[Rumor] AEW Has Unexpected Complication With Win-Loss Record Rule

With the importance AEW has placed on wins and losses, the company may have stumbled upon an issue they didn't anticipate.

Everyone from President Tony Khan to main-event talent Cody Rhodes has said wins and losses in AEW matter. In fact, Rhodes was just announced the No. 1 challenger for Chris Jericho's new AEW World Championship based on his win record to date. Saying that position as challenger could slide or his opportunity disappear if he fails to keep that win-loss record intact, he's not the only one that may see his future change after a couple of matches.

At AEW's presentation of All Out, Kenny Omega lost a match. More specifically, he lost another high-profile match, this time to PAC. Opposite of Rhodes, if AEW is following their own rules, Omega is not in line or anywhere near the title scene at this stage because he's lost most of the single's matches he's been a part of.

On the surface, this type of situation is what AEW was advertising when they said wins mattered. The problem, as the company seems to be realizing, is that it might matter too much and they may have painted themselves into a corner.

AEW needs to figure out what the future holds for Omega after his loss at All Out. One of the company's big stars and huge attractions, Omega's next opponent will be Jon Moxley at Full Gear. It's hard to imagine Moxley losing that match. Omega can't be the best wrestler in the world with the worst record, can he?

AEW has already blurred the lines of what that win-loss record actually means. In a media conference post All Out, Khan said Omega's loss to PAC actually evened up his record. That's not exactly true.

Technically, Omega is now 2-2. But is a win in a tag match and a win over a lesser opponent equal to the losses he's suffered to PAC and Jericho? AEW is going to need to clarify this should they hope to have fans buy into the idea that the talent can determine their respective fates by winning.

Omega is aware of the optics of how all of this looks. Tweeting "What about that Win-Loss record, though?", there's a sense Omega was being sarcastic knowing that he's going to get opportunities regardless of where he sits in the wins and losses columns. Or, he's already asking out loud, 'what happens if he keeps losing?'

 AEW Could Flip The Script When It Comes To Omega

The one way to get out this potential issue would be to write a storyline around Omega's plight as the best wrestler who can't seem to buy a win. Should they do so, there might be an unintentional positive consequence to an unexpected result of having to give wins to Omega's opponents.

Should they not, AEW is going to run into more issues than the one currently facing Omega. What if Moxley comes back from injury and loses? What if Joey Janela goes 0-3? What about Shawn Spears? Is he 0-2 because he lost to Rhodes and was eliminated from a Casino Battle Royale?

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