Undefeated UFC Fighter Says Conor McGregor's MMA Career Is Over

Conor McGregor hasn't stepped inside an octagon in 15 months (as a fighter, at least) and that's leading to speculation that he will never compete in UFC again. One person he believes that is Khabib Nurmagomedov who is the No. 2 contender for McGregor's Light Heavyweight title.

Nurmagomedov was approached by TMZ Sports after training at Jay Glazer's gym in Hollywood. He was asked about a potential fight with McGregor but Nurmagomedov threw cold water on that and said that McGregor is now "a boxing guy."

"When's the last time Conor competed in MMA? Long time? He's a boxing guy....I don’t think he's gonna come back."

It's been so long since McGregor competed in UFC that they have named an interim champion in the Light Heavyweight division. Tony Ferguson holds the interim title and is scheduled to face Nurmagomedov on April 7 at UFC 223.

However, Nurmagomedov also said that UFC is going to strip McGregor of his Light Heavyweight championship which would make the bout between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson for the actual championship and not the interim one.

McGregor's last "fight" came vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. on August 26. McGregor reportedly made around $100 million for that fight after never making more than $3.5 million in any UFC fight. Much like team sports athletes who get that fat contract and then become complacent and lose some motivation, many people, including Nurmagomedov believe McGregor is done when it comes to competition.



And really, can you blame him? He had a glorified boxing exhibition and made nine figures. There isn't much lure to climb back into the octagon where your opponent wants to, and can, beat you to a bloody pulp unlike Floyd Mayweather. McGregor got a taste of first class in his boxing debut and he has no desire to move back to coach.

Perhaps the only time we'll see McGregor competing in an octagon again is if Mayweather is across from him. That would be even more of a money grab than their boxing match, but people will still tune in and that's why you can't rule out that match from actually happening.

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