An AEW Video Game Has Already Been Discussed

Despite its weekly TV show not even being on the air yet, The Young Bucks just hinted that there are already plans for an AEW video game.

Pro wrestling video games have been a staple of the industry since the 1980s. From arcades to consoles to mobile games, there have quite literally been hundreds of them over the years...maybe. Nowadays, WWE's flagship video games are handled by 2K. Like 2K's other major sports franchises, it releases a WWE title every year with updated rosters and new features.

As with WWE's television product, for a while now it has felt as if WWE 2K's video games could do with a little competition. The titles have felt a little on the lazy side, but 2K knows we will continue to buy them. Sound familiar? It's the same reason why Raw hasn't changed despite criticism.

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However, it seems as if Raw is now starting to change. That's due, in part, to the arrival of AEW. Despite only putting on two shows to date, AEW has already demonstrated that it means business. On the video game front, we'd assume that we won't be getting anything from AEW for a while. It doesn't even have a weekly TV show yet after all, at least not until this October.

The Young Bucks may have let the cat out of the bag during an interview with Chris Van Vliet, though. When asked about the potential of an AEW video game, Matt Jackson quickly said it had been discussed. At that point, you can hear Matt's wife Dana say "don't." What exactly that "don't" means is up for debate. Don't talk about it due to the plans being at a very early stage? Or, don't get your hopes up as there is currently nothing in place?

AEW eventually releasing a video game makes boatloads of sense. Not only due to wrestling's rich history in that arena, but the promotion's second-ever show took place at a video game convention. Right now though, what would an AEW game even include? It currently has a limited roster, just one championship, and one set that it has used for both its shows. Until the promotion has more of a foundation, we can't imagine we will hear anything more about its first foray into the video game world.

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