Adrian Peterson Has 90-Yard TD Run, Finishes Game With Under 100-Yards Rushing

Last night, during the second quarter of the game between the Washington and Philadelphia, running back Adrian Peterson did something he had never done before in his going-to-be-Hall-of-Fame career. He had a 90-yard TD run!

The run came with about nine and a half minutes left in the half. Peterson took the handoff from quarterback Mark Sanchez (in the game after starting QB Colt McCoy broke his leg), made one slight cut up the middle and then, according to ESPN, reaching a max speed of 20.84 MPH headed for the end zone. The whole play took about 12 seconds and—at the time—put Washington up 10-7.


Not only was it the longest TD run of Peterson’s career, but it was also the longest TD run ever for the Washington franchise. And at 33-years-old Peterson is now the oldest player ever to run for a 90-yard touchdown. But that’s not all. The TD elevated Peterson to new positions on a couple other record lists as well.

The TD run was the 106th rushing TD of Peterson’s career tying him for fifth on the all-time list with arguably the greatest player in the history of the league, Jim Brown! Which meant a lot to Peterson:

“Definitely looked up to Jim Brown. He's a guy that inspires me. He is definitely one of those guys, when I look on that list, that I want to surpass. He paved the way. Arguably the greatest running back to play the game. To be in a position to tie him and, God's will, to go past him is a humbling feeling.”

The run was the 16th rushing TD of Peterson's career of 50 yards or more. Which, put him in first place on that list - he had previously been tied at the top of the list with the great Barry Sanders.

On the Eagles side of the ball, it was 35-year-old Darren Sproles' first game back from injury and he also had a rushing touchdown in the game. Which makes it the first time that two running backs 33-year-old or older have both scored rushing TDs in the same game since 1964!

What This Means

It means that while Peterson is an "old man" by running back standards, the guy can still play this game at a pretty high level — he did average almost 11-yards-per-carry last night. However, whether it's Peterson or the offensive line's fault (or a combination of both) Adrian ended the night with a total of only 98 yards on the ground on nine carries. Yes, that means besides that huge TD run, he only gained eight yards on his eight other carries.

A perfect example of how numbers don't always tell the whole story!


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