Update On Aiden English After Undertaker Tombstone

Aiden English is OK following a scary looking Tombstone from The Undertaker at the Greatest Royal Rumble.

During Friday’s Greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view, The Undertaker wrestled a Casket Match against Rusev, and while it ultimately wasn’t a happy Rusev Day for the Bulgarian Brute, he and Aiden English took part in a memorable spot, where the Deadman dropped English with a Tombstone Piledriver, then placed him and Rusev inside the casket, winning his specialty match as many had expected. That spot also happened to be quite a dangerous one, as English was helped backstage by several WWE officials, but the good news is that English appears to be alright in real life.

English’s head was very close to the mat when The Undertaker hit the Tombstone on him, and the fact that he was helped backstage led many concerned fans to fear that Rusev’s singing lackey may have been injured by the 28-year WWE veteran. But in a report from PWInsider, Mike Johnson confirmed that English wasn’t injured after the risky spot, and was just selling the move to the best of his capability.


The Greatest Royal Rumble has since come and gone, and while most are still talking about Braun Strowman’s epic win in the main event, Daniel Bryan’s new Royal Rumble longevity record, and Titus O’Neil’s hilariously botched entrance, the Undertaker vs. Rusev Casket Match proved to be a solid affair. Befitting to a man of his legendary status, ‘Taker was on the offensive for the most part, but it wasn’t the one-sided squash that many were fearing.

That match, as several wrestling publications have reported in the run-up to the Greatest Royal Rumble, also happened to be quite the controversial one, as Rusev was pulled from the match, sparking rumors that he was on his way out of the WWE, possibly over the company not being happy with comments he and Lana made about The Undertaker in an interview with TMZ. Chris Jericho had briefly taken Rusev’s place in the Casket Match, only for Rusev to be reinserted, with Jericho instead becoming the 50th and last entrant in the show’s main event match.

No surprises here – The Undertaker has long had a reputation as one of the WWE’s safest workers, so he knew exactly what he was doing during the finish of his match against Rusev. Kudos to English on the excellent selling job, but with that match now in the record books, we’re now back to hoping against hope that Rusev will get the push he so rightfully deserves, with English singing his support for the Bulgarian Brute through every step of the way.

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