AEW Introduces Unknown Team Who Stormed Ring At Double Or Nothing

In one of the more confusing segments at Double Or Nothing, an unknown team stormed the ring and attacked the competitors of the Best Friends vs. Angelico and Jack Evans tag match. AEW has finally introduced who these men were.

The Best Friends had just defeated their opponents when the lights went out in the arena and a masked man and what looked to be his partner were inside the ring. It was a shocking but confusing moment because no one seemed to know who they were. One announcer even said he'd seen them before but didn't dare say who they were. The feeling was that this was so unexpected, no one knew what AEW's plan for these guys was.

When the lights went off again, there were at least a dozen more of these men and, as a group, they took out both tag teams.

There is now a plan as AEW has officially introduced these masked men to AEW fans.

Called the Dark Order, the new wrestling company also shared a video of the group on social media. "Who are you they said? How quickly they forget. How easy the abandon the ones they love," one masked man, seemingly the leader, says in the video. "For the longest time, we were considered the best. And then they banished us."

He called his minions "Creepers" and during the video, they slithered all around him, hanging onto every word. He then called out the members of AEW's tag division and introduced himself as Evil Uno and his partner as Stu Grayson.

"All Hail the Dark Order" they chanted.

What This Means

AEW is quickly establishing itself to have one of the stronger and more interesting tag team divisions in wrestling. And, while the Dark Order made a mark on Double Or Nothing, that few knew who they were, introducing them now is wise.

AEW will have to work hard to get casual wrestling fans up to speed on independent talents and videos like this are a great way to do so.

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