AEW Potentially Choosing Between Two Major TV Deal Offers [Rumor]

A recent report suggests All Elite Wrestling might be mulling over two lucrative television rights offers. If true, WWE should be concerned.

According to a new report from Wrestling Observer Radio, AEW (All Elite Wrestling) officials recently had a meeting with a network to carry their TV rights and put AEW wrestling on a major cable channel. The meeting took place on Saturday and there are said to be two potential deals on the table, each for different channels. According to the report, the money involved is no joke and could be the most lucrative tv deal offered to a wrestling product outside of WWE.

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No details of the offers, the network or the channels have been released, so at this point, the report is speculation. But, earlier on Sunday, AEW stars posted photos and social media posts heading to Sunday's Super Bowl game in Atlanta, GA. Some are assuming that this is not a coincidence when you realize Turner Broadcasting has their headquarters located in Atlanta.

What This Means

If this report is accurate, it's no wonder WWE is concerned and approaching talents backstage at events about their current deals. With Dean Ambrose leaving WWE in April and an announcement being made to potentially warn shareholders of his departure, WWE has to be concerned that big money coming into AEW could mean even more resources to scoop talent and that said talent would feel secure leaving WWE with the knowledge AEW has a television deal to fall back on.

Should AEW wind up on a major network and a strong channel for viewers to catch their product, this could be the first real sign of competition in the wrestling business since WWE and WCW went head to head for ratings supremacy.

Should it not be true, at the very least, it might scare WWE into offering a better product. Either way, it's a win-win for wrestling fans.

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