AEW’s Tony Khan Details Getting Bret Hart For Title Presentation

AEW’s Tony Khan discussed with Steve Austin how he landed Bret Hart for the title presentation for Double or Nothing.

One of the most memorable moments in a pay-per-view filled with memorable moments for AEW was that title presentation of their new Heavyweight Championship which included recognizable WWE Hall of Farmer Bret Hart. To say seeing Hart at the show was a shock would be a huge understatement. He came out with the belt, was interrupted by up-and-coming start MJF and joined by Hangman Adam Page before showing the title off to the crowd.

How Hart got involved was an interesting story Khan shared while a guest on Steve Austin’s podcast.

Khan recounted the initial idea he had and presented to AEW Executive VP Cody Rhodes that lead to Bret as their choice to present the AEW World Championship. Khan gave thought to names like Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat nut when he mentioned Hart’s name he got a unanimous green light from the rest of AEW Executives.

It was left up to Cody to set the meeting with Bret and he was able to schedule a private dinner for Hart and Khan to meet and discuss business matters. Tony, a student of wrestling, knew exactly the opportunity that was sitting in front of him and AEW.

"I had actually never met Bret Hart face to face until we got to Las Vegas a couple of nights before the show, when we had dinner together," Khan stated. He then called Bret a pleasant and charming guy and detailed how he was so kind to work with us.

What This Means

Certainly, AEW and Khan also had to know the shot it would send through the wrestling world, specifically WWE who had Hart as part of the WWE Hall of Fame just days prior to their event. Any way the company could take a dig at WWE and create buzz, AEW was sure to try.

The company continues to make headlines as it sold out their next big show All Out in under 15 minutes. There’s no telling which former WWE stars will show with CM Punk and Sasha Banks being among the most popular rumors.

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