AEW Confirms They Have Granted Female Star Her Release

Former female wrestler for AEW is now officially done with the company, as per an interview with AEW President Tony Khan.

When asked by a reporter about the status Kylie Rae, Khan said, "She's no longer with the company. She asked for her release and we granted it."

When Rae was not mentioned as one of the 21 names for the 21-Woman Casino Battle Royale, there was speculation something was going on. Word leaked just before showtime that Rae was considering leaving, not only AEW, but wrestling altogether and it appears Rae has decided to do just that.

Khan wouldn't go into details about the discussion, only that she called, said she didn't want to wrestle with AEW any longer, he asked if things were ok and then granted the release. When asked if things were amicable, Khan said absolutely yes and that Rae was a great person.

What This Means

We won't speculate as to why Rae might be leaving wrestling or AEW but we do wish her the best and hope that everything is ok. It would be a shame if something was a problem and there were personal or professional issues that were stopping Rae from wrestling if she wants to.

This is a big loss for AEW in terms of their women's division which isn't exactly the strength of the company. Often looked at as AEW's version of Bayley, Rae had a promising future in the business.

There is no word on whether or not she's looking at other options outside of AEW or if WWE is interested. Speculation is, Rae is not looking at other options and is leaving the industry for now. The promo below was Rae's final appearance for AEW.

Best wishes to Rae, and hopefully everything is ok. She's deleted her Twitter account as well which has made news and in a time where most fans are talking about stars trying to leave WWE, this is the first time a specific talent has asked for their release from AEW (that we know of).

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