AEW Rumored To Be Courting Big-Name WWE Star

While no name has been mentioned in the report, a rumor is circulating that All Elite Wrestling made an outstanding offer to a big-name WWE talent.

Typically, we'd report on the rumor once a name was released, but for some reason, this particular rumor is gaining steam. Earlier on Tuesday morning, WrestleVotes took to Twitter to report that AEW has allegedly made an "outstanding" offer to a current, big-time WWE Superstar that is "almost too good to turn down."

Of course, the immediate reaction to the tweet came from fans wanting to know who the name was and while others suggested that an official offer can't be made to a WWE Superstar currently under contract. And, while WrestleVotes refused to reveal the name of the superstar (thus giving the tweet a sense of incredibility), they are a source that has broken many wrestling-related stories in the past and the rumor was picked up by a number of credible media outlets.

As the rumor started to gain steam, fans started to guess as to whom the report might be referring to with AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose being at the top of most people's lists.

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AJ Styles' contract is reportedly set to expire soon, and there have been mixed rumors about whether or not he has signed an extension.

What This Means

It's certainly possible AEW could be approaching WWE stars in an informal manner. Obviously, if a contract were offered, the promotion could find themselves in real legal trouble and WWE would spare no expense to stick it to the new wrestling startup.

What's more likely is that word is traveled through the grapevine to whomever it is AEW is targeting that a deal is waiting. Or, if a deal has been made, it's to a Superstar whose contract is already up. Should there be something to this and AEW lands a big name, expect more names to follow and for AEW to be closer to landing a television deal that could make them real competition for WWE.

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