What Made Brock Lesnar Go Back To UFC?

When Brock Lesnar resigned with the WWE last year, he told ESPN that he was done with the UFC. Well, fast forward just a year later and Brock Lesnar made his way back to ESPN with ESPN's Hannah Storm on Sports Center to speak about his return to the UFC next month.

The first question that Brock Lesnar was asked on SportsCenter right off the bat was why he decided to go back to the UFC now. Lesnar would reply by stating that he has been haunted in his time away from the octagon and did not want to look back 20 years from now with regret of not going back.

Through out the interview, Lesnar also stated that the main motives of returning to the UFC was that the event would be money making for all parties. Which, there is no real shame in that.

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What Made Brock Lesnar Go Back To UFC?