AEW Announces Signing Of Unique Indie Talent Through Twitter Video

AEW has signed another unique talent. They announced on social media today that they have come to terms with indie sensation Orange Cassidy.

This is a signing some wrestling fans will love and some will hate. Cassidy is known across the indie wrestling scene as a guy who works all of his moves and matches in slow motion. He appeared at AEW's first pay-per-view Double or Nothing in the Casino Battle Royale and caught the attention of the fans when he worked a segment with former WWE star Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer and Cassidy got "into it" if getting into it is how you can describe anything Cassidy does. He slowly kicked and punched dreamer before being eliminated from the match with his hands in his pocket.

In other matches available to watch on platforms like YouTube, you can see Cassidy working indie matches with wrestlers where he moves so slowly, he actually falls asleep. Cassidy's entire gimmick is that he doesn't really care. Win or lose, regardless of his opponent, he moves around like a sloth and that's why people like him.

What This Means

The question here is, 'Where is AEW going with this?'. Clearly, Cassidy's gimmick is not one that can stand the test of time. His stuff is funny but it's also something most fans can only handle in small doses. Having him under will contract will put him on tv a lot more than the odd appearance at a pay-per-view.

So too, AEW has bragged that they're all about the wrestling and in the in-ring product. Cassidy certainly doesn't add credibility to AEW finding the best wrestlers on the planet. Will fans overlook this because he's funny?

The reactions on social media are certainly mixed. Some are calling this a huge joke and suggesting this type of signing proves AEW can't hang with WWE. Others are suggesting people lighten up and that there's room for comedy in wrestling which is exactly what Orange Cassidy is.

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