UFC: 15 Photos Of Brittney Palmer That Will Knock You Out

The casual UFC fan might not know the name Brittney Palmer. That said, more regular to diehard fans sure do. Palmer is the insanely hot Octagon Girl for the Ultimate Fighting Championship but she's not just a one-dimensional beauty. While she's been featured by the UFC for nearly four years as a ring girl, she also has her own clothing line, works as a major spokesperson for a number of popular brands, and in general has made a pretty good living out of being an artistic babe that could also knock you on your keester.

The Smoke Room's Co-Woman of the year for 2017 is also an accomplished artist, host, and dancer. She enjoys painting, music and martial arts and having been raised in Las Vegas, she was drawn to the bright lights and fame at an early age. Since the day she turned 18, she's been excelling as an entertainer and making a name for herself with her own brand called thenoagencybrand.com. For about seven years she's been creatively driven, always looking to express herself in her art.

Below is an assortment of 15 photos that will show you why UFC fans have been so enamoured with her. Shots that show off all of her different skills, you'll quickly learn why she has such a devout following of over 1 million Instagram fans. She's barely scraped the surface of what she plans to do in her career, but even if she's only ever an MMA ring-girl, fans will be just fine with that.

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15 Partying In White

Palmer decided to post a shot just before she attended the Bali White Party. It's a more tasteful and fun look but it's no less attractive. Basically, Palmer makes almost any outfit look like a million bucks. Palmer does call herself a dancer so any outfit she takes to a party should be one that would let her get her groove on. She was actually a professionally hired dancer in Las Vegas.

Interesting Fact: Her favourite MMA fighter is Urijah Faber. Before they were a part of the UFC, they worked their way through the WEC. She always roots for him because, in a way, they grew up together and each wants to see the other succeed. All we can say is, lucky Urijah Faber.

14 The Wildflowers

"You belong among the wildflowers..."#throwbackthursday shot by @coreyepstein

A post shared by Brittney Palmer (@brittneypalmer) on

"You belong among the wildflowers. You belong in a boat out at sea.Sail away, kill off the hours. You belong somewhere you feel free." These are song lyrics from the late Tom Petty's song Wildflowers and we're guessing Brittney Palmer is referencing these lyrics in her Instagram post here. This photo was posted about three months ago and right around the same date Tom Petty passed away.

The fact that Palmer is paying respect to one of the more storied musicians of all time is not only respectful but extremely attractive. We know that means she has a strong taste in music and she appreciates art in many forms. Plain and simple, Wildflowers is a great song. It might not have been one of Petty's more recognized tunes but it had a ton of meaning. It must have meant something to Palmer.

13 Heels

via mymmanews.com

Perhaps a little-known fact is that Brittney Palmer actually designed the weigh-in tees that she wore at UFC 213. She'd done hundreds of weigh-ins before but the one where she got to wear an article of clothing she actually designed was among her most surreal moments as part of the UFC. She'd been waiting for an opportunity to showcase some of her work and this was a good opportunity.

Crazy Fact: Palmer would never have gotten seriously into art, drawing and sketching if it weren't for a car accident she was in at the age of 21. If left her bedridden for almost three months and it forced her to find another outlet. She said in an interview with Reebok, “Suddenly not being able to express my creative outlet through dance, I started drawing and sketching and painting again,”

12 Happy Memorial Day

Let's list all the excellent things this photo demonstrates. First, she's patriotic. Second, she's got crazy wicked abs. Third, she likes classic cars, Guns N' Roses and a spot with a view. It's a crazy combination that would make for most guy's dream girl.

Fun Fact: Part of the reason Palmer is able to stay in such great shape is that she lives a very healthy and active lifestyle. Her hobbies and activities include surfing, skateboarding and, snowboarding. She also regularly trains in the MMA to keep in shape and better understand the sport she plays such a big role in. Guys, if you ever wanted to stand a chance, you'd have to be working out and playing every sport imaginable to simply keep up. It's a tall order.

11 The Palmer We All Know

Excited to see my @ufc fam! #UFC216 who's gonna watch this weekend? #Vegas ❤️

A post shared by Brittney Palmer (@brittneypalmer) on

This is how most UFC fans know Brittney Palmer. She's made a great living being an Octagon Girl for the UFC and even when she left for a short time when Dana White conducted a Twitter poll to see who fans wanted back, tons of votes came in for Palmer.

With the following of fans she has, not only does she do the UFC justice by being super hot, but she promotes the fights on social media and it undoubtedly helps to keep her fans coming back for MMA action. UFC made a wise choice by not letting her stay away and she's one of the more recognizable faces from the ring girl crew.

10 Where Dreams Begin

Palmer asks in this Instagram photo, "Is there a pace that we can go where dreams begin?" With that question in mind, it made sense to start our list here. Palmer is dreamy on so many levels that simply by reading this list, we assume this is a solid dream for a lot of fans. At No. 15 is where the Brittney Palmer 15 photos dream begins. The Ultimate Fighting Championship Octagon Girl has been a central part of the organization and visible on a number of pay-per-views and television broadcasts. Depending on who is in the bout, she's often considered more exciting than the fight itself.

Fun Fact: A self-taught artist, Palmer attended art school at UCLA in Los Angeles to take her passion for art to the next level. So far, that decision has paid off well.

9 2018 Will Be So Fire

What a way to start the New Year! If this photo is any indication of the type of picture fans and followers on her Instagram feed will get for 2018, they're going to extremely happy keeping an eye on her profile. Spending a good chunk of time in Venice Beach, Palmer certainly knows how to turn up the heat. She's a self-taught artist and perhaps this is an example of some of her body art. If it isn't, how does one get the job of applying such creative makeup?

