What Do Female Boxing Champs Think Of Ronda Rousey's Boxing Abilities?

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Ronda Rousey is an unstoppable force in MMA but she comes from a Judo background and so her boxing skills have been something that she has had to work on over the years. Well, according to her coach, Edmond Taverdyan, he has said that not only is Rousey the best striker in Women's MMA, but he feels that she could be a boxing world champion.

Those are some pretty strong words. But what do actual female boxing champions think of all this?

WBA champ Layla McCarter has said, "I think she’s just brand new at boxing... She’s very good at what she does, but she needs to stay in her lane because boxing takes a lot of experience to reach the top level. She better just stay in her lane because she’s going to get hurt."

"I know (Rousey competing in boxing) would be a disaster for her and I know Dana White would never let that happen."

Boxing champ Amanda Serrano said, after seeing the Correia fight, "Her movement is very bad, how she walks into punches and she would get caught... The girls that she’s fighting, they’ve got limited boxing skills."

Serrano also said, "Definitely Rousey’s trainer does not have any knowledge about the sport of boxing... Her opponents cannot box and it’s easy to look great... As a boxing point of view, she looked like a rookie amateur fighter, throwing very wide punches with no coordination."

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