Backstage News On When 2019 WWE Draft Will Take Place

WWE is bout to undergo major changes as NXT and SmackDown Live prepare to move to Wednesday and Friday night broadcasts, respectively, but we could be in store for yet another massive shake-up.

According to John Pollock of POST Wrestling, there will be a 2019 WWE draft - which will begin on the Oct. 11 episode of SmackDown and carry throught the ensuing Oct. 14 episode of Monday Night Raw.

It was previously reported by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there was "a concept of another draft type." That said, the Observer reported that no "major changes" would take place in the 2019 draft. Of course, Vince McMahon can always change his mind and look to change up both rosters.

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This year's WWE Superstar Shake-Up took place on Apr. 15 and 16. Several weeks later, Vince introduced the new "wild card" rule, which allows four superstars from Raw to appear on SmackDown each week and vice versa.

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But it was reported last month that WWE will scrap the wild card rule in October, since they need to finalize rosters with SmackDown moving to Friday nights under Fox. The wild card rule has also been a disappointment and a general waste of time, with no fresh feuds or storylines coming out of it.

WWE introduced the "draft" format in 2002 - after the company bought out WCW and acquired most of its main event superstars. The draft lasted until 2011 before going on a five-year hiatus. In 2016, a brand split draft was held after WWE decide to divide the rosters for Raw and SmackDown again.

What Can We Expect At The Draft?

As noted, the Observer reported that there won't be any drastic changes at the draft. But again, Vince is known for making plenty of last-minute changes, so he could very well decide to shake up the rosters after all.

Plus, Fox will want plenty of big-named stars to help maximize their ratings right away, so it wouldn't be too surprising if superstars like Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and/or Becky Lynch moved to SmackDown - with guys like Kofi Kingston and Roman Reigns possibly moving over to Raw. We'll just have to see how it all plays out.

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