AEW's Boston & Philadelphia Shows Sell Out Lightning Fast

Tickets went on sale for episodes two and three of AEW's TV show on Friday. If you were planning on attending, we have some bad news.

Even before the letters AEW had even be mentioned, at least in public, the men in charge of it were boasting extremely quick sellouts. We are, of course, talking about All In. The pace at which tickets sold for the event in 2018 was probably one of the reasons Cody Rhodes and co pushed on with their AEW vision.

Since then, the promotion has continued to break records when it comes to selling tickets. AEW shows have been the hottest ticket in town since the company's inception, regardless of the town it is visiting. That hasn't stopped critics from commenting on when interest in the promotion will drop off. That will happen at some point, but ticket sales and interest in AEW show no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

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This past Friday, tickets for AEW's second and third live TV shows went on sale. They will be taking place in Boston and Philadelphia respectively. If you were considering attending either of those shows, and you weren't waiting on a ticket site when they went on sale, we're afraid you have missed your opportunity.

Both shows sold out in an astonishing 50 minutes. AEW played it safe and will stage the shows in slightly smaller buildings, but that might well have been a mistake. It seems as if they could have sold both buildings out two times over. That being said, if we were any part of AEW, we would rather stage a show in a packed out smaller venue than a half-filled big arena.

If you're disappointed to have missed out this time around, we now have some good news. This Monday, AEW will announce where episodes four and five will be taking place. We're assuming they will be sticking to the North East. It's a wrestling hotbed and the perfect place to start AEW's weekly TV show. New York seems like an obvious choice, and we wonder what WWE will think of that should one of AEW's next episodes venture into what is very much McMahon territory.

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