AEW Files Interesting Trademark, TV Announcement To Follow?

It appears the first real hints as to what AEW has planned for its tv programming has dropped as the company has filed for two interesting trademarks.

On June 18, 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) applied for the trademark "Wednesday Night Dynamite." That information being out there is leading to speculation the company will be naming its new show on TNT after the same name.

AEW will begin to premiere its weekly television show on TNT starting in the fall. Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of said show and looking forward to an alternative weekly program to WWE SmackDown Live and Raw.n There was never any thought AEW's new show would air on either Mondays or Fridays (the new night for SmackDown starting in October) but there was widespread curiosity as to what night of the week AEW would choose.

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Speculation for weeks is that TNT was doing market research to determine which would be the better day. It appears either Tuesday or Wednesday, with many believing Wednesday might win out.

There is some thought to "Tuesday Night Dynamite," by AEW simply because fans are already used to seeing wrestling programming on Tuesday nights and once SmackDown moves to Fridays on FOX on October 4, there will be an attentive audience ready to consume AEW's show.

What This Means

As things like the name of the show start to surface, the idea of the show coming soon feels more real for fans who think AEW is the hottest thing in wrestling right now. It also becomes more real for WWE who has to be concerned about what kind of the market AEW is going to steal once they start to put together their weekly show.

The company has been wise about spreading out and properly timing these little news items. It keeps them in the hearts and minds of wrestling fans when there is only a show every month to two months to consume.

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