AEW Show On TNT Will Cater To Older Audience With PG-14 Rating

Unlike WWE, who has geared their programming towards a family audience with a PG rating, AEW's new show on TNT is going PG-14.

While fans can't be surprised to hear AEW is going to cater to an audience a bit different than WWE — AEW has repeatedly said they are a wrestling company for the disenchanted fan — AEW has sent out information to cable providers for their debut show on October 2nd. In that information, they've described the show in a way that TNT is going to give the show a PG-14 rating, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE has been TV-PG for a while now. With that rating has come a few fans who yearn for the old days but profit revenues for WWE who has a much wider audience. There's no better representation of the change than taking a look at John Cena's old character (The Doctor of Thuganomics) to his new one. It sounds like AEW is not going to worry about keeping the show "kid-friendly".

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According to The Observer, TNT had made the decision awhile to have the show be TV-14 and AEW is completely ok with that. The company will appeal to an older audience who wishes wrestling was more violent, a bit more edgy and provide a sense of realism WWE really can't offer with a PG rating.

What This Means

A PG-14 rating doesn't mean AEW can do anything they want. TNT has provided AEW with specific rules and boundaries their show can't cross. It will be interesting to see what those lines are.

The show will also be categorized as "sports event" as opposed to "entertainment." like WWE is. This too goes along with everything AEW has been saying about its own product, which is that they want it to have a more sports vibe.

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