WWE Superstar Pays Tribute To Eddie Guerrero [Photo]

Eddie Guerrero is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step foot inside a squared circle, and we’ve seen many a wrestler pay tribute to him over the years, whether it be Sasha Banks wearing Eddie inspired gear at WrestleMania, or various stars using his famous cheating tactics during matches. But the latest tribute is a more personal, heartfelt one from Smackdown Live star Aiden English.


If you didn’t know, English is married to Shaul Guerrero, who is the daughter of Vickie and Eddie. With the WWE recently in El Paso, the hometown of Latino Heat, English took to Instagram to pay a very emotional tribute to his late father-in law.

He uses the photo of Eddie to express his gratitude to Eddie for inspiring him, as well as giving him the greatest gift in the world, “the woman he now gets to call ‘mom’”, and no matter if you like or dislike English, it’s an incredibly beautiful sentiment.

Granted, English is unlikely to ever ascend to the heights that Latino Heat did in wrestling, and that’s okay, because Eddie was without a doubt one of a kind. But there’s no doubt that Eddie would be looking down upon English and be incredibly proud of the way he is representing him and the rest of the Guerrero’s. It’s unlikely that he’ll ever win the WWE Championship, but he’s entertaining, and when given the chance he proves that he’s a fantastic wrestler. His family should be very proud of what he’s doing.

So there you have it guys, Aiden English posts a beautiful tribute to Eddie Guerrero, thanking him for everything, especially the woman he now spends his life with. So let us know all your thoughts about this beautiful post in the comments below.

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