15 UFC Fighters Who Love To Pose For The Camera

For the fighters who are involved in the world of MMA and the respective organizations that are involved in it, there are very few instances in which one might not feel a little exposed to fans. When you consider that the ladies of the Octagon often wear fighters' trunks and sports attire, chances of revealing a bit of extra has a high probability. Even prior to fight night, during their weigh-in press conferences, the lovely ladies of MMA are show off in front of fans and the media in their undergarments - not that they would have anything to be shy about.

While their fight or workout attire reveals very well put together bodies that have had endless hours of conditioning in the gym, there are a number of the top female fighters in the world who have dabbled in modeling or been caught up in candid photos away from their fighting persona. Let's not think that all of these gorgeous ladies are ramped up and are ready to ground and pound folks 24 hours a day -  judging by some of their social media outlets and print materials, the following fifteen females have also been caught showing off away from the octagon as well.

15 Miesha Tate

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She may have retired from the octagon in 2016, but that doesn't mean that Tate shouldn't be among the 15 ladies on this list. As a three-time MMA Champion, the 31 year old Tacoma, Washington native was one of the most popular female fighters of her time. After capturing the Freestyle Cage Fighting Bantamweight Championship, Tate moved on to win the Strikeforce belt nearly two years later. Unfortunately, the end of her career never really matched that of her earlier fighting record as Tate lost two of her last three fights. After capturing the title from Holly Holm, she dropped it only four months later.

Success in the ring wasn't the only thing that made Tate popular with fight fans, as her beauty certainly helped draw in fan support. While there are plenty of revealing bikini pics floating around, Tate's appearance in the ESPN The Body Issue certainly helped turn some heads.

14 Andrea Lee

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Standing at 5'7, 129lbs, the three-time Muay Thai Champion with a smile that teases you into thinking she is just an innocent southern belle, Lee has put together a very convincing 11-3 record when you combine her amateur and professional records. KGB was expected to join the UFC ranks last fall, but a drug related controversy halted her debut match.

While she has a petite frame, don't let her size fool you as the former Invicta FC fighter has shown she can more than hold her own against any opponent. Now when it comes down to revealing photos, Lee has proven that she can battle with the best in that category as well. Whether it be black lingerie and high heels (yes please), a swimsuit or her most tantalizing photo shoot of what appears to be a cowgirl hat, her Flyweight Championship belt and not much else (again, yes please) - Lee gives reason for fans to be excited to see her finally step into a UFC cage.

13 Mackenzie Dern

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The 24 year old Arizona native gives off that "girl next door" vibe when you first take a look at Dern, but then you realize that she could probably end your life pretty quick if you step to her the wrong way and take things outside of the friendship zone.

Currently scheduled to make her UFC debut in March, the jiu-jitsu and MMA fighter is no slouch when it comes to mixing it up in the cage or on the mat. With a boat load of gold medals from various championship tournaments; including World Cup events - Dern is set to face Ashley Yoder, who is riding a five match win streak heading into UFC 222. Keeping it casual, there is something about Dern in her revealing attire that sorta makes you okay with the fact that she might just want to be friends.

12 Michelle Waterson

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The yummiest mummy of the MMA world, Waterson is hoping to get her career back on the winning track this spring after being away from the octagon for over a year. With a 2-2 record on her UFC resume, the 32 year old "Karate Hottie" has been one of the steamiest fighters since her debut in 2007. While many fans may not have recognized Waterson until she got to the UFC, the seventh ranked Strawweight contender once held the Invicta FC Atomweight Title for over a year.

What's even more impressive than her fighting skills is Waterson's bikini photo shoots. Like many of her counterparts, Waterson has dabbled in the modelling world. While many may question her parenting decisions as the mother of a young daughter not only by putting her health on the line as a fighter but also exposing herself in steamy bikini shoots, we certainly do not (chances are she would kick our butts if we did).