Fun Fact: Brittney isn't just a pretty face around the ring, she's actually trained a few times in MMA. There isn't anything indicating she wants an actual fight, but she worked with Kenny Florian and Shawn Tompkins.

8 A Very Merry Restroom Christmas

via instagram.com

There's nothing like wishing your fans a Merry Christmas from the comfort of your restroom (assuming this is her restroom) and in your hot red lingerie. I suppose if one tried hard enough, they could connect the dots. In the end, red is the holidays and Palmer decided to bless her fans with a racy shot that I'm sure got a few people riled up.

Cool Fact: She was a part of the show “The Ultimate Fighter Brazil”, with each episode averaging nearly 30 million viewers in Brazil alone. Our course, outside of her appearances there, she's a regular at ringside and 100 million worldwide viewers see her at each event. She's arguably a bigger star than many of the UFC fighters themselves and her career has lasted much longer. She certainly has more social media followers than most.

7 Double Trouble

Brittney Palmer is one half of the two most popular ring card girls in UFC history. The other half of that duo is Arianny Celelste. Together in this photo, they are both very active on social media. In the above photo they are at an "Eyes Wide Shut" party. We can only imagine if anyone got to reenact any scenes from the iconic movie with these bombshells.

Fun Fact: This photo doesn't show them, but Palmer has a few tattoos. Her neck, lower back, shoulder and buttocks (that we know of). The writing on her shoulder reads, 'But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes, Thyself thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel. ' A little ink just adds even more appeal.

6 A Serious Artist

Happy place. @brittneypalmerart

A post shared by Brittney Palmer (@brittneypalmer) on

Perhaps this photo isn't as sultry as some of the others we've included on the list, but it's arguably no less attractive. Why? There are few things more attractive than watching someone do something they truly love to do and Brittney Palmer loves painting. She's trying to make a very serious career out of it.

Fact about her art career: Brittney Palmer doesn't just love painting, she is a very talented artist. She attended art school—and her commitment to her schooling is the reason she took her temporary leave of absence from the UFC. Now she's got the best of both worlds. She's a hot commodity to UFC and she's making some money with her art.

5 The Alaskan Waterfalls

Another stunning shot for her 2018 calendar, Palmer is posed by a waterfall that's offering a sense of tranquility and beauty only outmatched by the model herself. She writes, "Shimmering in silver waterfalls... so excited for you to see my 2018 calendar! This is my last and definitely one of my best ones, shot in beautiful Alaska!" Most people will be bummed to hear that she won't be creating any more calendars after 2018. They were probably a fan favourite for calendar collectors.

Fun Fact: Palmer has a varied taste in music with some pretty cool favorites. On her website were tracks like "All Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix and an assortment of Frank Sintra, Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley tunes.

4 Walking On A Dream

Walking on a dream...

A post shared by Brittney Palmer (@brittneypalmer) on

Brittney Palmer seems to like talking about dreams and she mentions them often in her Instagram posts. If you read her tags, she's either "walking on a dream", "looking to find where dreams begin" or, doing other things with dreams. Maybe what she means is that she's living the dream. That would make sense considering she's got a pretty cool gig.

Important Fact: For fans who can only visualize what Palmer might look like nude, she was willing to pose for Playboy in 2012 and graced the cover of the March edition. She said it wasn't a huge reach for her to be connected to the Hefner brand since she was used to drawing nudes in her art classes and thinks the naked human form is gorgeous and a beautiful art form.

3 Untamed Beauty

Brittney clearly has a wild and untamed soul. This particular shot is truly amazing and like something from out of this world. The post had a number of followers saying things like, "Stunning!!!!!!" or "Involuntarily I just said, "Oh my God" when I opened up Instagram and saw your pic. Wow!"

Fun Fact: During her time away from the Octagon, Brittney was able to put out her own swimsuit calendar! She's done a few issues now and many of her photos from this list were done for the purpose of adding them to her latest issue, which also happens to be her last. If you want to get your hands on the calendar, you can order it from her website.

2 Moves In Her Own Way

via instagram.com

Perhaps one of the more racy photos we've included in this list, Palmer is going for the extremely sultry look here and showing off a lot, leaving little to the imagination. If you didn't know she had a tattoo of a pair of lips on her rear end, well you do now. This is one of her most liked photos on her Instagram account and it's not a shock as to why.

Quirky Facts: Brittney has said in previous interviews that her favourite television show is/was Entourage. She also said her turn-ons in a guy are a sense of humour, ambition, and talent. Her favourite foods are tapas and sushi and her favourite website is thesportster.com (ok, maybe we added that last one). The more and more we learn about Palmer, the more and more attractive she becomes.

1 By The Pool

Poolside. 😎

A post shared by Brittney Palmer (@brittneypalmer) on

What would a list like this be if we didn't include a shot of Brittney Palmer at one of the most recognizable Las Vegas attractions in the world? This photo was taken around April of 2017 while Palmer was relaxing poolside at the Bellagio resort on the Las Vegas strip. Palmer and Vegas are like peanut butter and jelly.

Fun Fact: Brittney is a spokesmodel for supplement company Gamma Labs. She's done several videos, company photos and you can often see her posing with their products in her photos on social media.

Fun Fact 2: She also loves video games. She was involved in a pretty hilarious commercial. What could be more attractive than a good-looking, MMA ring girl who loves video games, music and sports? We can't think of much. That's why Palmer is one of our favourite female models to keep an eye on.

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