What Does Jose Aldo Think Of The New UFC Reebok Kits?

via mirror.co.uk

So, what do you think of the new Reebok kits that the UFC fighters have to wear? Well, if you aren't a fan of them, you aren't alone. Although most of the fighter have been happy with the quality of the material reviews on the actual design of the kits has been definitely mixed! So, what does Jose Aldo think of them? Well, he recently talked about the uniforms during a press conference at his Nova Uniao gym in Brazil. MMA Fighting quotes Aldo as saying:

"It sucks, but what can we do? We know it’s a private company, everybody has their contracts. I don’t think it looks good, everyone has their own style. I can’t do anything about it, just talk. We have to accept. We are the Power Rangers."

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