and Ronda almost suffered that fate too, but chose to do something about it before anything got posted.

12 DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE: Disastrous Holly Holm Defeat 

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Before November 2015, people thought Ronda was unstoppable. She’d risen to the top with ease, decimating her opponents, and many people tipped her to do the same when she came up against Holly Holm in Melbourne. But it didn’t go according to plan, and Ronda left Australia with her tail between her legs, utterly shocked, not only because she had suffered her first defeat in the pro ranks, but because of the manner of the defeat.

11 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Her Acting Career 


In today’s day and age, if you’re an athlete at the top of your game, have a huge fan following, have something about you personality wise, and are adept at bringing a touch of razzmatazz to your sport and events, there’re plenty of opportunities to be had pursuing other ventures.

10 DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE: High School Pic


9 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Body Transformation 


After her shock defeat to Holly Holm, a number of things happened to Ronda which resulted in her being out of action for a year. She needed a long time away from the sport in order to get her head together and evaluate her future. Understandably around this low point in her career, training, diet and looking fab weren’t things on her priority list. So, she put on quite a bit of weight and really didn’t look great, but when the date was set and negotiations had been completed for her to take on Nunes, she began her preparations for fight night. Sure, she’s a pro athlete, but even so, from where she was, that body transformation was remarkable.

8 DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE: Pre-Fight Antics 


Wow! The media must have had a field day when she came out with this one, but it’s also why we love her and the sport needs a character like Ronda. When most athletes are asked to divulge info of their pre-fight preparation, most just say the standard things – train hard, eat right, blah blah blah. Of course, Ronda does those things too, but there’s something else she does in the leadup to a fight, and that’s having lots and lots of sex. Most athletes, especially fighters, whether it be boxers or MMA competitors, actually refrain from having sex before fights, because it means they can be more aggressive, that they’re full of tension on fight night, and can unload all of that on their opponents.

7 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Building Women's Division 

AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Neil Davidson

Not too long ago, UFC comprised of all-male athletes. UFC president, Dana White, wasn’t really into women in the UFC, but thanks to Ronda, his views have changed.

Ronda was actually the first female fighter to get a contract with the UFC, which happened back in 2012. She was also given the Women's Bantamweight title, which she's proudly holding in this picture. Since then, more and more fighters have followed suit, and Ronda can be credited for that change. She can also be credited for bringing a whole new fan base, a new level of popularity to women’s MMA and the sport in general; she’s a sex symbol, a media personality, and is a fighting machine - who wouldn’t want to watch Ronda do what she does best?

6 DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE: Second Defeat 

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

5 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Book Signing 


I’m sure when Ronda wrote her book, she didn’t think it would have the impact and affect people the way it has. It’s touched one person alright, and that person’s Laura Smith, a speech pathologist from Denver, Colorado.



3 WANTS YOU TO SEE: Judo Career


Ronda’s career and training as a martial artist began with judo. But she didn’t just dabble in a bit of judo before making the leap to MMA; she was a highly-decorated judoka before embarking on her MMA career.

2 DOESN'T WANT YOU TO SEE: Crying On The Ellen Show


This just shows that Ronda does have feelings, that she does have a soft side to her personality and that she’s not a machine and has faced difficulties in her private life. She divulged some of these difficulties when she appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show; she told Ellen during the interview about her feelings in the immediate aftermath of the Holly Holm defeat. Apparently when she was brought to the medical room after the fight, she felt she couldn’t go on, that she was nothing if she wasn’t winning UFC fights. She had real suicidal thoughts and was thinking she wanted to end her life, but then she looked up and saw her boyfriend, Travis Browne, and thought she had to stay alive for him.



Ronda’s a pretty private person when it comes to her relationships and family life, although this may come as a surprise seeing as there’s a ton of pics out there of her with boyfriends and various family members.

Ronda’s incredibly close to her family and has a tight bond with her mom and her two siblings. They share a sisterly bond after growing up together in California and North Dakota, and grew even closer after their dad tragically committed suicide. Ronda’s also close to her half-sister, Julia De Mars, who’s regularly seen accompanying her to various award ceremonies and some of her fights around the globe too. It’s a really strong family dynamic and a strong support network she must have, and one thinks that at the moment, she’ll need their support and love more than ever before.

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Top 8 Pictures Ronda Rousey Wants You To See And 7 She DOESN'T