Watch Ronda Rousey's Open Workout In Brazil For UFC 190

Open workouts are a big thing for UFC fans but few fighters elicit the kind of excitement that Ronda Rousey does. Just listen to the fans going crazy and screaming as she hit the stage on the beach in Rio de Janeiro - and that lasts for most of the 15 minutes or so that she is up there. And remember we are in Brazil here - the home country of her opponent Beth Correia.

She can't help but break into a smile - from all the cheering and screaming - while she warms up and then shows off some of her throws, takedowns and armbar skills - which look no less impressive in "practice" as they do in her actual fights.

If her past fights are any indication, you should definitely watch this video since this training session lasted longer than pretty much every single one of her UFC fights!

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