Wanderlei Silva Released From UFC Contract

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Wanderlei Silva said he would never fight for the UFC again and now the UFC has basically said the same thing by releasing him from his contract with the promotion.

You might remember back in the middle of last year when Silva, who had been banned for life by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failure to submit to random drug testing in the lead up to his fight with Chael Sonnen, started dissing the UFC and making claims about the promotion and fight-fixing on a series of Facebook posts. Here is the first post (translated via MMA Junkie):

"They fired him. That's right. They fired ‘Stitch' for standing against this theft being perpetrated on the athletes. So I wonder, ‘why don't they fire me?' I already said I do not want to, nor will I work any more for to this promotion. And they won't dismiss me. That's what happens to those who speak the truth in this company; they're driven out. They have no respect for anyone. I've made it very clear to you all that I will never again fight for this promotion, the U.F. Circus. Fixed fights - and I can prove it! I haven't yet dropped the bomb. I haven't said everything I know!"

Anyway, so a couple days ago Silva posted this message on Instagram apologizing for the fight-fixing claims and claiming he didn't know exactly what he was saying or what was implied by his words:

"I was wrong. I apologize. In July of last year I posted a number of comments on Facebook and Twitter which included repeated claims that the UFC fixed fights and that I could prove it. I hereby retract any such statements in their entirety as I failed to understand what the term ‘fight-fixing' specifically refers to the illegal action or practice of dishonestly determining the outcome of a contest before it occurs. I understand the UFC's reputation would be harmed if my fans and others actually believed the UFC engaged in fight fixing, and I have no evidence to support such a claim. I apologize for any misunderstanding my comments may have caused."

Soon after he put out that message, the UFC released him from his contract. A fact confirmed by Silva's attorney, Ross Goodman.

"The UFC has released Wanderlei from any and all obligations or rights to Zuffa, which obviously now allows him to do whatever he wants."

Wanderlei's lifetime ban was overturned by a Nevada District judge in may of 2015 and he is scheduled to go before the NAC in February for a review of said ban.

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