The 24/7 Championship Changed Hands 9 Times During Raw Reunion Special

The 24/7 title is turning out to be the most exciting thing about WWE nowadays and R-Truth's insistence on remaining champion at all costs is must-see TV.

The belt changed hands nine times during Raw's Reunion Special on Monday night, with females getting in on the action too. Things kicked off when Drake Maverick jumped Truth while he was being told off by Maverick's wife Renee backstage.

Maverick would head to the locker room to pick up his stuff so he could flee the building but a distraction from the Boogeyman - worms placed in his luggage and a shock appearance from the man himself - allowed a 78-year-old Pat Patterson to assault the new champ and relieve him of the title with an easy pin.

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Gerald Brisco, 72, then took the belt off Paterson in an off-camera attack. While walking away in celebration, Brisco bounced up with Kelly Kelly, who embraced and congratulated him before kicking him in the midsection and pinning him to win the belt.

Kelly later joined up with Candice Michelle, Melina and Naomi. Michelle attacked Kelly after Melina revealed that she's been working on obtaining her referee's license, taking advantage of the opportunity as Melina delivered the three-count.

Alundra Blayze then got involved, putting Michelle into a choke submission to lay claim to the coveted prize. As it so happens, Blayze didn't covet the belt and simply wanted to trash it. However, she was convinced to give it up after The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase offered to buy it from her.

DiBiase jumped into his limousine to exit the building but someone was waiting inside with a ref on hand and an assault could be heard taking place in the closed vehicle. Maverick would emerge from the limo, having regained the shiny belt and, ready to go home so he could finally consummate his marriage, Truth surprised him with a timely visit, taking him to the floor and pinning him to win the title for the tenth time.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Truth jumped into Maverick's limo and sped away with his wife, leaving Drake with no title and no spouse.

This 24/7 business seemed like nonsense at first but it's become something truly special and fans are looking forward to seeing what becomes of it every week. Keep it rolling, guys. Keep it rolling.

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