11 Kristi Lopez

At 34 years old and with only seven fights under her belt, including four as an amateur, there doesn't seem to be much of a future for the California native. With only three fights on her resume as a professional, including her last bout in 2017, Lopez, despite her winning record, doesn't appear to be a threat to the Featherweight Championship.

Currently fighting under the Bellator brand, Lopez hasn't had to rely on her skills in the octagon to help pay her bills as she is a registered nurse as a full time gig. While RNs are usually fully covered in hospital scrubs, it is a nice change of pace to see Lopez showing a little more of her edgy side in some revealing swimsuits on her Instagram page.

10 Paige Van Zant

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Arguably the sexiest and hottest fighter inside the octagon, "12 Gauge" is also one of the most popular UFC ladies despite never wearing a championship belt. Let's be honest here, PVZ could probably rock a burlap potato sack and still manage to look like a ten.

Now as for her fighting skills, well, let's just say that her career away from the ring looks to be more successful than in it as she has dropped three of her last four matches in the past three years. But we aren't here to dissect her fighting abilities are we. Before she committed herself fully to the fight world, Van Zant used her talents in the modelling world. One of our (and undoubtedly many others) favorite spreads sees Van Zant rocking a pair of extra small Daisy Duke shorts and an even smaller halter top, that's just one of the many steamy photos available of her revealing too much.

9 Jinh Yu Frey

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The 32 year old mixed martial artist hasn't made her way to Dana White's roster, but that doesn't mean that the Invicta FC fighter can't hold her own on the mat or on this list. Currently holding a 6-3 record, Frey was relatively unknown to MMA fans until a clip of her match against Darla Harris made the rounds on the internet, a fight in which Frey dominated and finished Harris off with a stunning (literally) kick to the head and a punch that actually broke her own hand.

With a ridiculous set of abs, Frey's petite body looks like it is chiseled out of granite. For those that aren't captivated by her well toned physique or her stunning eyes, the 32 year old Texas native could turn you on with her edgy, revealing cos play get up of the classic Street Fighter character Chun-Li or her take on Princess Leia from Star Wars. That is if you are into that sort of thing and if you're not, a look at Frey may just change your mind.

8 Gina Carano

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During her prime, Carano was the "it" woman of MMA, but the former Strikeforce star hasn't been seen in the octagon since her loss to Cris Cyborg in 2009. While fans will continue to hope and fantasize of dream matches between Carano and Ronda Rousey or a rematch against Cyborg, it looks as though the light of Hollywood has captivated Carano's attention.

With roles in major motion pictures like Haywire, Fast & Furious 6 and Deadpool to name but a few, fans have had the pleasure of seeing a different side of the 35 year old fighter. No longer are we seeing Carano in her ring gear of shorts and sports bra, but rather red carpet dresses that expose her lovely lady lumps due to plunging neck lines and capture all of her womanly curves. Although we would love to see her back in the cage, watching her rock the big screen isn't a bad alternative.

7 Rachael Ostovich

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There are a number of MMA and UFC ladies who are fairly well endowed in the pectoral region and then there is Ostovich. Maybe it is just the whole Wonder Woman get up, but the red bikini top that Ostovich was rocking during her weigh in at Invicta FC 21 certainly was eye popping.

While the outfit may have won her some additional fans, unfortunately for the 27 year old fighter, she lost her match to a TKO. Fortunately the Hawaiian Flyweight was able to bounce back to finish 2017 with a victory in final match of the Ultimate Fighter 26 contest. Now we aren't saying that Gal Gadot wasn't hot in her role as the Princess of the Amazon, but if for whatever reason they decide to reboot the series, fans may be clamoring for Ostovich as her replacement.

6 Lena Ovchynnikova

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The multi-time gold medal Kickboxing Champion from the Ukraine also happens to double dip as a MMA fighter, which means if you piss her off, she can kick your ass in a number of different ways. Currently a member of the Bellator roster, the steamy 30 year old may have once been considered in the same talks as Ronda Rousey as one of the most dominant fighters in the world as she kicked off her MMA career in her hometown with eight straight victories.

Unfortunately for Ovchynnikova, her most recent fight last December ended in a third round tap out loss. While it is unknown when fans will see the "Hunter" again, if she ever decides to hang up the gloves (or boots) and take up modelling full time, not many would complain, considering her Instagram pics promoting Affliction bikinis give fans a very good look at her body.

5 Felice Herrig

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Okay guys, admit it, at some point in your school years there was that one teacher who gave you every reason to show up early for class and be willing to stay late to get some "extra help" on assignments. You know the one who had her hair up in a bun, wore glasses, a white blouse and a skirt. Ya, you know the one. Well leave it to Herrig to use her appeal to make a weigh-in must see TV.

Now if that was a bit too tame for you, the "Lil' Bulldog" who is currently ranked eighth in the UFC Strawweight division left fans with a little less to the imagination thanks to a rather steamy photo-shoot for Fitness Gurls Magazine back in 2014. Riding a four match winning streak, Herrig is schedule to hit the octagon in April to face the number four ranked Karolina Kowalkiewicz in a match that would certainly put the winner into contention for a match with champion Namajunas Rose somewhere in the near future.

4 Kyra Gracie

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It is understood that by adding Gracie to this list, in doing so it may result in one of the members of the infamous Gracie clan to put us in our place. But we look at it as the fact that we are honoring a beautiful and talented female fighter, who just happens to have revealed a little more skin than maybe she, her family or the Brazilian jiu-jitsu may have wanted her to.

While the world is still waiting for her official debut in the octagon, the 32 year old, third degree black belt beauty makes this list based on the family name and the fact that she is smoking. A couple of years ago, Gracie did a steamy photo spread in which she was wearing very little. Most people found this to be a very steamy shoot, but there were a number of people in the BJJ community who found it distasteful and impure. No offense to their opinions, but in our opinion, the steamy and revealing pics were very tasteful.

3 Anastasia Yankova

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The 26 year old Russian mixed martial artist was once of the hottest (in various ways) fighters on the Bellator roster. The question now is, where has she been for the most of 2017. After last seen in the ring in April for her fifth straight victory, the talk of Yankova has quieted down significantly. Fellow Bellator competitor and current Flyweight Champion Ilima MacFarlane questions the hype around Yankova to be more about her looks than about her talent.

We question why a pretty face can't be both a lover and a fighter? Judging by her Instagram, Yankova hasn't been shy in posting her post fight black and blue face just as much as she has posted some rather steamy bikini pics that not only show off her God given "talents" but also her six pack that looks like it could crush walnuts. Hopefully Yankova's return to the mat means a "put up or shut up" match with MacFarlane.

2 Julianna Pena

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She may not be as decorated as some of her peers, but that doesn't mean that Pena isn't one of the top fighters in UFC history. After fighting for some of the smaller organizations for her first four years as a professional, Pena won the Ultimate Fighter 18 competition in 2013, starting a four match winning streak with the UFC. After dropping her last fight nearly a year ago, Pena has been absent from the octagon as the Venezuelan Vixen is expecting her first child.

Currently ranked third in the Women's Bantamweight division, Pena has shown no fear in revealing herself to the world, as long as it is on her terms.

1 Ronda Rousey

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She may be "retired" from the UFC, though the definition of the word is still in the air as Rousey never really uttered it, but considering she just signed a contract with the WWE, one would figure that a return to the octagon is far from a reality for now.

During her prime, Rousey was the most dominant woman to ever enter the multi-sided cage as she put together a run of 12 straight victories that aside from her match with Miesha Tate, were never in question. Then, her MMA world came crashing down with a pair of losses that were heard around the world. But we aren't going to dwell on the L's, but rather focus on the fact that while she was taking care of business on the mat, the media world came calling with offers from the SI Swimsuit Issue, ESPN The Body and numerous Hollywood offers - not to mention some dress malfunctions. Speaking of Hollywood, prior to her unforgettable (or for her, very forgettable) match against Holly Holm, Rousey made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon in a dress that had a plunging neckline that looked like it came out of JLo's closet.

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